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I would like to introduce a fun diversion, if I can.  I want to talk about the ultimate "party" in Iranian customs and traditions, a wedding.

Most of us are familiar with many Iranian traditions and customs related to weddings.  With slight variations, more or less all Iranian families engage in those customs.  These are some of the different stages or events where different customs are practiced during a traditional Iranian wedding: 

  1. Khastegari
  2. Bale Boroon
  3. Namzadi
  4. Hana Bandoon
  5. Aghd
  6. Aroosi
  7. Aroos Keshoon
  8. Pa Takhti
  9. (Did I miss something?)


Over the coming weeks, I would like to write about each of these customs and ask you all to help by contributing what you know of them.  I think it could make a good collection of information about precious and long celebrated Iranian customs.  Aside from the more known and practiced customs, there are less known wedding-related customs which are seemingly in practice.  Here’s a clip of a wedding in rural Iran, showing the process of “dressing” a groom in preparation for his wedding.  I think it’s taking place in the village of Herang.  It is an interesting ceremony, something I had never seen before.  I hope you enjoy watching it and learning about this less-known Iranian custom.  Have a good Sunday and party on!


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PG jaan, let me tell you How WE do it...

by Ali P. on

1) Meeting on the interenet.

2) Chat forever on-line, on the phone. 

3) Exchange photoshoped pics.

4) Lie, lie, lie.

5) Families meet and size each other up, and thinking," well,...they are really not at OUR level, but, what the hell deegeh..."

6)Quickie: Meeting in Turkey.

7) Another Quickie: Attempt to consumate the relationship, thinking, "I could have done a lot better, but what the hell deegeh..."

8) Depending on how the above went, apply for a K-1 Fiance visa.

9) (Did I miss something?)


buying jaheezieh

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buying jaheezieh


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shabe- hejleh hame poshde dar montazer

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Hamaam Ghorogh!!


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