MAHMOUD: Persian Beach

05/05/2008 - 05:38


Also about PhDs

by Anonymouse on

PhD has a different meaning for us Iranians.  Lets go back and see how most of our PhDs got their PhDs.

In America for example, many of the students who were studying got caught up in the revolution and didn't want to go back, etc.  They also didn't know how to start their lives in America where they hadn't planned it.  So many of them stayed in Univeristies to keep their visas or not knowing what else to do. It ended up being a toofigh-e ejbaree and if they had a chance they wouldn't do it again, but now that they have done it they feel the rest of us owe them something for talking to them.  Like paying a tax just to be able to talk to them.

The PhDs in Iran, many of them got their PhDs in Azad universities after the regime "cleansed" the universities with their "enghlab farhangi" and many who didn't know their left hand from right hand ended up getting Masters and PhD.  I'm not joking, do you know some people who would rofoozeh during Shah and ended up with higher educations?  Just because they were family of a martyr or went to war themselves. 

Case and point, Ahmadinejad.  He has a PhD.  How much is his PhD worth? Too saresh bekhoreh!!

We have too many PhDs in our midst and they are borish.  Try to talk to them and you'll see what I mean. They'll eat your head off!

About this cartoon, well this is about PhDs (men and women both) running free (as nature intended it for them :-) and enjoying the beach and fresh air and then after some jogging, they sit down in their usual pajamas and samvar and have a picnic right by the sandy beach.  Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I am FREE at last!!

Omid Hast

هنر نزد ایرانیان نیز هست

Omid Hast

Mahmoud draws his digital painting with a computer mouse. I estimate that it would take him about 2-3 hours for each one of these cartoons. Like most artists in this world he has some favorite subjects. They are mainly:

Criticism of Islamic Republic of Iran

Presentation of Iranians in Diaspora

Nostalgic look at Iran of 60's and 70's

In his cartoons of the IRI regime he captures the essential nature of it, which is corrupted constitutionally, institutionally, religiously, morally, and at personal level. I am sure like any people in this world there are ugly looking mullahs and good looking ones, however Mahmoud’s art form is to capture that ugliness.

In Diaspora there are many Iranians who are overly pretentious and flaunt their PhD's more than their humanity. Hairy men and women with bushy eyebrows and fat belly and buttock is his unique way of looking at ourselves. Does this mean ALL Iranians are hairy, have PhD's, and are fat? No, it doesn't. If you've forgotten already take a look at some pictures from the last sizdeh beh dar and see if you can spot some of those PhD people. Or, look at the parade in New York City where highly educated, highly PhD Iranians in Diaspora have managed to organize this parade, yet they are so dumb that they bring a black haji ferooz to the streets of this highly racially sensitive society.

In his nostalgic for Iran of the past, he draws beautiful paintings of actors and actresses of that era.

So, if there are some PhD people out there who are truly proud of their achievement, I have a suggestion, you are smart enough to learn how to draw, so draw your own painting of proud educated Iranians. You say you don't have the talent, well they say the best way to keep the brain from becoming inflicted with diseases like Alzheimer’s disease is to keep challenging it by learning new things. You say you don't have the talent for it, here is another suggestion, you were smart enough to write your own thesis (some Iranians bought theirs), start your own blog and write assays about proud educated Iranians. Register your blog as "Proud PhD", or "Proud Educated Persian", or something like that. Try to take 2-3 hours of your precious time each week to write your blog.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"


I see

by Less confused (not verified) on

OK, I am a bit more clear now. The cartoon is not remotely funny. I looked at his other cartoons. The same verdict goes for them all. He is a mediocre and rather talentless certoonist. About Iranians with advanced degrees, and I am one, one needs to add that the style and social mannerisms that Mr. Mahmoud attributes to this particular group do not apply. I believe that Educated is correct. Mr. Mahmoud is somewhat trying to score cheap shots. If this behavior is an attempt to rectify persumed "wrongs of the world", he is way off the mark. In plain language, he should go see a shrink. PhDs typically are not very pretentious, or at least they don't bother with people like Mahmoud (you don't waste your time).


To: Proud indeed!

by Majid on

You're either new to this site!.............       OR................

You don't know our very own famous so called " CARTOONIST"!

Honar nazd-e "Ba'azi" Iranian ast-o bas!

"koor koor ro peidaa meekoneh, Aab gandeedeh goudal ro"

You be the judge!


nice to see you active again

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

nice to see you active again mahmoud jon, love the humor. To anyone not vaguely familiar with mahmoud's self-(ie, iranian) -deprecating humor: don't read much into it. if it makes you laugh, fine. if it doesn't, move on!!


I have met numerous Iranians

by Proud Indeed (not verified) on

I have met numerous Iranians with PhD's that have made me really proud. Most are the best in their fields. I don't know what kind of PhD's this mahmood guy has been hangging around with.

At the time that bunch of uneducated people are running the world, we need more educated people. Let's take education seriously.



by yut (not verified) on

Well first off myy dad is an actual Phd from Cambridge, and second he is no were near as hairy as anyone of those


Persian Hemorrhage Disorder (PhD)

by constipated (not verified) on

This condition was first diagnosed in the dark and damp toilet holes of the holy city of Qum where most people suffered from chronic constipation. On applying much needed anal force to excrete the hardened object, the tiny veins surrounding the holy hole were ruptured and bleeding began.

So, whenever you see an Iranian showing off his or her PhD, you know what they really mean.


To confused educated

by PhD (not verified) on

Educated is right but he means highly educated Persians who never like to be called Iranians. They are not arabs and the entire world
has to know about their history. They all have PhD and no
date of birth in their biography which starts with he/she was
born in Persia and then 10 lines of educational degrees.

Proud, Persian and PHD, one can't exist without the rest.


To: Confused

by Educated (not verified) on

This is to undermine the highly educated Iranians. This is to alleviate the pain of jealousy. Very sad indeed.

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

Very beautiful :O)


What is the meaning of this cartoon?

by confused (not verified) on

I am quite confused. So what is the meaning of this cartoon? What is the meaning of this PHD acronyms all over the place?