Rise and Fall of the Lulubi Empire

Khodadad Rezakhani
by Khodadad Rezakhani

The Lulubi were a group of people belonging to the Guti tribal confederation. They were a small and unimportant group, spending their days herding sheep and sometimes even worse. However, a turning point in their history came when a group of Lulubi sheep herders were ambushed by the Assyrians, and the former used a Lulubi skill to defeat the Assyrians. Being excellent masters of singing lullabies, the Lulubis put the Assyrians to sleep and then cold bloodedly massacred them all.

Having discovered an effective weapon – indeed the equivalent of the nuclear bomb in the ancient world – the Lulubis attacked the Assyrians and after singing choir like lullabies and making them unconscious, they managed to defeat the mighty Assyrians and establish a new capital in the city of Siesta. The Lulubi kings were powerful and wise rulers who helped the prosperity of their people by making sure that all the other merchants in the ancient world were taking catnaps while the Lulibi traders were taking advantage of all the business opportunities.

However, the Golden Age of the Lulubi lasted a short time. With the expansion of Lulubi economy and a general rise of living standards, the Lulubi parents neglected the teaching of lullabies to their children. As a result, within a few generations, a resurgence of the Assyrians was met with a Lulubi army which had forgotten its greatest weapon. The downfall of the Lulubis was rather cruel and quick, all of them being sent back to their mountainous homeland where they eventually perished from insomnia and left only their name in history and strangely, their weapon too, which was adopted both by parents and governments for putting their subjects to sleep.

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With due respect...

by NotSoAnonymous (not verified) on

We have so many urgent issues and examples today. Why do we have to spend time on the order line fact/fiction issues?!

Lobia polo and LoLu khorkhoreh against the major crisis that Iran faces today have to wait!

Sometimes I feel this web site is being used by fringe "Iranian" groups and idealogies like "Drafsh Kaviani" etc. Vocal minorities for sure! The problems facing Irana nd the world are present and clear. We don't need to go back to "mythical" times to address those issues!



by khorshid on

Nice post Mr. Rezakhani. Glad to see you back writing. By the way, any puns intended on herding the sheeps part?


Let's see...

by Bunyip on

..how many more gullible people are out there, to beliwve this satirical fiction. Very amusing Mr Rezakhani.


This is a nice Story with a lesson in it .....

by asghar_ghatel (not verified) on

I think the Americans today are acting like those Lulubis. The comparison and parallels are amazing. America became great because of hard work and honesty of Americans. They respected others' ways of lives and customes.Gradually the generations passed and they started to forget what made them great. Then they started to forcefully take others' belongings, destroy their elected governments, and destory others' ways of lives. They even took away from their own citizens what made them envy of the world -- freedom. Then came the Chinese who overtook them by harder work and the Lulubis (in this case Americans) did not even know how to fight them back with that hard work and ingeneuity that made them great to start with. Then they gradually valished from the face of the Earth. In 300 hundred years or so from now they will be a footnote or two in the history of humanity.

A. G.


Is this really true?

by Mehdi on

Had they mastered hypnotism maybe?



The Lulubi are Kurds and to

by Kurdboy (not verified) on

The Lulubi are Kurds and to this day there is a tribe by this namein Kurdistan.