"Backward" vs "Liberated"

09/03/2007 - 11:59

Fariborz M

thank you!

by Fariborz M on

Fariborz M. St. Louis

You really made my day with this article.  Thank you.



by Majid on


Do you know what your father and George  Bush the father have in common?

They did not pull out on time! 



by Majid on

hajiagaha????? You're trying to get married????Does that mean that you're trying to produce another one just like you?

You gotta be kidding right?another haji??

OK ,let's get this out of the way first, out of millions and millions of sperms, ...."YOU" were the smartest and the fastest to get there "first"??????? and now, you're trying to reproduce????????????Laughing my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I try to get married but I can not date any one

by hajiagha on

this place Canada is not like USA, British are gay, and is not legal to pay for sex here, why I should pay for sex when I like to have my own family...I am supporting women right, which women need to have respect ....not to be hockers ....we are know that, and also I do not recommend any one land here is not democratic country I try one to mo0ve in USA but stupid US immigration rejected me because I born in Iran,

Fariborz M

Hajee Mashang!

by Fariborz M on

Fariborz M. St. Louis

Get a life.  It is very clear that you can't get a woman. 


bottom feeder

by recreated on

A direct quote from his interview when he was refused entry
to U.S.

“I am a Canadian citizen. This is my country”. //

So, Canada is his country when it suits him. Typical opportunistic hypocrite. By the
way if you were wondering where he gets his uncivilized attitude, then go no
further than the welcome icon on his website // . It directly
links to his master’s web site “Mr, Antari nejad, so wonder no more.



by bahram9821 on

I believe this is the kind of women he is looking for, pure, cute and understanding. Good Luck




chetori Mashti bebakhshid Haji Agha...............

by mash on

 DE Hanooz Ke Injaii.  Baba To Ro Be Roohe Oon Emam Sizdahoomet Bargard Boro Be Aramgahe Eishoon Montazeret Hastan. Digeh Enghadr OOghdato Be Ma Nagoo. To Ke Enghadr Az Zan Khoshet Nemiad chera Nemiri Pishe Oon Pedar Sag ha. Man Ghool Behet Midam Tamame Zanhaye Canada Behet Har Kodom Yek Dolar Midand Ke Savar HavapaymaT bekoonan Va Baraye Hamishe Az Daste To Rahat Beshan. You Are A Sick Bastard. Damet Garm......



by Majid on

A hooker that fits "hajiagha" 's personality...............$4.50

A condom to save the hooker's life..........................$0.95

Behind a dumpster as  his "hejle"!!!!!!!

Get this pervert satisfied.........................................priceless

there are somethings money can't buy,for everything else, there is "",so hajiagha have a window to express his desperation




Nice video clips for Haji to get him excited....Yum Yum Yum....

by Ghool on




Go to these links and watch and listen to some of the vents in Qom Seminary school (Hozey Elmeyeh Qom)






You're a very lost soul

by jigsaw on

According to your logic then, all women who live in the West are prostitutes and that's how they earn their livings???Do you really believe that?

I think you're reaching out for help...If there's a psychologist among the readers here, please take his case pro bono. He desperately needs professional help. And no I'm not joking...All of this nonsense are a cry for help.



by mrclass on

can some one open an account that we can all contribute a dollar per person so this idiot haji aghah can hire a hooker once in a while and get his release. tired of his sick, twisted, unfuny, unitereting cartoons about how all women are jendeh and how life sucks in canada.



by Majid on

One track minded,that's all I can say!