MAHMOUD: Turkey the real European Champions

06/29/2008 - 15:11


Re: european cup

by ThePope on

First of all, I gotta give you some credit for the user name you've choosed for this subject. Very original. You've combed your brain a lot for it and you actually liked it very much since you have used "european cup" often in your irrelevant response, Quote:

"Team Meli has nothing to do with european cup.
This is about european cup and not world or asian cup !!"

Questions: Did anyone try to connect or put a link between Team melli with EUFA's tournament??? Or, did someone talked about FIFA's world cup or AFC's competitons or whatsoever?? Are you OK, dude?!! I keep reading the comments on this page and no one's trying to connect team melli with the euro cup!! Again, R U OK??

We just got confused by seeing an ugly Turkish women drawing in a caricature style, holding a Turkish flag and claiming that the Turks are "champions" of euro 2008!!! And all this on a Persian online magazine!

PS: the author of this caricature claims that Fatim Terim is an emperor, who led the Turks to: "last minute surprises in all their wonderfull plays"! Yeah!! Tell me about it!!! Mostly in their last game against Germany!!!! What a "last minute surprise"!!!!! Seriously, What a "magical team"!!!!

But still WHO CARES about the Turks...




Team Meli has nothing to do

by european cup (not verified) on

Team Meli has nothing to do with european cup.
This is about european cup and not world or asian cup !!


Still was excisting to

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Still was excisting to watch!

I am a football(socer) fan I have to say I like the under dog teams. The best of best played and Turkey held on tough! I care about our team melli more of course. Zendhe bad IRAN

PS. Turkish girls have nothing to do with Azari girls.Two seperate identities.


Re: ThePope

by caramel on

IM TOTALLY WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFARIN!


Praising the Turks in the Arabic tongue on Iranian site!!!!!!!

by ThePope on


What's the "rapport" here!!!

I'm a football fan myself, and yes, the Turks played with determination and pretty strong for their own level of football, but still the issue is irrelevant on!!! WHO CARES! Praise our own good team melli HERE, who really needs it, and not some foreign national football team!

And the true champs are the one(s) who actually WON the eufa cup, Spain, who totally deserved it.Much more than the"Turks"!

To iranian azari: we all know OUR Azari girls are "pretty and lavand", but it has nothing to do with this issue since Azaris are Iranians. Just refer to your own user name! The Turks have nothing to do with our Persian people, identity or culture which has been stolen by them (ottoman emp.) and they still practice a big amount of our beautiful Persian culture. And some think they're one of them just cuz they "robbed" us for centuries! Don't forget that it's called the Azari minority and not the turc minority of Iran or Persia.

PS: same goes with the Arabs for stealling our identity and culture...

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

I was next door and just wanted to say hello and good job.


They played like champions

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

They played like champions till the end and they played great. Despite all their injuries! I realy enjoyed watching most of the games and of course Spain finished with glory. I hope Iran's team to be on that level! We have wonderful players but not such a good coach. IRI sabotages everything including Football! We would have been ahead in many things including football and.........


azari girls

by iranian azari (not verified) on

Iranian azari girls are pretty and lavand. do you have a real photo of her? could not she hold the Iranian flag? What is the catch?