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To The Columbus Post Dispatch: I am appalled and disgusted by the cartoon printed in The Columbus Dispatch on tuesday September the 4th, 2007 depicting Iran as a sewer infested with cockroaches. Such cartoons are not only a display of bad taste and poor insight, but are an ugly and racist depiction bordering on Nazi hatred toward other nations. I am overwhelmed and surprised that a well known and respected publication such as yours has managed to stoop down to such low levels of indignity. Remember that such cartoons easily reach the media of Iran and its national readership, generating extreme negative views of Americans as hatemongering warlords.

Thank You.

Nima Kasraie
University of Texas
Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX, 78229

09/07/2007 - 04:01


Who is Parkhash?

by tinoush on

I don't have to prove that I don't support the IRI. My record of
writings on does that sufficiently. The only thing that
Parkhash and others like him accuse me of is that I point out actual history
and demand equal treatment. But, it's pointless to go through that with
these people. What we ought to ask really is "who is Parkhash?"

I have a folder full of abusive emails from Parkhash. He/She writes
here and else where without giving out his real name. Parkhash won't
identify himself in anyways. So, how would we know that he is not a goon
hired by the Office of Dick to put out misinformation and foment discord!?
We don't! I can't prove that either way. All I can say is that he
accuses me and others incognito of what we out right deny: support of IRI. We also know that the Bush administration has
time and time again employed his particular flavor of disinformation and
character assassination.



Make sense or be quiet

by Parkhash on

the trouble with the supporters of the Islamic government of Iran, like tinoush mowlaee, or nahid shafiei is that in their rush to save their favourite government, they get mixed up in their own arguments and negate themselves. on one hand they say let's not put the nation and the government equal to each other, then a moment earlier or later, they have done precisely the same thing!! watch this: they defend the nation's right to have nuclear technology and even the nuclear bomb, which is the same as what the mullahs regime of iran says, but they fail to show if this regime is a true representative of the nation! is the government of ahmadinejad a democraticly elected representative of the majority of the nation? in the absence of a democratic system, have they put such a fatefully important decision, as to whether to acquire the nuclear technology, to vote in a national referendum? so how do these defenders of the regime know that this is the true need of the nation? the likes of tinoush mowlaee and daniel pourkesali of casmii ask for proof of iran's interference in iraqi affairs. they say don't believe what bush and cheney tell you. who do they suggest us to believe then - ahmadinejad and khamenei? what proof or evidence would satisfay these self-appointed judges of truth or falsehood? perhaps nothing short of a live internationally televised bradcat showing planting of bombs by the iranian trained insurgence, after being blessed by the supreme leader and his side kick ahmadinejad would satisfy them? even then they will say this was a one-off incident or how do we know that the bomb was for real? no, thank you, mowlaee, pourkesali, et. al, more than any one you guys need to stop consuming what the mullahs and ahmadeinejad puke out every day and re-puke a sanitised version of the same vomit again and again. and tinoush, go get some training in how to debate a point. your arguments are so illogical that makes ahmadinejad appear as a philosopher! you say if iran's was doing anything wrong in iraq or with its nuclear technolgy, america had attacked iran by now!! this is as nonsensical as suggesting that if hitler's germany was doing anything wrong, americans would have attacked it two years earlier than they did!!  for  six years hitler was re-arming germany to the teeth, against all the germany's internationally agreed commitments and by the time he was ready, it too late to stop him without a world war being broken out. america has learned its lessons - both afghanistan and iraq - though badly managed in the case of iraq - are cases in point. as for iran it is only a matter of time, unless there is a radical u-turn by iran. apologists like tinoush mowlaee and nahid shafiei should wake up and put themselves in the same place as the people of iran and do not defend their oppressing regime so blindly.


Think before you write, rend..

by tinoush on

1. "Iranian-supplied road-side bombs"

Do you have any proof of that? Do any of the terrorists running the US
government have any proof of that? Cheney and Bush are itching to attack Iran for
various reasons. They attacked Iraq on very thin evidence.
So, add it all up before you regurgitate what you're fed by the media. If
they had anything even as solid as what they used to justify the invasion of Iraq, wouldn't they have attacked Iran
already? So, I ask again, do you have one iota of evidence that Iran is
supplying IED or supporting the insurgency. Anything at all, except the
usual "unnamed" official!!!

2. "another country to be wiped off the face of the earth"

Is that what he actually said? Have you looked into what he
actually said, not what was given as its translation? Plus, have you even
considered the threats that American, Israeli, and many other Western officials
make toward Iran
on a daily basis? Iranians are far more justified to worry about being
wiped off the map than the Israelis!

3. "suck up to the IRI"

Defending a country is not a support of its government. Stop
this nonsense.


Ms Shafiei pleeeeeeease!!!

by rend on

"... peace loving, cultured, and educated nation"

Are you talking about the Swede or the Swiss? With millions of people attending Friday prayers and shouting Death to America each week, tens of people being killed each day by the Iranian-supplied road-side bombs in your native country of Iraq (something you carefully excluded from your list of attrocities) and their populist president calling for another country to be wiped off the face of the earth, you still think the Islamic Iran is a peace loving cultured nation? You don't need to paraise the Islamic regime of Iran and its supporters to this extent to have your IRI grant extebded. I am surpised how certain American universities, as desparate as some may be, are prepared to give characters like you, who suck up to the IRI so hard, an academic poistion just because you bring in funding from the the IRI sources.  Surely, they deserve bettr than this



This is why I use the term "degenerate"

by Parthian on

First and foremost, after 30 years of dealing with the IR, I thought we would have a thicker skin. I mean, when you are witness to 16 year old girls hanged in the public for having "sharp" tongue, when you are witness to daily dosage of public execution, seems to me, this cartoon would be the least offensive thing you see. It should roll off our backs rather easily. Here is the reason it does not: I am gone go back to what I have been saying, We Iranians in general (with the exception of few) have become degenerates.

We live our lives comfortably in the west, drive our Mersedes, put excessive gel onto our balding heads, or if already bald, take propecia like it is dark chocolate. Once in a while, we feel we got to fight some social or political injustice to make our lives meaningful. So we do the easiest thing possible. We go after meaningless issues in a free country, where we know there is absolutely no consequence for our diatribes, and complaints. We don't write to IR and Ahmadinejad for destorying the image of our country; our great intellectuals and poets on this website write extensively about the movie 300, or how superficial LA girls can be, and when there is a cartoon like this, they are prepared to come out in droves to complain, and probably start the next great petition.

Yet, these very folks remain silent in the face of IR's atrocity. They justify those actions by throwing terms like neo-cons, and 
"Bush the warmonger" around. I don't defend Bush, or neo-cons, but I don't see them as the root of our problem. 

This cartoon is right on the money! Perhaps it is not the cartoonist mental state that need questioning, but those who are complaining! You see what you want to see! I know that Iranian people are not behind all the evil that is going in Iraq, or Afghanistan. I also know that IR is doing a lot of evil things in those countries. Therefore, I see the roaches in that cartoon not representing the country, or Iranian people, but the mullahs, basij, pasdars, Qods force, and the rest of the IR cronies. In that respect, the cartoon could not be any more true!  


Hazratee!! you nailed it my friend

by Majid on

IRI is insulting the WORLD,humanity,morality in a daily basis. What should we expect?

We all DO know who the target of this kinda crap is!

17 out of 19 hi jackers on 9/11 were Saudies!!!! yet Gee Dubia holds the old fart King's hand in crawford ranch in tX. leading him to BBQ cookout and kissing his their stinky ass! WHY????? MONEY my friend MONEY !!


Haji artist? or "FARTRIST"???

by Majid on

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TO: Hajiagha

by sk on

Hey, you're using the Spellchecker!!! I am very impressed man!
Good for you! Damet garm!


Why bother

by hazratee on

Why do you want to give them the satisfaction? They are aware of Iranian's emotions that can easily get stirred up by simple things no matter how malicious. If you react, you actually recognized a sick mind of an individual who spent lots of time to come up with this insult. You all take it easy.


Let's see the Cartoons in Kayhan published in Tehran

by jigsaw on

 From Kamangir's blog:

Following the issue about the cartoon in The Columbus Dispatch I did a quick research on the cartoons published in the state-run newspaper Kayhan whose head is appointed by the Supreme Leader. The result? See it for yourself,

  • US is the Nazi Germany.
  • Jews are fat and always hold a gun.
  • Arabs are fat and are America’s defecation.
  • Jews are like snakes.
  • Holocaust is a myth perpetuated to prepare pretext for murdering Palestinians.
  • Americans are torturer thugs.

One of the cartoons is shown here, the rest are available in the photoblog

From Kamangir's blog:



Hagiaha: They rejected your

by jigsaw on

Hagiaha: They rejected your cartoons because your cartoons suck and they don't look professional. To be published as a cartoonist in the West is a major uphill battle. It's a highly competitive field and many artists struggle and work on their craft  all their lives to get published.


Hajiagha = Cartoon....!?

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on


You yourself are a cartoon. Your entire life is a cartoon. The language you use to express yourself is a cartoon. Your genetic construct is a cartoon! You don't need to draw any!?


BTW, I understand Nahid S. is about 60 years old and available. Maybe she can marry you and get you a greencard. But, you would have to beleesee like a gorbeh!?


Hey, Sang Moft o GonJeeshk Moft!?




I think it will come to

by jigsaw on

I think it will come to that. Just one more terrorist attacks on the U.S. soil, and all of these hypocrites should be sent back.


you right as Iranian and canadian they are racist..

by hajiagha on

I left Iran on 1995 to USA, then in Canada I was be first cartoonist ever draw cartoons about Mullahs....but after will and saw so much racism in Canada or from US immigration because I had a cartoons drawing about Bush and they rejecting me to travel by my Canadian passport, after all my editorials cartoons painting and drawing censored by the Canadian because I born in Iran,,,,yes you right this people are not honest, they are looking for oil, or to rub the Moslem's and replace the regime for monkey regime have right get in Iran and fuck or rub what Iranian have....I saw more freedom in Iran when I was working for Ghol Agha cartoons magazine...I saw Mullahs are more supporting human right and journalist and more respect to artist by them, all here I saw just sucks racism and racism...with no right, to complain or no place to go and ask why? no one care...


Nahid Shafiei is a double-faced hypocrite

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on

Nahid Shafiei can not fire off a letter of protest to the
mullahs because she travels to Iran
a couple of times a year so she turns the blind eyes on the crimes of the
mullahs. This is the story of 70% or Iranians living in the US. I think US
should revoke the citizenship of these traitors and deport them to the Islamic


When was the last time Nahid

by jigsaw on

When was the last time Nahid Shafie, born in Baghada and protoge criminal Khomeini et al)   fired off a letter to her beloved IRI to asking them to stop institutionlized demonization of America and Israel via their hatef-filled  education system and state-run TV programs about the U.S. and Israel...How about firing off a letter to the mullahs each Friday when they shout "Death to America" on the top of their lungs.


Sewer ? Islamic Republic Of Mullahs, Yes.! Iran, No!

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on

This cartoon would be a lot more accurate if the text on the
sewer cover read Islamic Republic of Mullahs instead of Iran! As much as I believe that the majority of the citizens of Iran would love to live with the rest of the word in peace and harmony, the ruling elements of the Iranian society has indeed terrorized not only Iran but the entire civilized world.

Contrary to the preposterous statements made by Nahid Shafiei and the rest of the clowns in the commentaries, the Islamic Republic Regime of
Mullahs, their supporters, their criminal paramilitary thugs, and most importantly their Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) are at the forefront Terrorists Incorporated who have committed genocide, murder, and every conceivable crimes against the humanity.

It is the duty of the civilized world led by the United States of America
to bring these criminals to justice or bring justice to them. The declaration of the IRGC as a terrorist organization by President Bush is the fist step in the right direction. The next step should be a complete annihilation of the IRGC’s military capabilities, financial infrastructure, and most importantly their personnel starting from top echelon! As President Bush has repeatedly stated, the terrorists can run but they can not hide. We will smoke them out of their holes, mosques, and caves.

God Bless America
and the Civilized Part of Iran



by sk on

A jagged attempt to look cute, unfortunately.

Nahid Shafiei

Tragic Irony !

by Nahid Shafiei on

And the irony of it all is that the Iranian people (depicted as ants
and roaches coming out of the sewer) are the most moderate and peace
loving people in the Middle East. Almost all the terrorists and suicide
bombers (9/11 in the U.S., the British attacks, the attacks in Spain,
the most recent attacks in Germany, the Bali attacks, etc. etc.) all
come from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon. NOT A

This cartoon in a supposedly reputable
newspaper in the U.S. only shows the blind ignorance, even stupidity,
of the media in not just falling for the intentional demonization of a
peace loving, cultured, and educated nation, they are actually
promoting such demonization.

And they call themselves the
"civilized white man" who has the burden of civilizing the rest of the
world. If it weren't so tragic, it would be the most ridiculous


Columbus Post Dispatch

by aliash on

Dear Nima, I thank you for writing to the Dispatch, I urge everyone else to send a note of protest to these people.  The following is the email that I have sent,


This is a letter concerning a cartoon printed in The Columbus Dispatch on Tuesday September the 4th, 2007 depicting Iran as a sewer infested with cockroaches.  It is of great concern when a reputable member of the media depicts a certain country and its people in such an appalling way.  This shows incredibly poor taste, and total lack of knowledge of the people of Iran.  Indeed this cartoon does nothing but spreading hate and creating bad feelings.  Worse of all, this and cartoons will give the Iranian leaders more ammunition in spreading hatred towards the United States and its allies.   

Ali Ashrafzadeh

Los Angeles, CA



Iran Sewer Cartoon

by mani_9911 on

Ignorance breads ignornace.  Hate breads Hate.  With the publication of the subject cartoon, you have displayed the Dispatch's propensity for both.....Shame on you.