1971 Dutch Newspaper: Prince Bernhard will go to Persia alone?

by Pejman7

PDN – In October 1971 the Shah of Persia [Iran] organized a big event to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.

The expenses of the celebration were highly criticized by the Western media; thus, many leaders in the West refused to accept the Shah’s invitation to attend the event. The US President Richard Nixon, The Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and The Netherlands’ Queen Juliana were among them.

This short piece which has been published in the Dutch daily “Limburgsch Dagblad” writes that it seems the only member of Royal family of the Netherlands who will attend the celebration in Persepolis will be Prince Bernhard, the husband of the queen and father of Princess Beatrix (current queen of the Netherlands):

This article was published on September 9th, 1971.




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Friendly Notes, White Trash Started his Presidency in 1977

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On Carters Presidency Dates, January 20, 1977 – January 20, 1981


On Dick Noxious Presidency Dates, January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974

Friendly Notes The Celebrations were held October 12--16, 1971 as seen below.


Anglophile, not only were the celebrations while elaborate, extremely financially trivial in comparison to the growth of Irans Government Purse at that exact time, they were an exceptionally intelligent Investment for Iranians, which gave back many many times more in return than what was spent.  They were extremely important in their goodness and beauty in Hindsight.  Were the celebrations perfect?  This Depends on your first definition and 2nd values, it was without a shadow of a doubt of great service to the people of Iran.

Could it have been handled better, based on pre-islamic Iranian values yes, but based on who we were and where we were at not likely.  We see Iranians Islamic values at work for the last 33 years, the interpretation of the corrupt religous authorities of them.  These peoples and their values existed then also, their dark thoughts were the single greatest obstacle for iranians to achieve their potential and be healthy.  Iranians have been blessed thanks to the institution of Monarchy for the past 1000 years for sure, those who created our National Culture understood this very well and did a good job of communicating it under the tough circumstances of islam delivering 24/7/365.25 absolute terror of thought and expression into our lives. It was the Pahlavi Monarchy that allowed the people of Iran to become aware of the corrupt islamic authorities (a genuine and long lasting contribution),  Thankfully Iranians story has been unlike other countries with a pre-islamic history, like egypt, iraq, turkey due to our Monarchy.



RE: و اما جیمی کارتر


خب پس شما ابتدا اطلاعات تاریخی را چک کنید و سپس بنویسید که کارتر در جشن های 2500 ساله شرکت کرده! ضمنا "جزیره ثبات خواندن" ایران چه ربطی به جشن ها دارد. آمریکایی ها هم همواره متخصص برداشت نادرست از مسایل جهان بوده و هستند و چرخش در جهت منافع خودشان. آن زمان در ایران، حالا هم در عراق

Friendly Notes

اما جیمی کارتر...

Friendly Notes

درست میفرمایید، بر اساس ویکی پدیا، "جشن های شاهنشاهی از تاریخ ۱۲ تا ۱۶ اکتبر ۱۹۷۱ (برابر با ۲۰ تا ۲۴ مهر ۱۳۵۰) در تخت جمشید برگزار شد. در این جشن‌ها، سران حکومتی و پادشاهان ۶۹ کشور جهان شرکت کردند و تمدن و تاریخ کهن ایران را ارج نهادند". اما جیمی کارتر، احتمالا در سال اول ریاست جمهوری خود به ایران آمد و در مراسم ضیافت شام سلطنتی، آن نطق تاریخی "ایران جزیره ی ثبات منطقه است " را ایراد کرد و دیدیم که سپس چه شد!


RE: Wrong

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Carter was the US President in 1971?!! You are amazing! :)


Friendly Notes


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Richard Nixon was not the US President at the time. It was Jimmy Carter who accepted the invieation and attended the ceremonies.



by Shemirani on

بعد از دو هزار پانصد سال یک جشن گرفتیم و چه کردند با ما !!!

از یک ور خارجی‌‌ها که چشم نداشتن یک ایران پیشرفته و با افتخار به تاریخ خود را ببینند ، از اون ور مخالفین مثلا سیاسی که هر چیز را بهانه می‌گرفتند (و میگیرند)

خودشون جشن میگیرن (۲۰۰ سالگی انقلاب فرانسه ۱۹۸۹ ، جوبیلی ملکه انگلیس ۲۰۱۲) خیلی‌ خوب است (نه فقیر دارند نه هیچ مشگل دیگری !!)

اما اگر ما ایرانیها جشن بگیریم خیلی‌ خیلی‌ بده ! ما که لیاقت نداریم، آدم نیستیم که، همون شلاقزنی رمضان برای ما کافیست !!! حیف که ایرانیا خودشون نمیفهند منافع خودشان کجاست، خارجی‌ از ما ایراد میگیره خودش میره عشق شو می‌کنه، ایرونی‌ همون ایراد مال خودش می‌کنه ضد ملت پیش میره آخر عاقبت هام آواره خارج می‌شه دیگه :)


That was more likely out of envy

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Some European monarchies particularly those with a long colonial background do not like to be reminded that there were outstanding monarchies long before these European monarchs ever existed. Otherwise, for an oil rich country like Iran which at the time was the second oil exporting country in the world, those co called "costs" were NOTHING!


Pejman with Friends like these who needs enemies????

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The expenses of the celebration were highly criticized by the Western
media; thus, many leaders in the West refused to accept the Shah’s
invitation to attend the event.

The US President Richard Nixon,

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and

The Netherlands’ Queen Juliana were
among them.

Instead of celebrating the Late Shah of Irans Platinum Jubilee on September 2011 for a Life Time of Majestic Service, their misunderstandings came back to haunt them at that same time on september the 11th to be exact.  Even though the people of the UK/France/Holland/USA benefit from the resources of Iran instead of the Iranian people, there is a new found wisdom among enough Iranians regarding the short period with the late shah when they actually benefitted from their resources unlike other countries which never benefit from their resources and Iranians have no illusions on who brought Khomeini, by deceiving which people and why.  Murdering the Late Shah for the USA and her values, was like the Cherry on top of the Cake of S&&T.