Report on Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran - August 2010


Report on Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran - August 2010
by Savalan

The systematic violations of Azerbaijanis human and ethnic rights in Iran continued through August, 2010. Azerbaijani activists were sentenced to jail and tens of activists are still in temporary detentions without access to a lawyer or visit their family. The activists are subjected to tortures or other ill-treatments. The judiciary authorities deny releasing the reason of detentions. 

Azerbaijani activist tortured during long-term temporary detentions

Akbar Azad, Alireza Abdollahi, Ayat Mehralibayglu, Hamide Farajzade, Zahra Farajzade, Hasan Rahimi, Shahram Radmehr, Mahmud Fazli, Bahman Nasirzade, Behbud Gholizade, Aydin Khajeyi, Yunes Soleymani, Naim Ahamadi Khiyavi, Shokrollah Ghahramanifard, Ahmad Aghayi, Latif Hadani and Heydar Karimi are Azerbaijani activists were detained through series of detention which started in May 2010. The detainees are still held in Tabriz Prison or intelligence office custody. Most of them are not allowed to access a lawyer or visit their family. Reportedly they were tortured to give untrue confessions.

Yunes Soleymani, student activist and former director of “Ildirim” student journal in Bu-Ali Sina University has been tortured by electric shock in Tabriz intelligence office during interrogations. He is suffering from heartaches after tortures.

According to Yusef Soleymani, Yunes Soleymani’s brother, he has been tortures by giving electric shock and injecting some medicine. Soleymani has been transferred to Sepah Hospital (an army hospital) and was there for three days after suffering from heartaches resulted from tortures.

Reportedly Ayat Mehralibayglu has been tortured as well. According to some families of detainees who were able to visit them, Mehralibayglu’s voice has been heard when shouting under tortures.

Mehralibayglu was not allowed to contact with his family. His family requested the authorities to let them visit him to be sure of his health but the judiciary authorities denied their requests because of high security problems related to their case.

Azerbaijani activists sentenced to jail

Hasan Abdollahi Jahani (Umudoglu) an Azerbaijani Turkish teacher, Mahbub Budaghi, poet, Faraz Zehtab, student activist, Habib Avaride, Mohammadreza Hashemi, and Hossein Asiyabi were sentenced to prison. According to the verdict issued by Tabriz Court Avaride was sentenced to one year of imprisonment and other activists to six months of jail term.

The activists were arrested on May and Jun 2009 and were released after almost three months of detention on bail to be tried later. They were charged with propaganda against the regime based on their activities on moderating websites, publishing articles, and calling people to demonstrations. Their trail was not public.

Azerbaijani activists released on bail

Mohammad Tajeri and Jafar Yavari, who were arrested on August 1, 2010 during the gathering of Tractor Football Club supporters by Tabriz security forces, were released on bail of 100 million Rials ($10,000) after 12 days of detention. Previously, more than fifty people was released who were related to the same case, but Darush Ebadpur, an azarbaijani poet, is still in detention.

The demonstration was organized by Tractor FC supporters against the official support for the racist actions and slogans of a Tehran based football club supports toward Azerbaijanis during a match between two clubs. The peaceful demonstrations of Azerbaijanis were violently attacked by riot police forces.

Ebrahim Rashidi, a young journalist and political activist who was arrested on Jun 14, 2010 by Ardebil intelligence officers was released after 57 days of temporary detention on bail of 500 million Rials ($50,000) to be tried later. He will be charged with propaganda against the regime and also collaborating with opposition groups.

Rashid is a writer in “Bayram” monthly journal and also a former writer of closed down “Navid Azerbaijan” weekly. He was arrested, detained and sentenced to prison several times through past years. Amnesty International released two actions in defence of activist on April 1, and May 1 2006 and Reporters without Border issued another one on Jun 22, 2010 condemning his detentions.

Azerbaijani activists were tried

The last session of trail of Ramin Jabbari, Hafez Sardarpur, and Nader Azizpur Aghdam took place on August 8, 2010. The activists were detained in Parsabad Moghan for 11 days and were released on bail to be tried later. They are charged with propaganda against the regime and also violating national security by establishing classes to teach Azerbaijani Turkish, and publishing articles.

Sardarpur is the founder and former director of Heydar Baba Association (a student organization), Jabbari is a journalist who is writing in “Yapraq”, “Neday-e Moghan”, and “Byram”, and Azizpur is a poet.

Azerbaijani activists acquitted

Aydin Sardariniya and Ghader Noruzi, student activists and members of Arman Student Organization were acquitted in a trail in Tabriz Court. They were going to be charged with violating public order and violating national security.        

Sardariniya was arrested in a ceremony which was organized to welcome the released student activists from Tabriz Prison after months of detention in October 2008, in front of Tabriz University.

Noruzi was called to the court following a publishing a special issue by Arman Student Organization in March 2010 about the role of women in movements in Azerbaijan and entitled “Azerbaijani women”.

The activists are members of Arman which was closed down on April 26, 2010 by university authorities. Arman was the only student organization that was active in introducing and analyzing cultural, social and political problems of Azerbaijanis in Iran.

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Talking about Human Right

by Savalan on

Alright guys this whole "pan-turk" and "separatist" bit is starting to get really old. Can you guys (Persians) please come up with at least some kind of new accusation for anyone fighting for Azerbaijani rights? I mean come on, it's a little worn out.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این هم از آن بِلاگ هاست که بیخودی بدان بَها داده میشود،عَجب خُرده شیشه دارد جنسِ ما ایرانی‌ها !

این همه مدّعی و خَروار خروار ادّعا و درسِ تاریخ ولی‌ اَمان از یک جَوابیه به زبانِ پارسی !!!

اینها که دم از آذربایجان میزنند،کجا بودند که ببینند چطور سَتار خان (حُوضور ایچیندِه یاتسینْ) و سربازانِ وفادارش جلوی قزّاق‌ها ایستادند و مردانگی کردند و به ایران رنگ و رویی دیگر هدیه کردند ؟! بیخود از آب گِل الود ماهی‌ نگیرید که موجود نیست ! وای از آن روز که کسی‌ بخواهد دست به آذربایجان ما بزند! وای از آن روزی که کسی‌ بخواهد یک ذرع از خاک ایران را بدُزدد ! دستش را از بدنَش جُدا میسازیم ! باید حتما قَزاق بالا سر شما  باشد تا قدر عافیَت را بدانید ؟! سیزِه آیبْ.. آیبْ !

حالا بروید با کتاب‌های زَوار در رفته تاریخْ، بزَنید به سر و کلّه همدیگر که خُوش گلدیْ !

ایرانی بودنْ لیاقَت می‌خواهَد.


The old islamist trick of labeling Kurds, Baloochis, Azaris

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Demands for use of their language, culture, religion, equal rights and treatment, etc within the borders and under the flag of a Democratic , secular Ferderal Republic of Iran as separatist movements can only lead to more violence, hatred or even disintegration of Iran. 

So if you are for Iran and against separtaism, back these Azari, Kurd, Balooch, Arab hamvatans in their struggle to create a just and secular republic for Iran, in place of this Racist Islamist nightmare.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Sorry FR jaan

by Midwesty on

I was just cheking. I think you sound much more sexy when you write with sophistication. Write more under this character, it seems this one stimulate my brain cells more than others!

Farah Rusta

Midwesty jaan, what gang? which abuse?

by Farah Rusta on

I didn't expect you of all people to come to the defence of our resident abuser/teaser/poser/bluffer/joker/ ... and call him a commenter!

And I haven't quite got away with it - yet! Lastly I thought I am being kind and caring but obviously you don't see it that way. Well, I can't win you all can I?


I still love you MW.





by Midwesty on

Are you from the SF gang who has the free pass from JJ to abuse other commenters and get away with it?

I was just curious.

Farah Rusta

Sargord joon I see you are still in pain darling

by Farah Rusta on


you are getting so incredibly boring and monotonic. Don't you have anything different to say?


Be a man, a real man for once and don't moan so much about your
family's sufferings in the hands of the Shah.  I know that no wound is
deeper than being dumped and humiliated by your master after years of
subservience as your Granpa and Pa were. But darling incompetence knows
no bounds. Once you cooperated with a regime that is not necessarily a
meritocracy you must accept that one day, your incomptenece will be
exposed and you would feel the boot in the back side. And that is what
happened to your poor and wrteched Pa and Granpa.

Oh darling their wounds must have been so incurably
deep and excruciatingly painful that even after three decades their
second generation, meaning you sweetie, is screaming with pain.You may
be living in the comfort of the US of A but the devastating blow to
your miserable family's morale and dignity knows no distance and this
is why every time you see the face of His Majesty the memories of your
ancestors most devastating losses and unbearable dishonourable
discharge invade your mind you makes you react they way you do.


Oh, poor baby you are the child of the most
disgracefully jettisoned in the history military and civilian 
dishonourable dismissals.

People, please have mercy of this wretched soul, he is innocent as he is a by-product of his fathers ineptitude.

Oh, your Majesty, I hope you realise what you have
done to these most undeserving servants of yours and their family
though I am sure in your wisdom you did the right thing your Majesty.

So,  Sargord baby, as the as the song goes,:hush little baby, dont you cry!

Here is something to soothe your pain:




Well that being said Sargord

by Escape on

Well that being said the 1906 constitution is far from the Islamic constituon of Jihad to rise against Isreal that is implied in Iran today.That's ALL IT IS....The minister of EVERYTHING is the Islamatollah today..The IRI's dictatorship quality is their own danger.Their crackdown will crack them.

Everyone seems to be pissed losing their rights.The Kurds are pissed even fighting,the Baluchi's are pissed,fighting also,the Azeri's,the Bahai's,Jews,Christians,Sunni's they are all under leash and chain.Even the nut's in qom are frustrated..Their own..

Iran is facing a inner turmoil.The time is coming.They will self destruct,you won't have to fear these outside entity's as Isreal,Neocons,Christians,the USA,Europe,the media and every hangup.No instead Iran should fear Iran itself and it's path it's chosen.One set to self destruct.(As it is rising).I believe the only reason they haven't so far is because a few things,they are unarmed.They are prevented from exchanging ideas organizing a new Govt.They are prevented from protesting this government.The judicial system is a farce for criminally detaining the public.It will come a time when these things won't matter.The longer it goes on the more it grows and involves every single Iranian.they are not reversing this direction at all,whatsoever...

But Honestly,you don't even know the reason your Grandfather wrote the Constitution of 1906.I'd really like to hear your answer why you believe he did so.And then I would like to ask you this question,In fact if you are of his blood,why are you against his idea's?


Azeris are not Turkic

by Parthianshot91 on

Azeris are not Turkic by origin nor race, Hence why they don't look Asiatic/mongolian. The original azeris spoke a language related to middle-Persian Pahlavi, very close to the Tat Persians. Even their name isn't turkic. Azeri is a Persian word that means Fire, Azerbeyjan is a Persian word that means land of fire.

 The Iranian azeris today speak persian, practice our culture, traditions, customs, holidays, play our music, have Persian names, eat our food, hundred thousands of inter-ethnic marriages bewteen ethnic persians and Iranian azeris (I have more than two dozen male relatives married off to Azeri women and about 3-5 female relatives married to azeri men) and the most important thing of all is that the iranian Azeris are mostly persified and assimilated and they themselves consider theirselves as part of the Iranian/Persian people. These are some facts for child killing racist Pan-toork e khars.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w

Sargord Pirouz

Criminy, I'm 1/4 Azari and

by Sargord Pirouz on

Criminy, I'm 1/4 Azari and my great-grandfather was the greatest Azari-Iranian that ever lived in the 20th century. He was at different times Minister of Education, Minister of Culture, Minister of Finance, Minister of Health/Welfare, Speaker of the Majlis and writer of the 1906 Constitution. Take it from me, this Azari rights nonsense is nothing but a bunch of bull.

We are all Iranians, period. 


Stop Racism Against Azerbaijanis in Iran

by Savalan on

The demand for cultural, linguistic, religious, and political rights is a legitimate right of all. Unfortunately, it is not a recognized right inIran today. For example, in an attempt to demand these rights and seek democratic participation from the government, Azerbaijani Turks have organized peaceful protests similar to that of the “Green Movement” and have suffered violent reprisals from government and other groups. These efforts have largely remained unnoticed in the dominant Persian media. Moreover, bringing this to the attention of influential leaders and authorities is to risk being labeled a separatist, pan-Turk, foreign agent and traitor to the country.


Another thing

by madadi2000 on

Pan-Turks should let Armenians in Karabagh, Talysh, Lezgins, and etc. be able to separate from the fake country of Aliev.. Same with Turkey and Kurds.  Pan-Turks are taking advantage of the weak Iran regime, but in the end you are minority and one Iran gets back on its feet, you can ensure that Turkey will be divided into Greece, Kurdistan, Armenia.  You racist pan-Turks are responsible for the Armenian Genoicde, Greek Genocide, Kurdish Genocide, Assyrian Genocide.. You are also responsible for the killings of Changhiz Khan , Teymur and the rest of savage tribes against Iranians.  So the nonsense that you are oprresed is not bought by Iranians specially since Iranians are suffering more than you guys under this regime (as an example Kurds/Persians are suffering more from the pan-Turk Turocophone  leader Khamenei)


Unreliable pan-Turk crap

by madadi2000 on


Pan-Turks are responsible for the genocide of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Zazas and Kurds in Turkey.


In Iran, Turks and Mongols destroyed the original Iranic language of Azerbaijan and now claim cities that have clear Persian names like Ardabil, Zanjan, Tabriz.

We can easily say the Mongols (most of whose troops were Turks) are responsible for the killing of Millions of Iranic speaking peoples.


 Fakhteh Zamani is a racist who calls Iran a "so called country"


Azerbaijan belongs to Iran.  Its name is Persian and no fake country by the name of Arran will get its hold on it.  The majority of Western Azerbaijan is Kurdish anyway.


Pan-Turks claim of discrimination is a lie and they should complain to Khamenei.  Also the Persian language has been the official language of Iran since 1000 years and officially proclaimed official in 1906.  It has always been the medium of education.  Many countries (including Turkey/Azerbaijan of pan-Turks who suppress their Armenian, Talysh, Kurd, Tat, Lezgin, Greek.. minorities) have one official language.  Pan-Turk claim that this is discrimination is nonsense as one has to learn the official language wether one is in Canada, USA, Germany (where thanks to fascist Turks multi-culturalism has failed), Iran and etc.



For Parthianshot91

by Savalan on

Just lol !


down with seperatists

by Parthianshot91 on

If we want to move forward and ever have a strong country, we need to be united under one banner of flag and identity, no to useless disgusting federalism that will get us killed in such a hostile region (mid-east). Most Iranian Azeris consider theirselves Persian/Iranian and are proud, infact one of the most nationalistic Iranians I've met were Azeri Iranians who had dedicated their lives to Persian nationalism, and you would be spitting in their face by repeating such seperatist federalist garbage. Most iranians no matter their ethnic background are for Persianism and most are infact assimilated and have no problem with it, this all happened during the shah's time ;)


Say yes to Persian powa!  No to racist Toorkish grey wolf activity that killed 1 million Armenian children and women.  


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"



MRX1 a Q for you...

by Savalan on

The need to focus on Azerbaijani rights comes from the fact that mainstream Persian human right groups ignore Azerbaijani rights in purpose. They would rather assimilate Azerbaijanis and ignore suppression of their language etc. it is because speaking Azerbaijani or demanding their language rights is viewed as threat to Iranian integrity. Your comments are better to be addressed to those (Farsi) groups. They should come forward and start speaking about and defending minority rights. Perhaps then, there would not be need to focus on particular minority rights in Iran.


MRX1 a Q for you...

by AntiMozakhraf on

Are you equally disgusted by all of those who only write to defend one minority or another here or is it just Azeri's that offend you?

Just a Question. A fair one I think.


what about the rest then?

by MRX1 on

Should we give a f* about other political prioseners if they are not from Azerbijan or is it Azarbijan? your obsession with one particular entity is revolting! it lacks compassion & humanity alltogether.