MAHMOUD: Mohallel


One of Nosrat Karimi's most memorable roles.

05/31/2008 - 14:45


limited freedoms

by Anony-Mause (not verified) on

Remembering an old funny movie from the shah area, which was paying attention to the especial case of Mohalel. This movie would never be shown under current regime. The message could be missing limited freedoms people used to enjoy during last regime. They could listen to the music they loved, watching all movies, wearing any types of clothes they wanted ...


what is the point of such cartoon?

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

the points ares:
1. the "IRANIAN"s should not have time and possibility to think about actual quzestionof their lives in the diaspora.
2. The most positive Effect is: were not this cartoon, were others, even mnore meaningsless subjects on the place.
3. "Iranian"s are obliged to defame Islam. that is what the sponsors require. You know the story by sadegh hedayat? As if it were a defect in the Islamic-political-ideology on behalve of it Hajy had lost his wife for ever.
there are a handfull more points. I think for today i have performed my oart. remember that the question is not directed to me.



by feker konam (not verified) on

it has to do with gasoline prices. he can not pay for the cost of living around here, hence; divorce your


What is the point of such Cartoon?

by Nader on

With all due respect, what is the point of such cartoon?

Please explain as I am really confused!?