Do we, as Iranians really need the "wikileak" to tell us what we know alraedy?

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Today, I saw a few blogs on this site, regarding the so called wikileak "leakages" of US government classified documents on Iran. Then I started thinking: Do we, as Iranians really need the wikileak to tell us that Sunni arabs consider Iranian shiats to be kafirs, even worse than Jews, and as such deserving mass slaughter by US or whoever? Or Khamenei is bloody old and about to die soon anyway? Or ahmadinezhad was selected by the khamenei rather than elected by Iranian people? Or when Iranian people in tens of millions peacefully marched and protested about this sham of election, they got what to be expected from a fascistic, weak, corrupt, murderous islamist dictatorship? I say not.

I rather focus on what is really happening back home. I rather think of the anniversary of 16 Azar next week, in memory the 3 patriotic Iranian students martyred 57 years ago by the dictator of that era, and the risk my brave  young compatriot students are taking by remembering their fallen friends. I rather focus and concern about the geographical integrity of my country Iran, put at risk by the reckless incompetent islamist dictator. I rather concern myself about the tens of  millions of Iranian children with no access to proper food, housing, schooling, let alone a computer or internet to read about the wikileak.....


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by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thank you  friends for your comments.

Anahid: Point taken. Also I'd write more blogs, but I am bad at it and lazy, so I comment on others instead! 

Bavafa: You are right. I did not used to think that there is a real threat of foreign invasion of Iran, and still think countries like US or Israel have no real desire to attack Iran for practical reasons. But the regime is becoming very reckles and provocative in it's foreign policy and that itself could raise the threat of a military conflict with all unwanted consequences.

Yolanda: I am not a bit surprised with KSA's hostility towards Iran. As I said, most sunni muslims consider Iranoian shats as kafirs..

Rea and Maziar: I see your points. In general truth and news and leaks can all be twisted and shaped to suite the forces behind them. Really, to be very honest, I am not surre if the US or Israel are really that unhappy with the islamist regime's behaviour, given all the excuses they have been provided with courtesy of the islamist regime... 


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

that leak is just like all other LEAKS ! who cares ? American medias Knows exactly how to pull " hairs from yogurt" for public attention and the evening talk shows.

they never LEAK the TRUTH about their world affairs.      Maziar


The question is rather

by Rea on

Does anybody need this charade to tell them what to think?

PS. RG, due respect, the above is a non-Iranian perspective. 



by yolanda on

Thank you, RG, for your blog......

I was shocked that KSA wanted US to bomb IRI so badly....even more than Israel.......not long ago, the congress approved 60 billion arms deal to KSA.....the biggest ever...... it is tense!


Agreed, and just like Anahid said...

by Bavafa on

This is just to reaffirm those facts to the skeptics and sympathizers/naive both alike.

But agree even more that we need to concentrate on defeating the cancers both at home (IRI) and abroad (threat of war on our country)


Anahid Hojjati

Dear Roozbeh, maybe you should write blogs on what needs focus

by Anahid Hojjati on

This leak is good news for Student Day since it confirms the depth of troubles that IRI is in, this is positive news for movement. So there is no conflict on discussing these leaks and then also remembering students who were killed in Shah's time and what will happen with demonstrations this year. I do agree that we need not over emphasize the leaks. Additionally, you can write your own blog about any of the subjects that you like to focus on and this will help with others focusing more on them too.