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- U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam: 58,217
- North Vietnamese killed: 1 million
- Vietnamese civilians killed: 4 million

This photograph is taken by the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC where the names of approximately 58,000 American soldiers who died in Vietnam are engraved on a long black stone wall. The figures have been taken from Wikipedia. See first photograph talen in Arlington Cemetery, near Washington DC.


11/26/2007 - 11:01


sending surplus academic journals to Iran's university libraries

by hjavadi (not verified) on


We are a network group of Iranian-American Physicists who are a member of American Physical (Physics) Society. Recently we have started a good cause (sending academic jounals and books to university libraries in Iran). We have received a lot of enthusiasm from professors and administrators in Iran. It appears that our donations can really benefit education of future Iranian students especially in Science (we are mainly interested in Physics but can easily expand our work to include all branches of science). Many universitiers in Iran (for example Azad Universities) don't have good libraries and thus can not educate high quality students.

With the advent of electronic publication in US, this activity is timely as many US libraries are replacing hard copies of their journals and books with electronic reproduction (scans or digital text). Some libraries in US are literally throwing their journals in the trash bins. If we can act now, we can transfer these old journals and books to good places in Iran where young people can benefit.

Would you please contribute to this worthy cause with your geneous donations?

We can provide with itemized mail/freight expenses and even send the items to a university of your choice. Please help us.

By the way, sending journals to Iran is still allowed under US laws governing embargo regulations against Iran.


Hamid Javadi


Abol Has Flying Santa Claus

by Abol Hassan Danesh (not verified) on


Oh ... these kids... make you do things unthinkable



by Abol Has "Sandanesh" (not verified) on

Let's spray the wall with graffiti with various gang turf paint signs and symbols so peace would get a chance to jump over it ...


Abol Hassan Danesh