MAHMOUD: Kabab Revolution

09/03/2008 - 09:50


Areh JJ

by Anonymous1.0 (not verified) on

Lotfan, raise Hajiagha's request. We may then have some fun looking at his new cartoons on life in Canada.


JJ Haji is right

by Shahlaw (not verified) on

JJ why don't you delete Haji's cartoons that he has requested? I've seen him ask this before on several occasions. His English is poor but it is clear what he wants.

Don't say if you do it once you have to do it for others. That is just an excuse. Honor his request.


I am not longer same as hajiagha before ?

by hajiagha on

Mahmud is good cartoonist,

but JJ also need to remember he do not have right to keep longer my cartoons on Iranian, this is my copy right, when JJ  do not respect to this basic act of the human right , how we can ask for human right and we pretending we are good people, I give my cartoons for free you did not pay for, or owned , now I change my mind and no longer I am supporting to draw cartoons about mullahs or politics, I have right to ask please clean all my information cartoons and letter from Iranian, I be glad to send you cartoons but only funny not a politically, looks to me you are living over USA welfare or have good life if yes I am so happy also, but in canada we not we are like slaves , here , life day after day get so hard , %30 pay tax to government no right ,please clean all my cartoons ,

If I had chance to back in los Angeles may was different story?



Done Well, Dast Ma Reza

by Sialashgar on

Verey unsophisticated  simple ordinary and funny.


Better than those senseless celebrity stuff!

by Nader on

Keep it up...

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I like these political cartoons of yours a lot more. I enjoyed this one too. The way he looks, the way he talks... it's real!


Once again, it is funny

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Once again, it is funny and it is working!!!


once again

by tehran24 on

you are trying too hard to be funny! i have news for you, It ain't working!