MAHMOUD: Queen Latifah for President

09/14/2008 - 09:17


how educated most Americans are today?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

According to my experience is the number of politically educated americans negligible. Also most researchers in sceinces in the united states are not pure americans. In fact what the american poeple know at best is that they are americans. They show it in their films, in their media etc. in a way as if being american is the blancocheck for getting everything for free. So it is for them most frastrating if a weak and economically in misrable conditions as the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN - this is the opinion of average american about that country - nds payment for it`s Good, for shipping it`s waters using it`s harbours an so on. Then they do not hesitate to pull their colts. this part of the scenario is performed by agents of the once beeing the great satan also known as american imperialism. Now, because the not any more soo great satan cat not get what it was used to take in Iran as a takeaway shop the politically uneducated americans must pay. Just today the third american investment bank is gone bankruppt.All this begann 1978/79 thanks the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION of the honorable Iranian Nation. Today can the great satan play its roll as such only in Europ and australia. Middel america, Asia and Africa are gone lost for it.
Jahanshah is more to blame?? Not at all and never. I mean also the johnJohn want have anice life and it costs. The more unlogical and false matters he publishes the more Bloger arev attracted and it is only good for him and for "IRANIAN". If the johnboy would bring only the truth so would all his Blogers click in the IRNA or Presstv. Be fair. Greeting



by Sialashgar on

It's time.

Shah Hossein


Mahmoud is right!

by IRANFOREVER (not verified) on

Political B/S in America is out of control... The Dumber the candidate is, the more American people support him/her... Tells you a lot about how educated most Americans are today... I'm not proud to call myself an American anymore...
Educated and sophisticated Americans are out numbered and losing their own "once free" country to ignorant and fanatic people... (Like we lost Iran to bunch of thugs back in 1979) Might as well vote for Queen Latifa! I bet she has more intelligence,humor and humanity in her...


Jahanshah is more to blame for publishing stuff like this!!

by Nader on

Absolutely pointless!