Women not dolls

by Shorts

A poem written on a banner telling women to observe the hejab and not appear in public like dolls. Sent by Asghar R.


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مي خواهم بدانم

آشنا (not verified)

مي خواهم بدانم آن كه با خود و با اسلام لجبازي كرده آيا به آرامش رسيده است؟! آيا پروردگار جهانيان او را فقط براي لهو و لعب در اين دنيا آفريده است؟! آيا براي شما واقعاً سخت است كه شرع اسلام و آن حدود اسلامي كه براي مصون بودن خود شما دربرار توطئه هاي شهواني ديگران است، پاس بداريد؟!!
از ديد سطحي شما بر خلاف آزاديست كه صد البته اينچنين نيست و كسي كه حجاب اسلامي را رعايت كند در هر لحظه و هر جا آزاد است و از نيش و كنايه هاي شهواني هم در امان است!
در آخر زمان روزي فرا رسد كه زنان در كنار همسرانشان براي نامحرمان زينت و آرايش كنند! هشيار باشيد و اي چند روز و اند خود را تباه مسازيد و اگر به جهاني ابدي معتقد هستيد با توشه اي پر از معرفت و با شوق وصال به معشوق الهي و جاودان خود سير كنيد! لحظه اي تفكر شما را از وشوسه هاي شيطاني در امان خواهد داشت.
شاد و سرزنده باشيد


farokh2000, are you sure you

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

farokh2000, are you sure you wanna compare U.S and Iran in 2008 after 8 years of Bush presidency and 30 years of IRI rule? You sure you wanna go there? Do you have any idea where U.S and Iran stand in education level, economy, military power, GDP income, freedom of press, political and social freedoms,,,,ect..you sure you wanna go there?


I hate it!

by sick and tired of mullahs (not verified) on


HOW dare a man tell a woman that she'll go to hell if she wears colorful clothes and let wind blow her hair around?

HOW dare a man tell a woman not to wear make up so she won't disturb the young men's peace of mind??

I hate it more and more. Each time I read this banner I want to find an akhound and beat the crap out of him and I am not a violent person...


Translation of honor

by Pouyan (not verified) on

Where are these ardent IRI's supporters to hastily translate this honorable banner into English.


2 roo-ee

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

as I read it some-where;
een mullaha faghat salee 2 baar madoom ra sare kaar migozarand o bass
and every time lasts only 6 monthes.




خدایا این ملت را از شر اخوندها وبچه اخوندهای پلید نجات بده




Moronic Brain Washing=Control Freaks

by farokh2000 on

These damn Mullahs are experts in Psychological mind control, just like GW's buddies here in U.S.. Maybe they have been to the same school of mind control?.

They have both set their countries back at least 40-50 years, Socially and Economically.

Shame, shame.