Funny wolrd we live in

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

We have a clerical rule that talks religion but acts nationalistic and an opposition that talks freedom and democracy but is whoring for foreign interests.

Not counting Peykan, almost every aspect of Iranian technology and science (medical, bio-engineering, nano-tech, military, aviation) has been kick started and developed under this regime. Record number of universities, and schools have been built -- a number of them with a global reputation. Thousands and thousnads of kilometers of paved roads have been built. The railroad system is now covering most of Iran. Hundreds of dams are now either producing electricity or taming potential floods that we see in other countries and which also caused great damage in Iran until a few years ago. All this in the guise of an Islamic regime.

And then we have an opposition divided into one or more of these groups:

inpotent, traitor, self-deceiving, US propaganda fed (=naive), outright crackpot, etc, etc.

Their greatest achievement until now is (as Pink Floyd expresses) 13 channels of shit in California and a similar number of web sites and an occasional patting on the back from the Congress and Israel. They also have an unenvied talent of rediculing their country's achievements and belittling those have stayed behind and run the wheels of the country despite daily hardships.

We should of course not forget their other talent: constant "lengesh kon" with the certain blood shed that follows. That, they have become experts on.


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maziar 58

may bokhor

by maziar 58 on

Those achievements are done by IRANIAN peoples; just as me clicking in English,my Brother does it in Danish,my sisters do it in German its sure because of IRR .

my friends tell me the 100 km main road from Ahwaz to Abadan is not safe(because of B.S check points) so they take the kut abdellah to shadegan and enter Abadan from rural routes.

yes they built many highways in Tehran and 4 corners of it ; but not all of Iran. Maziar


One wonders

by MRX1 on

If IRI is such a paradise, why is it all it's supporters are living  out side of Iran?  and if they are not  why are they trying so desperatley to leave Iran? Kind of reminds you of an old  saying "death is only good for my neighbor" 

Guess the thouend kiliometers of roads are not so great after all for the islamists cause apparently  it's not leading to a Bar , disco or whore house where they can spread their fine fine ideology for others to embrace.


Leave HR out of this.

by Doctor X on

human rights have a long way to go By Western Standards. but we are talking about iran and a culture with a much longer history than the west. it takes time to change, and there is no obligation to change in the direction of western values. this was surely the lesson of the revolution.

What precisely entails Human rights by western standards that is supposedly so abhorent? could someone please enlighten me??? To this very moment i was not even aware that there are various standards governing human rights! (is it like West vs East kinda thingy?) 

Change does take time indeed, but when someone factors in our "much longer history" and throws that into the mix, the burden of responsiblity and accountability becomes even more significant, as in What do you have to show for it? To use this as a tactic to dismiss anything and everything western is a new low. Human rights are Human rights. It is a Universal thing, whether you'd prefer it that way or not!




Required Reading: US Defense

by vildemose on

Required Reading: US Defense Department's Unclassified Report on Iran's Military Power

DoD - Unclassified Report on Military Power of Iran

Anonymous Observer

The IRI is so militarily self-sufficient that it has to pay

by Anonymous Observer on

$880.00 to the Russian mafia for S-300's that it will never receive.  BTW, Russia is keeping the dough!!

Go IRI!!!!  Love what you do with Iranian people's money!!!

Now, the same monkeys who totally ignore this bit of news are constantly whining about the money that Shah supposedly took from Iran 31 years ago.  BTW, noosh-e-janesh! 



by afshinazad on

I could see iranians freedom is exported to world,human right exported by mullahs to world ,stonin is new innovation, highways never finished,11 million files in courts last year, rape and you name it. people kept in large prison called Iran and IRI has achieved on building largest prison in the world. Go mullah what a achievements. 


I agree, Meybokhor

by Q on

There is always a more balanced picture. But it is the nature of fanatics, especially the pro-Israel cheerleading kind, to be totally one sided and cartoonishly unobjective. A fanatic only knows black and white, that's part of the definition. It only hurts their own cause by making normal people reject them in horror.

This is what I call "being blinded by hate", unfortunately some people have already gouged out their eyes from the eye socket and so will sadly go to their grave carrying this hate, which really amounts to self-hate. There's nothing to be done about them, so don't waste your breath.


"ignoring the role of government policy"

by AMIR1973 on


"may be convenient, but it is unconvincing..."

By all means, let us not ignore the role of government policy in rendering IRI's infant mortality ranking at 119 or 155 and its life expectancy ranking between 103 to 132. Of course, this doesn't even address the fact that the IRI has executed a far, far larger number of Iranians than any other regime in Iran's recent history. How pathetic of the West-residing IRI Groupies that they have to defend such a state of affairs in a regime that they cannot be bothered to live under. How pathetic.



Yes- government policy does have a role. Let's not ignore it

by Onlyiran on

it does the following:

1) frustrates the brightest minds in Iran to the point that they leave the country at all costs;

2) gives university admission preferences to pasdaars, basijis and families of "shaheeds" over qualified applicants.

Indeed, the IR's policies do influence the process a great deal. :-)  

Hoshang Targol

My dearest IRI hack you forgot to mention the most ingenious

by Hoshang Targol on

high-tech crime fighting method introduced by Islamic Reoublic of Hell: STONING TO DEATH.

Of course as you're correctly pointing out to the achievements of this monstrousity we shan't forget all other high-tech methods of crime fighting initiated by your very honorable mullah thugs: CUTTING OFF FINGERS AND HANDS,


RAPE BEFORE EXECUTION, should I go on or you get the picture.

One last query, since you paint all  the opposition as  "whoring" to foriegn powers, I need you expert opinion about the Iranian boys and girls being "exported" to Dubbai for sale to rich folks in there?

Is that done to just keep up with the "opposition," or is it hardwired inot Mullahs' DNA from their pimping days in Qum?

And also: do you get any comission from those "exports?"

می    بخور   منبر     بسوزان،    مردم    آزاری     مکن /// این دو روز زندگی را ، بدون سرنگونی جمهوری اسلامی  طی مکن!/// (از تراوشات  حکیم  زمان    خود گویم  و خود خندم )

Niloufar Parsi

ignoring the role of government policy

by Niloufar Parsi on

may be convenient, but it is unconvincing...


Anahid, you are correct. Here, read this quote from

by Onlyiran on

Newsweek on the issue.  

 Several Sharif alumni point to one other powerful motivator. "When you live in Iran and you see all the frustrations of daily life, you dream of leaving the country, and your books and studies become a ticket to a better life," says one who asked not to be identified. "It becomes more than just studying," he says. "It becomes an obsession, where you wake up at 4 a.m. just to get in a few more hours before class."

Here's the link:


Iranian students thrive despite the IR, not because of it as these clever propagandists want us to believe.   

Niloufar Parsi

meybokhor, ey vallah!

by Niloufar Parsi on

we said! we all know iran is not perfect, but i can't stand the false depiction made of the country 'only going backwards'. this is patently untrue. the sharia side of things is negative, but the science, technology, economy, health and infrastructure sides of things have greatly improved. people forget that iran was no rich country practically since the twilight years of the safavids.

human rights have a long way to go By Western Standards. but we are talking about iran and a culture with a much longer history than the west. it takes time to change, and there is no obligation to change in the direction of western values. this was surely the lesson of the revolution.

frankly, the way the west has gone about things presents no great example from an iranian perspective. nothing but hypocrisy and greed. it's do as i say with the west, not do as i do.

a cultural transformation in iran requires an iranian effort that is supported and encouraged by friends, not warmongers.

the us and israel should put their own houses in order first. so much ill wind blowing from these cultures to the rest of the world.


Anahid Hojjati

Most bright university graduates love to leave Iran if they can

by Anahid Hojjati on

I went to a high school that almost everybody was a great student. I left Iran at 20 so I did not go to university over there. Many of my high school classmates went to Sharif or became doctors. Guess what, most of them left the country and some are still trying to leave. They all think that I am the lucky one since I left early.

Some of my friends left in their 30s or even early 40s and it is harder to start a new life the older you are. The other night, I was chatting on facebook with a friend of mine. Her daughter will start 11th grade in few weeks. My friend's concern was what she should study so if she leaves the country, it would be a good major. You see, yes, there are many universities but when top graduates mostly want to leave, that means something is wrong with the country. Almost everyone can see that except people like writer of this blog.



To intimidator "Maybekhor": koorkhoondi :-)

by Onlyiran on

There is a fine line between being fair and being delusional

First, you IRI supporters set the self-imposed rule that anyone who doesn't march lockstep behind the regime wants Iran bombed.  Now, the second rule is that anyone who doesn't buy IRI propaganda is an Iran hater.  

The problem is not those who criticize the IRI.  The problem is that IRI and its supporters are liars, and they want us to buy into their propaganda.  Otherwise, if one points out the outright propaganda and lies, your ilk will call them traitors.  Case in point: your wonderful quote here:

"Record number of universities, and schools have been built -- a number of them with a global reputation."

Really?  Really?!!!  Did you even bother to check the objective facts and statistics before you made this grandiose claim?  Here, look at these rankings:


The best university rankings are in the three digits--and they are for the two universities that were built before the revolution, Tehran University (308) and Sharif University (662).  The rest of Iran's universities are unfortunately in the four digits when it comes to rankings.  Now, if disagreeing with your delusional thinking on this issue is being anti-Iranian, so be it. 

the same thing goes with their "advanced weaponry".  If not believing that a 50 year old re-painted F-5 with an extra tail stabilizer is a new aircraft called "Saegheh",  or a re-assembled 50 year old American M-60 tank is a new tank called "Zolfaghar", or a 50 year old North Korean No-dung missile is a homemade missile called "Shahab", makes us anti-Iranian, then so be it.

And yes, a country that floats on oil, but has to import gasoline so that  the cars in the country can keep running is a testament to the incompetence of its government, which is more focused on propaganda than it is on improving the infrastructure of the country.

PS- What is it these days with IRI lackeys and supporters posting these Gestapo style blogs threatening everyone into silence?  Must be a new directive issued from the "headquarters".  It's amazing.  they are the same blogs essentially, but with slightly different subject matters.     



by Fatollah on

"10 million Iranian outside of Iran"

you must be joking, right?


Great Points

by nojanthegreat on

It will not surprise me if , Iran bashing people here continue to d o their nonsense.

That not new , we Iranian have a great habit of belittling ourselves in resent history . We demand too much , we do too little and we don’t have any sense of responsibility .

All you said about Iranian achievement in Iran is true , but I just hope the hardworking people who are behind this projects get recognized by their fellow Iranian around the glob . I just recently visit Iran after 9 years and I saw how it had change during this short period of time .

If anybody out side of Iran help people inside of Iran by sending money or supporting or providing material for the government , we call him or her names . We are so quick on that , we call each others puppets , tractors and …… without even knowing each other .

They are close to 10 million Iranian outside of Iran and I did not see a single protest against the resent embargoes , or in Iraq Iran war era , and why is that ?

If we care for Nada and people like her so why we don’t care for hundreds of Iranian who die in plane crashes ? Why we don’t care about the medicine and other necessary item which have been blocked from entering Iran ?

So stop the name callings and do something for Iran that will make us proud and does not involve burning garbage and bricks .


Too much western democracy ...

by yousef on

Makes the islamist's pea sized brain overload and come up with utter non sense like this:

"almost every aspect of Iranian technology and science (medical, bio-engineering, nano-tech, military, aviation) has been kick started and developed under this regime".

The fact is Iran has fallen behind other third word countries in every aspect of science and technology under the islamist rule. The grinding poverty in Iran is preventing more than 4 million Iranian children from receiving even elementary education:







می‌ بخور منبر بسوزان؛ مردم آزاری نکن. به مخالفینت هم حق حیات بده


The highest degree of materialistic gain is not worth the loss of the smallest amount of morality, If indeed you can ever measure morality.

What is good about a road, or a railway which takes you to a scene of stoning a defenseless woman?

I can keep going, but I know you will be gone too... 

BTW, I can not agree with you more on LA Iranian TV garbage.

"Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies."



abar ghod ghod

by Doctor X on

Khar jan

the clip was marvelous:)

You essentially hit it right on the Khaal. I specially like that last part where he make a very astute and clever psychological diagnosis. Akheh adame divooneh migeh man marizam LOL:))

Bueno. Mucho Bueno.


تبدیل ایران به ابر قدرت جهانی فقط در دوهفته



dear Mr. Manbarbesuzan , Iranian Pride needs your Help. !

by bushtheliberator on

 I'm sure Iranians are happy, and proud of the scientific,educational,and infrastructure improvements in their homeland.Everyones' concern ,tho, is the sad regression in human rights to far below even the Shah's low standard.

Universities, and railroads are good, but Iranians are embarrassed by living without such basic necessities as freedom of speech.

How about releasing 100 political prisoners " Make Iranians proud. !




Knock Knock!... who's there?... Democracy and Human Rights!!

by Khar on

Democracy and Human rights which is non-existent in Iran!!

Toop, Tank, Mooshak, Bomb e Atom are built to protect the Repression in this case Religious Estebdaad (Iranian Neo-Cons)!


I meant Danish

by Doctor X on

Sorry.I forgot he was based in Denmark.


Stick to Menbar soozandan

by Doctor X on

Cuz your Mey khordan really makes you act and say crazy and whacky things.

Go swedish Bikini team Yeaaay.



by Fatollah on

you must be joking, right?


Add this to IRI's phenomenal achievements: Bravo!!!

by AMIR1973 on


Infant mortality ranking of 119 or 155 (depending on the source) 


Life expectancy ranking between 103 to 132 (again, depending on the source):



Sadd afarin to this "nationalistic" talking regime--nationalist and patriotic are among the many attributes of the republic founded by Khomeini ("in the guise of a religious regime"). Oh sure. Let's also ignore the fact that it has executed an exponentially greater number of Iranian men and women than any other regime in recent Iranian history.  

MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan, for the record, you are NOT a West-residing IRI Groupie. You're really not. 


Cheers  :-)