WOLAK: Spent nuclear energy

10/23/2007 - 11:30


what they are doing here?

by hajiagha on


I was thinking they are going to suck the??????


Avali: Cherra dast-be khaye

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Avali: Cherra dast-be khaye neshasteh?
Dovomi: Fekr-e HajiAghast


Nuclear Propaganda

by Mehdi on

Only helps Bush's war agenda. I hope you are ready for the next wave of violence that will inevitably follow that. If you are really sincere about nuclear threats, why don't you also mention that Israel has stockpile of nuclear bomb ready to be fired as of right now (not POTENTIALLY in 2-10 years from now) and has openly refused to participate in nuclear non-proliferation treaty? Mullahs have proven themselves but the only reason other criminals like them are not exposed is because they have quite a bit of control on the media not because they are any better. Take your human killing agenda somewhere else moron! 



by Majid on

Here is just ONE !

Where are the other 299 centrifuge tubes he was talking about ??

He was so full of.............!

He's hiding the weapon of  MAS turbation.


hahahahahahaha, great stuff!

by پیام on

Love Iran and live for Iran.