HAJIAGHA: Dead virgin

12/07/2007 - 16:29


from hajiagha

by hajiagha on


I am looking for place for rent and job in california for next munth to move from canada any one like to support me please e-mail me


حدا از این حرف ها شما نمی دونید این کانا داچه مکان کیر ی است آدم باید روزی چندبار با این مادر حنده ها سروکله بزنه.....ایرادی....مقرراتی.....عوضی......نزاد پرست.....من حاضرم jj فقط در مورد کا نادا کاریکا تور بگذاره و من هم خوشحال....این مادرحنده ها همه شان روانی هستند.......عرق خور ومعتاد....بد لبا س و بدظا هر ......کونی.......آمریکا ئی ها رو شنفکرتر وبا تحربه ترهستد....


People in Jahanam will move out

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Because now that he is there, there goes the neighborhood...


Khanumhana Hajiagha is not virgin!

by Anonymouse on

He just likes to say he is so he can draw cartoons. I told you he is funny :-) one day he wants Bush to bomb Mullahs the next day he says he wants to apologize to Mullahs so he can go back to Iran (and get bombed by Bush :-). He is a good man. He is just fishing. If he is virgin, then Pope is Shiite! Canada gave him sex, where he wouldn't get it in Iran. That by itself is the most Human Right that Canada gave to Hajiagha, where his own country wouldn't give it to him as a war veteran. Despite this human right of having sex as much as you want, he says Canada violates human rights. So bottom line he just doesn't want to get a wife or girlfriend. He wants to remain a martyr (shahid). If he finds a wife then he doesn't have anything to complain about!
Hajiagha if you really want a date, let us know, we can find you a volunteer. No Foto and no sex on the first date. If what you say is true and you are not looking for a Jendeh, then stop the bullshit and show up for a date. Volunteers are ready!



by Ali (not verified) on

Haji agha,enghadr az in kosesher ha nakesh,mordi amma adam nashodi!!!yeki to too omret kos nakardi yeki brad pit, khob 20$ kharj kon boro jendeh khune ya yeki ro az tu khiyabun bebar bokon ke in mohmalato nakeshi, bi pedar!!!agar Canada inghadr bada boro pishe arbabet to iran...koskesh...


heif shod Mordio adam

by mm (not verified) on

heif shod
Mordio adam nashodi!!!!!!


from haji studio from Victoria

by cipa (not verified) on

وقتی زن ها تو خارح پیر می شوند تازه یاد ازدواح و عشق عاشقی می افتند....مشگل زن ها تو خارح غرور و توقع بیش از حد آن هاست....دنبال مرد افسانه ای ی گردد ودست آخر هم با آن همه وسواس فریب یک زبون باز رو می خورند و بد بخت ی شوند....قالبا پر حرف هستند . وقت دادن ناز می آیند....اما من حقیقتش خایه مالی زن ها رو نی کنم....و تحمل ناز و قمیش رو هم ندارم.....کس کردن هم تو کانادا چند ساعت رانندگی در شب و پیدا کردن یک دختر آواره و خبابانی و معتاد 20 دلار خرح کردن.....ااما من مرد زندگی هستم نه حنده باز ....


let's have you in Las Vegas

by sexyironi (not verified) on

ahaaaa, look at this, too much sex and video sex is killing ya,hehehe, hey guys, when it comes to sex, haji and 99 percent of iranian old farts are capable of nasty intercourse past age 70. just look at that dude "Hugh Hefner".....:):) wish....ya?


to foozool bashi

by IranFr on

yek adameh mordeh nemitouneh khabar margeh khodesho bedeh.


beh nazar miad keh beh in dalilast keh aghayeh kavidar cartoon ro ferestadeh va  az in tarigh khabareh margeh hajiagharo midahad




ah shit! in yaru

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

ah shit! in yaru virgineh?????? for freaking real? Anonymouse mano hamintori dashti midadi daste kooseh. Khoobe khodamo keshidam kenar. Sheesh.

Rosie T.

Re: Why is Kadivar submitting Haji's cartoons?

by Rosie T. on

Because...he is...eclectic...

Darius, Haji, did you know that it was proposed by one "lost Iranian in France" that JJ arrange a blind date between me and you, Haj, with the bill footed by you, Kadivar (apparently it is rumored you have money by some....), but I explained to him that there were several problems with the plan:  that Haji and I are alas not meant to be, that anyway Darius won't cough up the dough,and that jj has other master plans to plan....which in time shall be revealed...

But I thought you'd like to know how fondly we are thought at least one lost iranian in France....


Haji ra bayad ..

by Molla Loghtai (not verified) on

befrestim "Akaber" (pishe khanom Diane's - To Shattuck :)



by foozool bashi (not verified) on

Hmmm, how come Kadivar is submitting hajiagha's cartoons?



by threesome (not verified) on

I am a lesbian hajiagha. Can I partake in this discussion?


what you thinks?

by hajiagha on


لطفا بحث رو سیا سی نکنیدبگذاید داغ بمونه شاید این وسط ما یک ماهی چاق و چله زدیم زمین....قرص بایگرا هم که فراون شده ...


Your Spelling

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Check your spelling of Ghorbat it is not with ق and instead it is with غ.



by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on

Visit one of Pasdaran's jail houses .. Those Islamic thugs do sure know how to fix your "virginity" problem! Even your parents will receive a box of pastries courtesy or Islamic teachings.


Why javan?

by Javad agha (not verified) on


You are not young any more! Why javan-e-na-com?


Hajie; getting sex is not difficult. Go rent a car for a day or two days, wear good cloths, and pretend that you have Euro. The Canadians will fall for you.


Does this mean that you died? mordee? No more cartoons? Eye baba.