WOLAK: Obama's first question from Bush


Obama: "Did it really happen, in this room, between Clinton and Monica...?"

11/11/2008 - 17:43


Mass Absolute Revisited: MAR

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

People are absolute but there are times that they make mistake despite being absolute and therefore there should be given the second chance opportunity for self-correctio.

"Power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely when it becomes absolute"

Remember Khomeini and what he did to Pars with mass backing in jubilee

Man is alone in the day of judgement! All alone!


NO !

by Majid on

That happened in "ORAL office", which is around the corner,  this is "OVAL office"



by Amir Kabir (not verified) on

very good


Let Me Sit For Rest For a little bit

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

Now that no one is going to sit behind the oval office desk I have no choice but to go ahead and sit on the chair on my own.

Warning: From no own who ever comes and even think to sit on that chair I personally in boxing I throw him out of the office...

Now let me take off these shoes and let my tired feet get some first class massage from this cool foot electric massagers...