HAJIAGHA: Communists, Mojahedin & Mollas

11/21/2007 - 13:26


چقدر ساده

Anonymous1234 (not verified)

چقدر ساده انگاري است دل خوش كردن به ظواهر تهران, اينها را كساني كه از گلوي مردم ميبرند, ميسازند. بدون نظارت قانون و مردم كه مالكان واقعي آن هستند. آن سر قضيه آنست كه عربها و كشورهاي ديگر به ايران مي آيد چون كليه ارزان ميتوانند پيدا كنند. اين ساختمانها به قيمت اعضاي بدن ايرانيها درست شده و ميشود......


all this tall building made by rich Iranian

by hajiagha on


also I am try to tell you look a numbers of Iranian are poor?

what kind justice we have in Iran we never had any report about Mullahs in Iran all of them include much money are this people have?

who's this people are bring day by day's million dollars in Canada?

in canada former P.M of canada now he is under investigation for non TAX pay to government $300,000 and in Iran billion dolor's are money and oil are going some where no body know? and you want tell me Iran is nice place?

or government of Iran?

are you have any ideas how fast canada is growing?

in smallest city with only 20.000 people they have better facility as Tehran  

this people mujaheddin or communist guy's they are most honest as mullahs

are you forget Ahmadinejad told us he will punish all those people are stolen are money and oil?



Hajiagha, If you are who you

by LoastIdentity (not verified) on

If you are who you say you are, I suggest you trust God and come to peace with the world and have peace and happiness within yourself. Just say damn with Mollahs and I'm not going to waste rest of my life on them I have wasted enough!

If you are NOT who you pretend you are, do the above and check these modern pics from vatan:



mullahs and emarat arab ?

by hajiagha on


.تمام هدف من در طراحی کاریکاتور بی آبرو کردن آخوندها ست همان هائی که با عث بد بختی و عقب مندگی و بی آبر و کردن ایرانی ها هستند...داشتم عکس بزرگترین ساختمان دنیا در دبی را می دیدم و وا قعا این شیخ دبی آدم دور اندیش و متفکر ی است که از دل بیا بان بی آب و علف ......آن و قت آخوند های عقب مانده ما طلا را به گوه تبدیل می کنند..


Re: from hajiagha about this cartoons

by Toranj (not verified) on

You? warfront?????? exposed yourself man! I don't even believe you were in the warfront on Saddam's side!!!!!


Watch your language

by Ms. Irani (not verified) on

Mr. Hajiagha: You need to watch your language and stop using profanity in public.


The revolutionaries of

by Ajab (not verified) on

The revolutionaries of yesterday....5th Column of today........ what brings upon you tomorrow? God knows.
Finally you're exposed. I thought that under a psychopath character that you built is a low life (self proclaimed intellectual! ...Zeki!!!!) under.


from hajiagha about this cartoons

by Anonymous haji (not verified) on

این آخوند های مادر حنده پول حانبازی و برادر شهیدی ما رو خرح بچه کونی های خودشان در خارح می کنند و من هر روز باور کنید با اخلاق مگسی ناراحت که چه آدم احمقی بودم رفتم حلوی گلوله برای ین کس کشها درصورتی که این بچه گروه هک ها آدم های زحمت کش و سالمی هستند وچه کسانی بهتر از اینها تا به آخوندا بشا شند....


Someone should piss on all three of them.

by Anonymous432 (not verified) on

Someone should piss on all three of them.



by IranFr on

salam hajigha

motmaeni keh in caricatoro saleh 57 nakeshidi ? faghat bejayeh i akhoundeh kaseh digeh boud.

behar hal bazigara hamina boudan

rasti chi fekr mikoni az faransavia s'il vous plait monsieur hajiagha ?