MAHMOUD: Parinaz Esfahani

03/21/2008 - 09:07


Iranian Shia Female Muslims in America are confused

by Dr. Daryush Tehranipour PhD (not verified) on

Face it, Iranian Shia Female Muslims living in America are confused. They do not know how to dress. They don't know how to practice their religion. Their farsi and english conversation is weak to say the least. They are totally confused.

We are not sure if they are Iranian and they sure are not American. America is either WASP, Mexican American, African American, Native American, Asian American, and a sprinkle of Indian Americans in our 7-elevens and Dunkin Donuts. Iranian Americans or Iranian immigrants just don't fit in. The average American believes they are Arab. There are Arab Iranians; Arab Iranians are an ethnic minority in Iran usually living in the Khuzistan Province.

Iranian Shia Females in America should start becoming normal. They should take courses and learn about their culture. They should read and write farsi and their english conversation should improve.


watch ABC

by hajiagha on

this is better for women go and watch ABC news a show about women in USA you and I should ashamed about itself ....women sale sex live in place animals ...have better life as them...this is America


Doctor heal thyself

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

With all due respect Faribors Maleknasri M.D., I think that you have misunderstood my comments. I am saying that the mullahs are addle-brained because they think that they are controlling Iranian women by forcing them to hide themselves. They will find out one day soon that women will not allow themselves to be discriminated against by men forever. I look forward to the day that Iranian women (and enlightened Iranian men) rise up and overthrow the bigoted leaders of the IRI.

And if you believe that there are 70 million mullahs living in Iran you are in for a huge shock. According to statistics, 2/3 of Iranians are under the age of 30, and these young people will not accept being forced to behave, dress and live in a way dictated by old, bearded men who are still living in the 18th century.

Also, don't believe that all Iranian women wear hijabs by choice. Maybe if you took an airplane out of Tehran you would be amazed at how quickly everyone removes their hijabs and manteaux as soon as the plane leaves Iranian airspace.

I should tell you that Western women do not put themselves out for sale, as you wrote, just because they choose to wear short dresses and comfortable clothes. Perhaps you don't know that Tehran's chief of police was recently found with 6 naked Iranian prostitutes in a whorehouse? There are good and bad people everywhere.



Hejab, scarfs and other stories

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

*I think that the Mullahs....
Today live 7ty million Mullahs in the Islamic republic of Iran. A greate deal of them are females.
* ...and their addled-brained adherents have got things backwards
may be if you insist
* ....and that by forcing their women
The fact is: The ones who go with Hejab today count to the women who would get their guns and fight the enemy if he ever would dare to behave respectless against honourable Iranian nation. and the ones who do not care about Dressing code would run over to enemy.
* ....take to hide themselves they have accomplished the reverse of what they intended.
apparently you know it better, no contrdicts!
* ..These Persian beauties
show what they have to ones which they love only. More questions?
* ....wrapped up in hijabs and manteaux exude an air of mystery
* ...and allure far more intoxicating than do many western women
Thats it. BE AWARE
* ....who display their assets for all to see.
And these unlucky creature think that is "The Freedom". They are forced to put out themselves for sail to most cheapest preis fresh and specialy Taxfree.
The westerns have allways sent their women first before the men came to take over. after the second world war this manouvre was intensified. after 1953 there were a lot of western women who "visited" Iran, allone only by themselves. It is the westerns tactios and they have found out that it functions best if the women are convinced it is so because they live in "freedom". The story is long. Greeting


Bah bah

by hajminator (not verified) on

That's perfectly clear, it means if you want marry someone you better go and settle in Esfahan: nessfeh zanayeh khosghuel jahan dar esfahanad


Is it just me?

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

I think that the Mullahs and their addled-brained adherents have got things backwards, and that by forcing their women to hide themselves they have accomplished the reverse of what they intended. These Persian beauties wrapped up in hijabs and manteaux exude an air of mystery and allure far more intoxicating than do many western women who display their assets for all to see.

In my hometown of Montreal Canada I see dozens of absolutely gorgeous women every day, on the subway, on the streets, in the stores. Many of them have their breasts available for me to ogle, bare bellies and tight-assed pants to fantasize about, etc. I have never found myself unable to control my urges, because I respect the individual that I realize each of these women to be.

Don't the male chauvinist, religious fanatic, sexually repressed leaders of the IRI realize that when you hide something from view, make it unavailable and give it an aura of taboo, that humans will desire it even more? This applies whether the unavailable commodity is women, booze or anything else.

Personally, I am a western man who adores my Iranian girlfriend and realizes quite humbly that she is a superior creation in all ways.



by Saeeed (not verified) on

I didn't get it. Can someone -preferably more intelligent than me- explain?