WOLAK: Oil wealth shared with people, of course


-- "When do you receive the monthly oil revenue check? On the 25th or 30th of the month?"
-- "Sometimes they send it on the 25th and 30th. They're mindlessly giving away money."

11/26/2008 - 16:01


Ahmadinejad & Socialism!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

حمدي نژاد: با برنامه ريزي دقيقي كه كرده ام تا پايان دوره رياست جمهوريم همه مردم ايران تحت پوشش كميته امداد قرار ميگيرند


You're obviously naive if

by Bailout (not verified) on

You're obviously naive if you think the bailouts of the major company's in the US is any different..


More On Infrastructure!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

طرف داشته راديو پيام گوش ميداده، گزارشگره ميگفته: راه بهارستان به امام حسين بسته است، راه انقلاب هم به امام حسين بسته است..... طرف ميگه: باشه بابا بستس كه بستس، ديگه چرا هي قسم ميخوري


Happy Go Lucky Iranians!

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جديدترين ضرب المثل چيني مي گويد: يک ايراني اگر هواپيمايش سقوط نکند،از حوادث رانندگي جان سالم به در ببرد، آلودگي هوا زنده اش بگذارد و زلزله زير آوار له اش نکند،حتماً از خوشحالي خواهد مرد


Infrastructure? What's that?

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رییس جمهور اعلام کرد بعد از این برق نمیره. فقط بعضی وقتها میاد!


This One's Great, Wolak!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

I always believed Khayaam knew what he was talking about when he said

Bar naamadeh o gozashteh bonyaad makon"
"Haali khosh baash o omr bar baad makon

And here's his prophetic testimony to Ahmadinejad's economic and technological achievements

رباعیات اقتصاد

محمود! به هسته اي رسيدي خوش باش
يك هاله به دور كله ديدي خوش باش
بنگر كه كشيده نرخها سر به فلك
برخويش و بر اقتصاد ریدی خوش باش


These people should move...

by ahvazi on

to southern Lebanon where they will get hand outs and excellent infrastructure and always on time!!!


I am still waiting for mine

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I think they don't hve my correct address.


But they got gas behind them! Your point? Gov.'s stealing? YES!

by gol-dust on

Yes, they are and everyone else as well. However, the oil money should be used to build the country's infrastructures and create jobs, not to give handouts, except under certain circumstances.