HAJIAGHA: Iranian-Americans for peace


In response to these photos (1) (2) of the peace march in San Francisco October 27, 2007.

10/31/2007 - 15:58


ostaad ammat koss daad

by damon joon (not verified) on

haji een kosseh sheyra chiyeh hamash mikeshi??? raasti chi keshidi mokhettt rafteh annett narm karetto edameh bedeh valli once in a blue moon khaasteem had daghal bekhandeem hamash az shoma faghad naghasheeyeh keer o koss deedam,

chakereh haaji be'gaah rafteh



We are all waiting for our oil money

by Anonymouse on

Hajiagha every Iranian is waiting for their money from oil.  This is an old dream of Iranians that oil money will be spent equally between people.  Oil is now almost $100 a barrel and while Ahmadinejad promised people more share of the oil, he imposed gasoline rationing and inflation is now at 20%.  So no matter how much money Iran makes from oil, the money will not be spent on you and me.  Shah spent it on 2500 years anniversary party and Mullahs are spending it on military and nuclear boobs and personal gains from industrial monopolies like the auto industry.


As far as JJ, every website in US and Canada has the rule to delete comments.  You can flag comments as offensive and if JJ agrees with you, he'll delete them.  To be fair you get the most nasty comments on this website and complain the least.  I also think some of the comments are being deleted accidentaly or as a software glitch.  I don't think your comments about the naked man were wrong or part-o pala.  You said some very normal things.  But you got a chance to post this cartoon which is more direct.  So you're now even. 


As far as nasty Canada, just stick it to them. They have money in Vancouver and Victoria to spend, charge them $100 for a caricature.  You can't change Canada and feel sorry for yourself.  Charge them extra and laugh behind your back.  Sometimes Mechanics say your car needs a repair and charge you $600 and they don't repair anything!  They just smoke a cigarette while you wait and laugh behind your back.   


Anyway, just find out how to get a business license and start your business and get rich.  Once you get rich you can find hot females.  Hot females like either men with money or good looking men who look like movie stars.  If you can't be a movie star, get rich and if you can't get rich, forget about hot females.  Look for females, as long as they are just females.


Lastly, publish JJ's cartoon.  Now is a good time.  Go head do it.  If you delay, the subject of censorship and nasty comments will be forgotten and it won't be funny anymore.  Good luck.


I did in los Angele's and they calling me spider man

by hajiagha on


I made good ,money and I was be happy untile some Iranian inform me to get back in canada because I can not stay longer as 6 month in LA....because i born in Iran and so on.....I back in stupid Canada, and in Canada nothings work here , nothings , they are stupid people ever I meet. racist, bad, is so expensive for living just to day my car was need to change break and I take the van to mechanic shop they keep my car as law safty government sucks and told me they can not let my car go out until i pay $600 for all repair cost , how much money I made here to pay $100 an hours to mechanics ,,,,and why I am so anger some times because I land in stupid fucking country like that more difficult as Iran more censorship as Iran more bad stupid government as Iran and after all this JJ censure my letter on Iranian for what? let me know if you receive some money from mullahs ,, I like too we can share ?I told to Iran when they pay me because of those days I be in war wounded lost my brother in war ..then I am going to stop to draw cartoons about them or....this is my right I don't care what people thinking, long as take I draw cartoons about mullahs , where is my money from oil?


Hajiagha publish JJ's cartoon in

by Anonymouse on

Haji I saw your cartoon of JJ here




I'm sure JJ will publish it and it'll be funny.  Actually come to think of it, I've seen artists draw caricatures of people in malls or other outdoor places on weekends and charge anywhere from $30 to $50 or more per cartoon per person.  Takes them about 20 to 30 minutes to draw.  Have you ever done that?  You can make $1000 or more per weekend and also sell some of your other drawings.  Especially now that we are going into the holiday and shopping season.


Publish JJ's cartoon here! it'll be fun.  Maybe JJ can even put it next to the swimming gold fish for a while!


this Iranian are delete my letters

by hajiagha on


this page sucks looks to me run by mullahs they are delete my letter when I write fuck mullahs


hajiagha is so bussy but he told me

by hajiagha manager (not verified) on

hajiagha is poor man I am looking for wife first to move from stupid Canada in USA then open art studio, art school, and so on any ideas , any female like to step down


merci "girl friend for haji "

by haji ro aziyat kon (not verified) on

balah, khaily alli. haji home paget khobeh. chera yeh home page maleh khodeto nadari?
why do not you make an official home page with a cool domain name? it does not have to be about iran; and you get paid by advertisers. Do you know that?


here is haji home page

by girl friend for haji (not verified) on

// then link from this page to my other pahe as click on //


kojast your homepage

by haji ro aziyat kon (not verified) on

Mr. haji: where is your homepage and editorials? hala dari aziyat mekoni naghola!


Hajiagha's message!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Those who are looking for a subliminal message in Hajiagha's cartoons are wasting their time! And as for the claim that they reflect the reality, I believe in quite the contrary they portray the fantasies of a sick mind!

The naked person in the peace rally was a nut-job whose likes are found in almost every public gathering. Some are exhibitionists, and some simply try to draw attention in any way possible. However, Haji's turning this into a norm of Iranian pro-peace demonstrations reveals the depth of his hatred toward the Iranian diaspora. Even the way he protrays the woman in that cartoon reveals details about his psychotic tendencies. This is not a dirty mischeivous nympho (look at the little ribbon holding her pony-tail up) looking to get off, but rather the girl nexst door! This appers to be a motif in Haji's drawings, not just a petty fetish, but rather an indication of a repressed juvenile desire! This is how this guy portrays all Iranian women (perky breasts, little ribboned pony-tail, a banana sticking out of her vagina and a dildo out of her rectum...). There seem to be countless unresolved mother-issues involved on which I do not wish to speculate!

All in all, it's expected of an anti-social porn addict such as Haji to fixate on only those two pictures. However, for other posters' attention, I refer to other pictures of the said rally in which normal Iranians and non-Iranians expressed their views. Particularly a middle-aged man along with two young women (who apper to be his daughters) earnestly vocalizing thier convictions. I wonder as to what these young ladies have done to deserve being subjected to such a vulgar slander?!


The other 2 people in the cartoon

by ajab (not verified) on

Hajiagha's idea of a marriage are the other 2 people in the cartoon. Are you guys so blind as to not see them? Who are those 2 people supposed to represent? They have clothes on. what's their message? Hon?


to all cartoons lover

by hajiagha on


please go to my home page for my new editorials cartoons , copy right will be free for publisher

Thank you



If this is trash, why are you here?

by ajab (not verified) on

If this is trash, why are you here? what is the difference between this cartoon and the real pictures whose links are provided above? Well maybe if you take out the vibrator and the banana, the rest are exact. This man is saying what all men have always thought about and keep thinking about it. They just don't have the talent to draw it or the honesty to admit it. These cartoons are scaring you away? you prefer lying and cheating men, who beat you up once they marry you or become your roomate? if this is his only short coming, I'll take it.


Only in!!

by aaj sr (not verified) on

No where else Haji can post such a stupid, taste less, "artless" inhuman, garbage drawings/comments.
Haji and JJ knows is the only place where such a garbages can be find (if in doubt, try to post in any publication as a test) Congratulation!

It's amazing to see while you are living in Canada for sometimes, your mind and thought belongs to middle ages.

p.s. Haji, there are many subjects (including sexual) that you can draw without degrading human being, there are many funny issues that you can draw about without promoting hate, gender inequality. There are many people who make a living doing exactly what you do, but they are respected as an artist. You need professional help and if that doesn't work, then you should go back where you came from.


you are mental illinois and sick ?

by you are sick (not verified) on

or just looking very good to those photo naked guy , hajiagha just made copy from those photo he did not add any things on this ideas just more funny we need to have more photo like this on Iranian, more and more to show the stupid ugly wild western democracy

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

to have these "harmless little black and white markings" saying flag as offensive under Haji's cartoons?  The irony is And I say that meaning it is so damn human....since as most of us know they are synonyms as Iran has been so seminal in the formation of all of civilization...cylinder mithra/christianity bla bla bla...that you really can't separate the term "Irooni" from "human", especially now that the planetary culture is so global...following in the footsteps of Alexander in the footsteps of Cyrus bla bla bla.

So since we iroonis, that is we humans, first gave potent voice to that double-edged sword of dualism, so useful in its way and yet so pesky, leading to atom bombs and so forth,  don't you think we owe it to ourselves, that is to the world, to fix things with a hair of the dog that bit us? Fighting duality with duality, there is no other way. Why should we Iroonis, we Mazdaaists, we humans, be so backward in the struggle against dualism? HERE in the Matrix/Patrix CYBERMINDOFGOD/SCIENCE? Some guy says there is ONLY one solution, Iran should build the bomb (like if the Mullahs care what any of us say...).  Only ONE solution and that means dualism, THIS one as opposed to everything else that exists?.

 This is the best the land of Molanaa and Attar and Tanhaa Sedaast keh Mimunad" has to offer? 

What is the problem? Like contributors don't have enough sense to make this decision on their own?  I don't get it, I really don't. Unless this is just a lesson JJ's trying to teach us about how dangerous censorship really is. For God's sake, I hope so because otherwise this is really,,,like....weird...

This is IT, this ONE solution, from US irooni Humans of the Ketab, the one called Attar's Conference of the heal all the damage that has been done by dualism?   That is ljust ike ...kheili irooooonic...kheili kheili weird.

Rosie To Be Continued

PS Upon checking before sending I note that these "harmless little black and white markings" are  REALLY paid agents of Ohrmazd/Ahriman. One is a stooge, the other is stooger. WHERE IS THE THIRD STOOGE? Khahe-ye-stooge kojaast?



by sendeh (not verified) on

KIR, you need only.


Lajan, Pofyouz, Ashghal

by Anonymousha (not verified) on

madar sag go get a job!
kesafat e kooni pedar.
khejalat nemikeshi?
madar ghahbeh you need a doctor with 24 hour


The truth

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

You need to get laid


gay people are much more educated as Canadian women

by canada sucks (not verified) on

but this is rung some one naked on street.


I really don't know how

by Someone (not verified) on

I really don't know how someone can be so mad and crazy and frustrated to draw these caricatures, well haji if no woman wants to be with a crazy man like you, you should show your complexes so obviously.
What surprises me more is how come a site like IRANIAN publishes this bullshit, this is really garbage, maybe HAJI AGHA has mother and Sister who look like these women in these cartoons,don't you think so????


this man is Tarzan

by hajiagha lover (not verified) on

some of you guys looks to me members of the gangs organization, how my cartoons drawing are going to make you are anger or insult you are way? what you thinks if this gay man one day became free to came in your home naked in front of your wife and your children and.....the street and out side also are second private home but in larger, this gay people are should be free in own place behind the close door not in publics, thinks if others minority groups also like to be free like gay , like those American are going to married with own child and having sex with them young as 15 years old and having so many wife ,,,,this is not jungle? or may USA became like jungle and this man is Tarzan


Hajiagha even when you have proof!

by Anonymouse on

Haji even when you have proof that these things exists with the 2 pictures of the naked guy, they still say this is in your mind.  If you had a wife you wouldn't draw naked cartoons, would you? They don't understand it.  When you have women acting a certain way towards you, you're not going to draw them as the most compassionate or passionate.  You are going to draw them as they present themselves to you.


All of these are going to be good topics for the upcoming feminists vs Hajiagha debate.  I think the contributors' strike is going nowhere.  The readers are getting bored with it, the contributors are getting tired themselves and don't have anything else to say and JJ isn't changing anything.  So life goes on and hopefully you'll attend the debate as our guest of honor.


Anyway, I hope you keep drawing cartoons for us.  Someone said you can sell your cartoons to Playboy.  I think that is a good idea, with Iran being on the news and all.  Also, when you say you want to sell your cartoons, that's a good idea too.  You have to find out how to sell your cartoons on the internet first.  Like getting signed up by PayPal, etc.


By the way, look at the link posted by Khoda Nakone.  You think Canadian gays are "gay"? look at these! Never seem gays like these?!  You see something new every day!


Funny and yet...

by Khoda nakoneh! (not verified) on

OK so I can't read the Persian, but I did laugh out loud at some of your comments about the cartoon and Hajiagha. Especially the acerbic replies from Colon Cancer, Shrink, and Faribors. And Ajam raises some good points. I wish we could get rid of the decadence in the West, too, and my family has lived in the US for generations--one of my ancestors fought against the British in the Revolutionary War. It's fantastic to have freedom, but it is so disappointing that it ends up being freedom to be degenerate nowadays. No morality police beating people up, please, but when I see things like that Gay Festival that Miller sponsored, well, you just have to wonder how long this country can survive. // No, I am not Catholic, just an appalled American.


haji joon

by mr right (not verified) on

hajiagha age ta hala az moamelat estefade nakardi be jame khaharah khosh omadi "use it or lose it" hajiagha engari mokhet boo mede boob "laas"


Haji khak bar saret kheili

by hassan (not verified) on

Haji khak bar saret kheili Goh shodi, farsi neveshtan ham yadet rafteh... too yeh jomleh 3, 4 ta ghalat emlayi dari...

sourakh koss giret nemiad, neveshtan ham yadet rafteh...


let's have Iranians to do the job, dorosteh hajiagha?

by sexyironi (not verified) on

It is the responsibility of Iranian people (in Iran) to rise up and make any changes in iranian regime and not foreign powers. Just think about it, we always look for some kind of miracle to solve our internal problems. I do not know, when we are going to wake up!?


why Bush should boob on Mullahs to change regime

by pastaran (not verified) on

سه بار تا به حال حکومت ایران با سوئ قسط به حان پاسدران و فر مانده هان سپاه توانسته از محلکه حان سالم بدر کند...سقوط هوا پیمای پا ستاران در مشهد و کو ه ها اصفهان....آدم ربائی و سر به نیست کردن چندین پاسدار و فر مانده ارتش ....تعویض محا فضا ن سران حکومتی با اعراب....وضع آخوند ها خراب تر آن است که شما فکر می کنید و مانور فرآر آنها از قبل طرا حی شده....


ملت ایران آزاد نخواهد شد

آیت الله انارکی سسیتانی (not verified)

حاجی آقا

ایران آزاد نخواهد شد. این رویای افیونی را باید بگور ببریم...

آیت الله انارکی سسیتانی


I found the right woman for you

by shrink (not verified) on

Haji, I found the right woman for you, she is ready to come and gather you in her arms.
But there is a small problem, we must find a way to take her strait jacket off first.

To Ajam, good luck getting your answer.