MAHMOUD: Velvet Uprising

11/12/2007 - 13:28


Velvet revolution

by velvete (not verified) on

This is about the "velvet revolution" that the Iranian Govt recently accused some Iranian-Americans to be planning. Remember Esfandiari and others who were jailed for trying to start a Velvet revolution like the eastern european countries? The funny part is supposed to be about the relationship with Velvet revolution and the actual "velvet" which was and still is popular with Iranian rednecks. They hear velvet revolution and think people are asking them to overthrow the Govt, using rednecks methods shown in Iranian movies of the 70s. This woman is dancing to Baba Karam with a velvet hat. She is supposed to look sexy. Many Iranian women wear these types of outfits to look sexy!


what's that?

by bekar (not verified) on

What is going on? man neme fahmam in chih!. is this about a woman who looks like a man?
lotfan rojebesh in cartoon benevisin. merci
I am confused.