SAMAN: Shoes for Bush in Iraq

12/15/2008 - 16:43

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Eroonman you are the Dehati one!

by Anonymous-1 (not verified) on

Dear Eroonman, looks like the dehati one is you!! carefully what the previous guys said...he meant the same way you did...but maybe you dont know English well enough to understand him. Instead of attacking someone else learn ENGLISH.


Dehati indeed...

by eroonman on

Clearly you do not know, Saman is one of the most published cartoonist/caricaturists of our generation. He has been largely absent in recent years, but if you used to read several years ago, not a day would go by when one of Saman's poignant works would bring a sly smile to your face. I miss the chadori series. Saman jan if you read this, please publish them again.


WOW, nice sketch

by Dehati (not verified) on

You're very talented. this sketch is amazing. you really nailed Bush's looks and expressions with this.