MAHMOUD: Manouchehr Vossough


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12/11/2007 - 16:26


Natavan mord beh kha-ree, keh man een-ja za-dam

by Anonymous 99 (not verified) on

I think Sheikh-ajal Sa'adi said this.


zendeh bad zendegi

by Omid Entezar (not verified) on

I don’t speak for Mahmoud and I don't know nothing about this actor, but here is my opinion, which might answer some of your questions: If you read correctly the sentence in the painting says, “begging for acting in Akhoondi cinema”. So, here is an actor (or any person) who did not return to Iran and begged Mullahs for anything, let alone acting. How many of us bribed mullahs for one reason or another? How many of us participated in one kind of march or another so we can get an office promotion, so we can feed our family? We are all participants in the empowerment of this regime.
This painting does not say anything negative about the honorable artists/people who have been working diligently to make a dent in the rigid framework of Islamic regime.
Contrary to some belief flight is not an act of cowardice; it is an act of survival instinct. I no longer respect any heroic savior that put his/her life in line and got himself/herself executed, and his followers put the guilt on the rest of us for his/her cause. If they get themselves killed they have done for their own selfish reason. Yes you read it correctly. Their own selfish reason. They have done it for themselves only, to satisfy their own need, and it’s not for me. I have asked many people before this question: “Would it be alright with you if someone endangered his/her life for you and get himself killed so you can have better life?” I yet to find a single person that says yes. We don’t need any more heroes. Hero-worshipping is a sign that most people are not doing much and sitting around waiting for someone to come along and save them. That’s what the fucking Khominie was and that's what the fucking Immam Zaman is. If we are so dumb that we want another hero to come along and save us, then we are not ready for change yet.
zendeh bad zendegi,


Een Mahmoud ajab khary-ye???

by Mani432 (not verified) on

Since when is escaping your country to look for personal comfort elsewhere patriotism?


Mahmoud tou ham kheili khari ha

by ghassab (not verified) on

ona ke mondand tou Iran iranie vaghee hastand. no tou o daro dateh farari rahat talab.


Mahmoud jaan not everybody

by MM (not verified) on

Mahmoud jaan not everybody has the chances that you or Mr. Vosough have to live abroad. Imagine if all Iranian artists were your favorites and would flee from the country, and scientists and the majority of people too. Would you like that to happen to Iran? Would akhoonds have more trouble rulling the country? Or less trouble? If there is still a country named Iran on the map is more because of those who stayed there than those who left it. Is it not?


chickening out is no honor.

by lily (not verified) on

chickening out is no honor. Be strong, stay and fight, any small step possible.



by Anonymous - she (not verified) on

Could someone explain why such gratitude should be given for not going back to Iran? I am more appreciated of those HONARMANDS that unlike all of us stay in our country, work under the terror of this vicious government, to server the people of Iran and send their message out!