ANONYMOUS: Abbas Kiarostami with Farhad Hakimzadeh


"Abbas! Watch your pocket!"
BBC: "A wealthy businessman who stole pages from books in the British Library and Bodleian Library is due to be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court. Farhad Hakimzadeh, 60, of Knightsbridge in London had earlier pleaded guilty to 14 offences of theft. He took individual leaves of text and illustrations out of books from both the libraries in London and Oxford. The 10 British Library books he admitted damaging were valued at £71,000 alone. Hakimzadeh is a wealthy businessman of Iranian origin - now a British national - who has published several books and is on the board of directors of the UK's Iran Heritage Foundation."

11/22/2008 - 12:41


Mr DK aziz

by Mehbod (not verified) on

What is the relevance of this youtube movie clip to the subject of this posting?


as far as I know his last

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as far as I know his last name is KiarostaMi not KiarostaNi :>

Darius Kadivar

Well You know the Saying ... ;0)

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There is no business like show business