MAHMOUD: Last Empress

01/07/2008 - 09:39

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

This looks more like an Egyptian queen, maybe Nefertiti. It doesn't look like Farah at all! Does it?



by Kaveh Nouraee (not verified) on



good riddance. people who

by Bahman (not verified) on

good riddance. people who still talk about thee scumbags are no better than those who support the mullahs



by disappointed (not verified) on

ur cartoons are meaningless


John Carpenter

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on


Your mind set and the way you talk is a lot like being a native iranian...then the question is why don't you adopt a proxy iranian name to make everything congruent fit for a good fight...


How about: Javaad Najjar

You don't like it? Then shop around only to get the best deal...

Once you got it right compete against Amadnejad to become iran next president...if you win you never know maybe you become the best liked iranian leader in her history ....


stop living in the past

by markux (not verified) on

give it up for heaven sakes. Look to the future. Spend you energies organizing to create new life without Monarchy. You are living in a country that function fine without a king. Create a culture of democracy in your own home, friends and family and hence prepare for democratic country . Be patient and listen to people however disagreeable.

Kaveh Nouraee

John Carpenter

by Kaveh Nouraee on

What can YOU be thanked for?



Most likely....not a goddamn thing.




Your last name has roots in wood.....based upon that, can we assume that you are related to a termite?


"Beena" Farah was not "vicious".

by Me! (not verified) on

What proof do you have that Farah was vicious? Did the IRI brainwash you in thinking that?
I don't think there are anyone more vicious people than your IRI! Just read the statictics!


Queen nonetheless

by Ali Sha-Fanar (not verified) on

The little good the last regime did for Iran was mostly because of our Queen Farah. Iran would be far better off today, had she been running the show instead of her bee-orzeh husband.


better then shepesho mullahs

by javeid shah (not verified) on

is better to see mullahs with big ugly most ash rish deraz va shepesh az sar va roye anha jarei

Darius Kadivar

Vive La Reine ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Not Bad Mahmoud, you could do better though as with your previous caricatures in general. LOL .0)

Just kidding.



I , for one,...

by Ali P. (not verified) on

I am an Iranian and I like the last empress. I don't attempt to say I represent the whole Iranian nation. I am not a partucular fan of the previous regime of Iran,either, but I like Farah Diba . I respect your right not to.



by Beena (not verified) on

Farah Diba...........................
One Vicious Lady of a Corrupt Country.
Many to Follow......


Farah Diba

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

We can all thank Farah Diba for handing over Iran to the Ayat-Allah Ruh-Allah Mooosavi Khomeyni on February 11, 1979. Her last name Diba has "Seyed" roots... she is probably a distant cousin of Imam Khomeyni.
God bless America. At least America gave Farah a home in Maryland.

Unfortunately, Maryland is where Farah spends the money she stole from Iran in 1979. I wish she worked for a living. How can someone like her be on welfare so long?