SAMAN: Halal meat?

12/29/2008 - 18:27

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Etable, not so etable, and strictly not etable at all

by Dr. Abol Danesh, Teacher (not verified) on

...don't forget Iran's slow but steady one way street path toward progress and modernization will not be japanese nor Malaysian nor turkish nor german or american for it will be purely iranian while utilizing all the good experiences that have happened to different countries in the world --

Therefore may I say:

"Be omid on rooz ke iran khordanee shavad hatta agar on deveest saal tool bekeshad"

Now after reading these two proverbs come up with your own third one about apple:

1. Mageh seebe sorkh vaseh dast-e cholagh khobbeh (Farsi)
2. One apple a day keeps the doctor away (English)

Shazde Asdola Mirza

moment agha moment

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

حاجی زیر دو خم رو گرفته که یه معاینه کوچیک بکنه. شماها اخلاق تون خرابه و به چشم بد می‌بینید!


Hadiths and Hadiths

by choghok on

Hadiths are actually the stories of Muhammed and no one else. They tend to be logical and not mambo jambo that we Shias keep hearing that are said to be from different Imams.

I recently read a very crazy Shia Hadith in Tehran: If you pay to muslim charities then air accidents will decrease. Emam Jafar Sadegh

I am not pulling your legs. It said so. The sad thing is that the brainwashed people in Iran beleive in this crap without thinking twice. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Beyond Good and Evil

by Prof. Dr. Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Sexuality like all the other human behaviors is a socially agreed upon action
and conduct santioned by society at large.

For example amongst eskimo dry nose robbing is equivalent to deep and wet juicy troat tongue to tongue french kissing bringing about the same effect toward pleasure.

Therefore it is not too far fetched to imnagine "in" a hypothetical imaginary society where sexual partners begin licking each other rectum until it becomes crystal clean like a tabula rasa as a prelude
to initiate further socially agreed upon sexual engagement along the way...

Man! A creature of society par excellence and once in while touched by God to help him find smarter alternatives...

Group Orgy and Group Therapy... ;)


Fellan bezaa man inra bokhoram...

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

badesh ham ye geelas sharaab sorkh-e kohneh-ye haal ....

Halaa kee baa man davaa daarad beeyaad jolo...

Sorat hesab lotfan!


Not Halal

by DeenDar (not verified) on

Hadith says:

You are suppose to speak the name of God at climax or the devil will insert its seed into the womb. Now the Hadith does not mention whose climax but given Islam is a male dominant religion it must mean the man should get the pleasure and not be left toungh tied.


JJ- Don't Forget

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

Khomeini's other book, which soomeone had posted a quote from, published in 1990 (I forgot the name) even has instructions on how to sodomize an infant....sick bastard..


Official answer

by Grand Ayatollah Rohani (not verified) on

Saman I had officially answered this question. Here is the Q&A and the link to my official site as one of the few Grand Ayatollahs

Question: Is Oral sex allowed ? How about the oral sex while fasting?

Answer: It is not allowed and if seminal effusion occurs makes fasting null and void.



"tozih'ol masael" from grave

by Ayatollah Khomeini from grave (not verified) on

Problem 2584: “Oral sex is permissible as long as women engaging in it do not directly look down where the action is taking place.”


From correct 'hadith'

by The Table (not verified) on

According to a correct ‘hadith’, a husband and wife asked Imam Jafar Sadegh whether oral sex was permitted. Imam Jafar Sadegh proclaimed: “It is disapproved to perform oral sex in bed.” So, they did it on the table.


These people are not good Muslims because

by Anonymous shoe maker (not verified) on

upon entering the dwelling they did not take off their shoes.


Please clarify

by tozeh'ol masael expert (not verified) on

Before I give reference from "tozih'ol masael", I need the following clarification from the artist, because I'm confused. The mullah's left hand is grabbing to something, is that the woman's right leg and knee, or is the person under the veil a man and the mullah is grabbing to his distended male organ while assimilating his gonads?


You can kiss it, but it's better if you didn't eat it.

by Anonymous Ayatollah (not verified) on

Remember that we researched this very important question in Hozeh years ago. A Hadith was found from Imam Jafar Sadegh, in reply to an inquisitive and horny follower.

The guy had asked a series of 'what can I do with it?' questions from the Imam. The reply was basically: "do whatever that pleases you, but don't damage it and don't make a mess!"


NOT porno!!!

by RZ (not verified) on

This looks alot like a mixed martial arts match, the caped hero has a juijitsu chokehold, and the akhond is about to tap out. MMA should be halal in islam.


Thanks JJ

by Saman on

I'm still waiting for the real answer.



by cyclicforward on

Funny piece :-) good job....

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very good question Saman. Can someone please look it up in a tozih ol masaael, the Islamic rule book that rules over daily lives of people in Iran? It seems to have guidelines on everything from having sex with animals to whether we should step into a toilet with our left or right foot first. We're just trying to be good, law-abiding Muslims.


This porno

by Taghi (not verified) on

There should be a limit to this kind of garbage since this is a family site.