HAJIAGHA: War will be bad for them


In response to the anti-war protest at University of California, Berkeley.

11/18/2007 - 14:20


bush attack on Iran

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

ha ha ha bush attack on Iran and mullahs and close this people bank count they are traveling in Iran and working six month for mullahs and six month in USA


New Rules!

by The_Decider (not verified) on

The follwoing can go fuck themselves or each other:

1- Mullas
2- Those who still worship Shah's corpse!
3- MEKs the traitors
4- Anyone else who is calling for an attck on Iran
5- Hajiagha, if he does not stop supporting war

Anyone who agrees with this please write a comment and say so
Thank y'all!


I do not send my cartoons to Iran

by hajiagha on


althout massod shojaei is my friend , but I do not send my cartoons in Iran because I am not longer belong to them or when a mullahs spending million dollars for own family in Canada.....and I never had any support from government of Iran, they are sucks' and tiff, and so sad for me to watch are oil and money came in Canada to spending for some stupid jegol mullahs son

Rosie T.

0;D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Rosie T. on


Red Wine

Damn islam Damn Khomeini

by Red Wine on

har chi mikeshim az eslam hast va Khomeini !!!!


8th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial kicks off

by Anonymouse on

Hajiagha date ke nakhastee biya aghalan to in contest sherkat kon shayad pool bebaree






p.s. Savak was Shah's secret police!

by Farzad (not verified) on

Thanks for clerifying.


Humor of Idiocy

by Shae'r (not verified) on

Molla Nasredin Once said"It's Better To Ride a Donkey, Than A Donkey Riding on You" ..
When I Look At this Cartoon, I Wonder Whether The Artist is The "Donkey" Or The "Rider" ..
To make Fun of A People Who May "Genuinely" Believe In their Cause Is At Best "Moronic" ..
To "Belittle" Someone in a way suggesting That Their Intention Is Self-Oriented, Where In Actual In May Not Be, Is At Best "Sophomoric" ..
Again, as the Wise Molla Nasreddin Said, The Artist Here is has Made Himself The "Butt" of All Jokes ..
O' Brother, Hold A Mirror On To Thineself ..


whining jerks

by poopoo (not verified) on

blood of innocent Iranians are being shed constantly, where the fuck are you mullah lover?!
You can call names all you want and play your old childish games, but it won't change the truth. The day forces of liberty crush the likes of you and your masters is a day of joy and feast.
I sk you again, where the fuck have you and your brave shallow loud stink yells of bravery been these past 30 years, motherfucker?


Savakee kassef!

by Fuck_Savakee (not verified) on

Who said "Savaakee haye kaseef" are all dead?!
They are the ones who are calling for war!
They tortured people and burned them and now they are freedom lovers.

Fuck you assholes! Only two groups can enjoy the war, both of whom know they have no place among Iranian people, Savakee haye kaseef and MEK traiters.

Rest of usmay hate mullas but we don't want blood of innocent Iranians to be shed!

Fuck you again ey savakeeye paleed!

p.s. Savak was Shah's secret police!


With pleasure!

by poopoo (not verified) on

Hey Mo,

It would be my pleasure to see armies of liberty go over your chopped up, crushed dead filthy body asshole. You and your buddies altogether.
Koskesh, in hame zan-o-bacheh Irani bedaste mollahayi ke to az kooneshoon taghziyeh mikoni nefleh shodan az 30 saal pish taa haalaa, to in shoja' boodaneh koonivaret kodum goori hastin ke az in jfangiat dar bekoni ha dayyooos valadezena?!
Nejasateh khookhaa!


indeed... i must admit he is

by Spooty20 (not verified) on

indeed... i must admit he is absolutely right... after being in Toronto for 10 years i can assure you that 75% of the Iranian family incomes comes from Iran and it is not a clean money!!

It is up to yourself to believe it or not... but then again look around BMWs and houses won't come from sky.

However this won't mean i support the war against Iran at all... i rather be smart and work with any government to make money within Iran to have a good life.

Those who suffer are people Haji and me... i think our stupidity should not be counted toward hate to our country and government...

If we say yes sir here we can do the same in Iran and get rich :D


No war. Period.

by Mo (not verified) on

No war with Iran. Period.


First of all, anyone who dares to attack Iran or come to Iran by attacking it, must go over our dead bodies.

Noe-con's are looking for any excuse to attack Iran.

Mullas or no Mullas, No Ware with Iran. Period.


Golll gofti

by soopoor (not verified) on

ba inke azat badam miyad ama inyki ro gol in taraf moushak be rokhe amrika mikeshan az ye tarafe dige mesle bache ha poshte nanehaye shick o pikkeshoun ghayem mishan ke NO WAR..khar gir ovordan balanesbat.


Dar Kamaale Taajob

by sarekar (not verified) on

ehsas mikonam ba in yeki movafeghammm..chon faghat shoaar e no war ,kaamel nist..Na jang Na mullaha...unvaght mishod goft in baba ha jirehkhor nistan.


One advice for Haji...

by Haji_boss (not verified) on


Insult mullas as much as you wish.
You have the right to do that if not obligation.

I hope you get the idea and difference. Mullas are not the same as the country. Iran haslived and will live after mullas are dust.

Don't wanna see you calling for attack onIRAN again. Barekallah bacheye khoob!


Haji Aghe mitooni ye bar ham

by Anonymous000 (not verified) on

Haji Aghe mitooni ye bar ham be comonistha band kon. Ahe mardeshi!


We do not know all the facts

by Parviz (not verified) on

Javad agha;

We do not know all the facts about the Polish tourist. Yes, the police said that he had emotional problem; but they did not say how much money he was bringing to Canada. If you do not bring any money to Canada, shut up.


Welcome to Canada, hehehehe

by Javad agha (not verified) on

Welcome to Canada, hehehehehe


If you do not shut up, they will teaser your ass, hajiagha. WATCH OUT!!!

Canada loves Mullah's and stolen money, but be careful not to say anything, only yes sir, no sir, hehehehe


Welcome to Canada, the poor Polish guy, was it necessary to kill him? This will teach Ey-ranians and An-ranians a good lesson.


Haji, You have changed! For the better!

by Azam Nemati (not verified) on

Now that you have come to our side, I will let you have sex with me! Send me your address.


don't change subject please, RCMP did mistake

by hajiagha on


I am training by Canadian as security guard also I know what was happening at air port , RCMP did mistake and they rushed, by young Canadian RCMP ( did not have enugh training)and  they did mistake in any mistake by police  may some one die..Thay are good police  and friendly RCMP I like them ..but in Iran son of the falahaeiyan former ministry intelligence in Iran he shot and kill the man because he walking with him in same street , and so many so many shooting or hanging or killing by mullahs regime with no reason . lets focus on mullahs and billion Dolores each years go on gun, terror and supporting are money , by my money . I like drive nice car, I like buy nice home I like get married ....and are money from oil go to hand of the terrorism and British mother fucker oil company let's ask to change this regime by American and help from American

امیدوارم گریه تان نگیره....اگر فقط به یک ملا ی مفت خور دولت در ماه هزاردلار حقوق بدهد....و ما حدود سی صد هزار ملا و طلبه در داخل و خارح از ایران داشه باشیم..چقدردر مآه دوت ایرن خرح ملا های مفت خور خودش می کند....اگر بودحه هر بسیح محل در ماه هزار دلار باشد و ما حدود یک صد هزار پایگاه بسیح داشته باشیم.....اگر هر پاسدار در ماه هزار دلار حقوق در یافت کند و ما حدود پنحاه هزار پاستار رسمی دا شته باشیم.....اگر ایران در هر ماه حدود د ه میلیون دلار به لبنان و ده میلیون به فلسطین کمکم کند و پنح میلیون به محا هدین افغا نی و بن لادن کمک کند و اگر پنح میلیون به شیعیان عراقی و....خرح رادیوها و تلو یزیون های خارحی.....پیدا کنید پر تقال فروش را حدا از خرح سفارت خانه ها و


Hadji agha, You are

by kian (not verified) on

Hadji agha,
You are forgiven my brother. God has shed a light on you today!
Gol Gofti!

May God have his grace upon you for ever


haji vaseh yebar ham shodeh

by adam mamooli (not verified) on

haji vaseh yebar ham shodeh too omret ye harf dorost zadi.
man az jang badam miad vali in adamha ham ke too kharej zer zer mikonannd noone amrica ro mikhorand va behesh fohsh ham midan nefrat angiz hastand.


Vaghean Ke'

by Agha Mostafa (not verified) on

Baba In Haji Vazesh Kheili Kharabe'

(Khoda Enshallah Shafash Bedeh :)