Teaching homosexuality

09/08/2007 - 16:47


Keep up the good work

by F.J. (not verified) on

Keep up the good work Hajiagha!


Bebin Mashti Bebakhshid Haji Agha....................

by mash on

 Chera Be Khodet Zajr Midi? Agar Midoni Ke Che Margete Ghaboolesh Bekoon Ke az Ham jensbazi Va Bache Bazi Va Jendeh Bazi Khoshet miad. baad yek Kam tanab Begir Do se dafe Gere bezanesh oono az yek derakht avizoon bekoon  va boro roye yek sandali be ist va oon gere ro bendaz va bebin chand nafar toye canada va America miand va radif vay mistand ke betoonand sandali ro az zire pat bezanand. Khak Bar Saret Koonam To ke Enghadr az Mollahaye bache baz khoshet miad va kooneshoono miboosi, hamishe tarafdareshooni, Chera dalilesho neminevisi ke nemitoni bargardi. hamishe migi ke agar mano ghabool bekoonand bar migardam. kooni chera dalilesho nemigi. kasafat enghadr ba zano bache var naro. aslan dark mikoni ke cheghadr in do ta keshvar khoband ke ejaze be kasani mesle to midand ke ahmaghani mesle to betoonand in mozakhraf ha ro to yek jayi neshoon bedand. to enghadr khari nmifahmi ke to Iran aslan yek khari mesle to ba in cartoone mozakhrafeto haman saanye migirand mibarand pishe yek ghazi yek rooz bad chop mikonand yek shakhse zed eslami va zed enghelabi ra biand va bebinand ke mikhand daar bezanand. khaili khari. hatman yek marget mishe. ye chize digeh chera joratesho nadari javabe mano bedi? You Are A Filthy Sick Bastard with no balls who gets his thrills by picking on women and children.  to Dahanet....



Pedophilia and prostitution are legal in Iran via Islamic laws

by xivaro on

Interesting! In the Islmaic republic pedophilia is legal (age of marriage for women is 9) and temporary marriages aka Prostitution is legal and you talk about morality and depravity of Canadian Society????...You need to be on medication dude....your hallucinations are becoming pretty boring.

Pedophilia=Child molestation, in case you don't know the definition.

Did you ever go to school in Iran? Do you a high school diploma???






Obviously, you haven't gone to school, otherwise we would be able to understand your garbage.

So what the heck were you doing in a park, late at night, where you know guys are cruising...were you hoping for a little action. Just a little tip for you, ladies do not go to parks, late at night to meet suitors. 

You are the epitomy of an indecent man, sexually perverse, repressed, bitter, an all around ape...charming!  Your knuckles must be in really bad shape because of your neanderthal ways.

Didn't your parents teach you any manners? By the looks of the tripe that you're spewing, it appears that you are an un-evolved human being.  Ain't democracy great? Actually allowing you a forum to post your less than desirable rants.  

I have one question for you. If it's so rotten here, why stay? Why do you continue to put yourself through it?  I can assure you, all Canadians would rather see the back of you. So why don't you just pack your bags, and get THE F**K OUT!  In fact, why don't you get in touch with me, I'll buy your plane ticket myself- only condition is, it has to be a one way back to little contribution to world peace. 

-proud secular persian woman!


some one made nice copy

by hajiagha on

some one made nice copy voice of the refuseniks on this video ? what kind messages have? I know we have konei or gay in Iran, but they are never had right to get married or be as highest government or came on street naked play with own ( kir) front children or have sex in park in Vancouver...just last week on Friday I was walking in Victoria to get out may met nice good looking female for friend and I saw 2 female kissing and look is having public place....looks to me you not from Canada please bring your camera and camcorder here mostly in night times....If this stupid place Canada was nice place why I am not drawing some things nice about them? looks like jungle here,


They teach this topic in th Islamic Republic too....

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on



Sex education is a main topic in the school curriculums all over the world. In the Islamic Republic, this topic is being covered at Qom Seminary School (Hozeyeh Elmeyeh). In graphic details, one of the ex-students of the Hozeyeh Elmeyeh describes his experience in this matter. Please go to the link below and watch the video clip: