How things change in so little time... some calmer moments


How things change in so little time... some calmer moments
by javaneh29

Thank you all for your best wishes and comments on my last blog re the hectic two weeks leading up to the wedding. I have taken some of your advice... eg I took a walk! Great idea. Thank you Khar jaan. Sat down and took a few deep breaths ... thanks bajenghe.

So to update you... count down 1 week and 3 days to go.

The bride is recovered and both dresses are in alteration..phew! Found mine and cant wait to wear it. Seating arrangements .. to hell with it! If people dont know who they're sitting next to .. in my view its a nice opportunity to get to know someone new. Bridesmaids all booked in for hair and various other treatments. Everything else all booked and on track.

Shoharam is back from Sweden before scheduled and I had no idea he was on his way back (with an unexpected new car.... gorgeously fast, red and sporty, but left hand drive.. Im getting used to it) New carpet due to arrive any second. Found the Shajarian track and downloaded it. It was a nice pressie to give shoharam but dont know how it compares to a new car .... not that we make comparisons, and he loved it,

No luck with the poshti yet .. but I feel optimistic thanks to American wife x miboosamet. Great story!

And have taken time out periodically, to calm down and reflect. In one of my moments of peace, few and far between these days, I watched the baby hedgehog ( cant remember what the word is in farsi)  eating the cats food. So cute. Watched a ghor bagher ( I know I spelt that wrong ... frog) hopping down the garden path and picked the last of the baghale.... baghale polou for dinner that night.

I had time to play with my grand daughter and I could eat her. Im so in love with her at the moment. These last few weeks gave us a chance to really get to know each other day in and day out and we're delighted that one of her first coherant words was bia! Feeling broody.

I had time to think about whats important in life.... I have beautiful loving kids and the best shohar, loving friends and a good life. There is food on our table and a roof over our heads. What more can I want for.

Thanks god. 

Life goes in cycles ....



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American Wife

another double posting!

by American Wife on


JJ.... what up with the website!!!!!!!!

American Wife

what a lovely way to start the morning...

by American Wife on

Reading your posts always brings a smile to my face.  Thanks for the reminder that we do have so much to be thankful for... the little things that are so much more important than the big things.

We love the updates!  I know you'll have less and less time as the "big day" gets closer but try to keep us posted.  We're looking forward to pictures as well!

Good luck with the pushtis.  I wish we were closer, I'd love to loan you ours!

Mona 19

Javaneh Jan nice shot ...

by Mona 19 on

of a "Cute" joojeh tighi ( hedgehog) :))

Enjoy "The Moment"s

Best,Mona ;)