WOLAK: Women's fashion


-- "Why are they dressed like us?"
-- "Who knows; can't figure out these women. My father says they walked in the street dressed like Jane Fonda 30 years ago."

11/30/2008 - 02:18


Mohammed's waifs

by Iran parast (not verified) on

seeing this i am dipperest dezertic



by Princess on

Fair enough, but still there is something about using the word "dress" for crows in the translation that doesn't feel right.

How about" "why are they imitating our looks?"

Curious Joe

Chador in Iran = Burka in Afghanestan

by Curious Joe on

After the Taleban were (supposedly) overthrown by NATO and Afghanestan (supposedly) became "free and democratic", the majority of Afghani women continued to wear the men-forced Burka, because it was still taboo to remove the Burka.

I submit after 30 years of Ayatollahs in Iran and the schooling inculcations in the brain of the new generation, even if the IRI and its Pasdaran and Moral Police are removed, the majority of Iranian women will continue wearing the Chador -- just like their sisters in Afghanestan under the Burka.

Reason is that the Iranian men will be the same as the Taleban, no matter if the IRI regime is removed.  The real problem is the sick mind of Iranian men in Iran (and even some in Canada called Haji Agha).



Missing a word

by Molla Loghati (not verified) on

It should say " babam migoft see sale PISH......" The word pish is missing. Sorry to be molla loghati


literal translation

by Q on

Princess, I think the closest literal translation is

"Why have these kinds made themselves out according to our kinds' looks?"

there's no indication of "trying" at all.


Sorry, at the risk of being Molla Loghati, but...

by Princess on

shouldn't the translation read, "Why are they trying to look like us?" rather than "Why are they dressed like us?"

Thanks anyway!