MAHMOUD: Isaac the Giant


Isaac Hayes, the giant of soundtracks, soul music and great actor has passed away [NEWS]. I remember one of his movies in Radio City cinema in Tehran. I loved those cinemas in the good old Tehran, just remember their names. Atlantic, Empire, Radio City, Paramont, Cinemond, Diamond, Capri, Royal, Majestic, Golden City, Silver City, Moulin Rouge, Cristial, Rivoli, Pacific .... Why go to school, when all these cinemas were smiling at us? Here is my latest cartoon: a tribute to Isaac Hayes.

08/13/2008 - 13:02

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

It’s good to finally hear from you again.  Up to now you were the most successful person to have left iraniandotcom and had not returned, up to now.  I hope to hear more from you soon.  I will visit those sites to see what they are about.

P.S.  I hardly ever agreed with the message of most of your cartoons, however I know you have a lot of artist abilities and I hope to see more of your cartoons in a more beneficial setting.


from Hossein Hajiagha

by hajiagha on

after all

I lunch this page, to speack out about canada and I hops I get help from Canadian and Iranian.

Is cost me some cash pay but is worth to try



Nice one, Issac Hayes was a legend

by ramintork on

Issac was a legend. Shame he became a religious nut later in life and had issues with his popular role  as the chef in SouthPark.

His music for Shaft is eternal, it sounds good today as it did back in 70s.