01/20/2008 - 16:46


Well said Ali agha

by Majid on

Loppe matlab ro gofti, damet garm hamvatan .


Sickening arrogance

by Ali (not verified) on

I am really sick and tired of monarchists thinking that Iran OWES them something!! so they have the right to jump back in and take the power whenever they please; if it is not Reza Pahlavi then perhaps one of his daughters or their future kids....

They think that as we say in Persian "Iran Erseh babayeh khanevadeyeh Pahlavie" and we Iranians are all their subjects!!

Get a grip on reality, the Pahlavis should be thankful Iranians are not pursuing them for their crimes, let alone make them into Royalty! And that's just because Iranians see them as too insignificant and unimportant to waste their time on!


Reza Shah did this and that!

by fatollah (not verified) on

Reza Shah did this and that! The story goes on and on! It is not your faults! When Grand dad lost his land or bagh o baghats here and there due to his addiction to gambling not to mention his other habits, when Grand dad working in divan was not allowed to steal, take bribes that easly any more, or even start working at 09:30 and go home at 12:30, in other words Grand daddy lost his privileges! That was Reza Shahs fault! When dad lost his fortune and everything he had worked for, because of the revolution! Even though I did not take any part in it, it was all his son, M. Reza Shahs fault! Now I live in the west miserably and blame his Grand son for it! When the shit hits the fan some run away and you ran a way! Now, do not cry over the lost causes ! Anyways, they never existed!


Shut your trap

by John William Carpenter I (not verified) on

What the hell do you know about Shah of Iran, you piece of heife noon, born whatever. I wish you were never born. You are a disgrace!



by Kiana (not verified) on

The interesting is that majority of Iranians don't give a hoot about Iran or Irani. It has nothing to do with Pahlavis. And Why should they? So people like you who are cynical and selfserved to disrespect them and call them thieves. Do you know what yor bababozorg was before reza Shah? A poor, sick, uneducated peasant. That's all. If you really like Iran , get your A... to Iran and save it........... Also I am sick and tired of this "British" thing. It seems like whoever reaches the power in Iran , your kinds are going to call them poppets of America or British! Stop this nonsense please. Start realizing yourself individually and take the thorns out of your own eyes! Iran and Irani will be in this hell for ever and ever until every single one start seeing themselves in the light and changing...... And please stop calling Iranians genius and what ever... Look who is ruling you! We Iranians have the most prejudice bias about ourselves among all the nations on the earth. Thank God we arenot superpower or anything, we wouldn't let anybody alive on this planet!!


Iran is waiting?

by MM (not verified) on

Mahmoud-e gerami, I like a lot of your work but come on... Iran is waiting? How did you come up with this? What do you mean by "Iran"? Are you saying the majority of Iranians are waiting for Mr. Pahlavi? Cartoon's like this and Satellite shows like Hakha's are what IRI needs to discredit it's oposition.



by Anonymous-123445 (not verified) on

Cheshme Agha reza Chabeh ya man Chap mibinam?


Imcomapssionate people

by Iva (not verified) on

It was somewhat disheartening to read these comments, starting with a person’s support for “Reza”, seeing Reza as messiah and perhaps as someone who can unit various groups and ideas in support of replacing the current bloodsucking parasites that rule Iran with iron fist. And there are others who cursed “Reza” and Pahlavies, etc. for their crimes against Iranian people. I believe the missing point here is the very fact that current mass murdering islamist rulers, Pahlavi thieves and incompetent Ghajars before them were all IRANIANS, born and raised in Iran … inhaled same air and ate the same bread that we all did and yet, once they got their hands on power they acted as if they were occupying rulers. You, and I are no different than them, we were raised in the same environment, an environment that in general creates weak and self promoting leaders without any sense of true compassion for others. Comments here are a sample (mosht, namooneh kharvar) of Iranians’ inability to unite for a good cause that will benefit everyone and not just one person or clan. Iranians, as total, will not understand the meaning of “united we stand, divided we fall” for years to come … meanwhile, they’ll kiss the hand that throws them table scraps, be it a man with diamond on his head or a diaper on his head. Ash & Kaseh will remain the same!


accidental goodness

by markux (not verified) on

Rezakhan was put in place by the British, was the tool of the British, and only accidentally good for Iran. But he could have done all of us the favor and make Iran into republic and made himself immortal in the History of Iran, but alas, he was under the British order anyway. They give it and take it away. His son turn out to be be better servant. BUT LETS JUST MOVE FORWARD AND NOT PUT TOO MUCH HOPE ON HERIDITORY. READ THOMAS PAINE.



by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on



Reza Shah was one of the

by javid shah (not verified) on

Reza Shah was one of the greatest king in history. JAVID SHAH.


It was a different time

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Reza Shah, just like Khomeini, fought a imbecile government, in fact there
was nothing magical about what they did. Its just mind boggling how stupid, coward and idiot the Shah was. He had a perfect, pre paid, country and he turned into a massacre. He is idiocy can only be explained by a sever mental deficiency and delusion (Cyrus sleep because we are awake, now that was a joke) and funnier is the people who think Reza Pahlavi has the balls to travel
to Iran, He would not dare even if the mullahs sent him invitations. And those who wish the Iraq genocide on Iran are plain Nazi, or neocon as the new term.


Reza Pahlavi is a Loser

by John William Carpenter III (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi is a loser.

Reza Pahlavi's grandfather Reza Khan was a bald loser.

The Pahlavis were losers.

The British and US were wrong in even thinking the Pahlavis could modernize Iran.

As an American born Iranian, I am disgusted that the Pahlavis are Iranian. The Pahlavis are criminals. The Pahlavis give Iranians a bad name.


Both are garbage

by P (not verified) on

I think both shah- pahlavi as well as the current leaders are self service pieces of shit who dont care about their people, with our resources and Supposed (Brilliant Persian Brains) Iran would have been a super power by now...The leaders of Iran were and are absolutly self serving Madars... Iran ro be ga dadan both current leaders as well as the Shahis


you Iranian men are discusting!

by polit (not verified) on

Keep your private parts in your pants and wash your mouth with soap1
The reason mullah's are rulling Iran is that you idiots have meydane shoosh mentality!and fight with each other insted of cooperating with each other.You are calling each other names and like school boys are braging about your private parts and they are using our money to have a great comfortable life,For God sake grow up!!!!!!


Too some "CHICKENS" with k**r

by Majid on

A " CHICKEN " with k**R ??????? I'm laughing my rear off !

Ask JJ to come up with a picture of rooster at least !                                    

Enough said...............LOL


*** Reza I, Mohammad Reza,

by Fred (not verified) on

**** Reza I, Mohammad Reza, and Reza II (three thieves). two serving in the hell, another serving his masters in the US just like how his dad and grandpa did.


Saltanat Talab and Shahis = Losers

by Miz Mammad Hashtroudi (not verified) on

Pure and Simple

We saw how Mammad Reza fought for his country when the Mullahs came. Instead of staying and fighting, got on the plane and left.


No Jorbozeh

by Sar Nevesht (not verified) on

Boy, if this young Reza and his king pop had half the balls of Reza Shah, Iran would be secular like Turkey at the very least.


Akhe' Inam Shod Carton ..

by Haj Mand Hashem Vosoughi (not verified) on

Vaghean Ke'

Khare Man Behtar Az In Mikeshe. Jalla Khalegh :) !!


when was the last time you were in IRAN ?

by Majid on

I think "MAHMOUD" is waiting , not IRAN !


It's JAN. 20th 2008 !


EVOLVE my friend  and smell the coffee !

Pirooz va paayandeh baad IRAN.


Bomb the Mullahs

by Vajebee on Sibil (not verified) on

I agree that Reza II won't be able to take care of the Mullahs!? American B52's will do the job though.


Chi behet begam ey vapas gara!!!

by Sibil (not verified) on

Vaghean ke moteasefam barye tou va hemfekrane tou. Baba look forward for God's sake.
Digeh to Iran hich kas nist joz "agh Reza" ke bargardeh va Irano nejat bedeh. Ey daad o bidaad, Shotor dar khab binad panbeh daneh.