MAHMOUD: Hating what you like

01/09/2008 - 10:29



by mamoot (not verified) on

mamoote mahallamoon...

tooye share ma takeh...

topole, banamakeh,...

valla sara pa kachaleh...

mamooote mahallamoon...


Bravo Mahmud

by Iranboy on

I really like his cartoons. They show the real nature of IRIs. Look at the man on the right. This cartoon is amazin. It is simple, but it expresses how ugly and silly these people are.

mahmud has kind of nostalgia in his works. When he draws that famous "Kababi" who is hairy, and full of fur. Or when he draws soemof the artists. I can't say more; but I like his works.

Keep it up Mahmud!

mash mandali


by mash mandali on

For the first time ever you have a POINT in your "so called"cartoons!

Not a good point , but " A" point.

You still have a long way to go my friend, LONG LONG way to be considered a cartoonist.

BTW , would you please define to definition of the word " CARTOON "