Salaries, % unemployment and starting salaries for popular majors

by rbnfl

U.S. professional Graduates (average 2010-2011):

% Unemployment    Avg. Starting Salary

MBAs#.............17,751                     17%             $25-90K

Lawyers.............7,913                      14%             $24-120K

Dentists*..........4,876                       1.1%            $48-90K


Physicians*.......3,057                       0.12%          $80-120K

Chiropractors......1,866                      N/A                  N/A


*  Excludes specialists


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Yes, not a lot of surprises.

by rbnfl on

A Harvard MBA's starting salary will definitely be higher than a graduate of University of Phoenix; most times.

Dentists and Physicians with their own practice have higher incomes.  I believe this data is for those who work for clinics and healthcare organizations such as hospitals respectively.


Anonymous Observer

Interesting stats

by Anonymous Observer on

Not suprsing at all in terms of the umemployment rate within various professions listed.  What is surprising is how little you would have to pay to potntially hire a lawyer an MBA or even a dentist.  Very low salary rate.  I assume the higher end is for the top 1% graduates.