Song: Harassment of Bahai School Children in Islamic Republic of Iran


by faryarm

Baha’i students in primary and secondary schools throughout Iran are harassed, vilified, and held up to abuse, according to recent reports from inside Iran.

During the last few years hundreds of incidents of insults, mistreatment, and even physical violence by school authorities against Baha’i students have been reported as occurring in at least 10 Iranian cities.

“These new reports that the most vulnerable members of the Iranian Baha’i community — children and junior youth — are being harassed, degraded, and, in at least one case, blindfolded and beaten, is an extremely disturbing development,” said Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations.

“The increasing number of such incidents suggests a serious and shameful escalation in the ongoing persecution of Iranian Baha’is,” said Ms. Dugal. “The fact that school-aged children are being targeted by those who should rightfully hold their trust — teachers and school administrators — only makes this latest trend even more ominous.”

Ms. Dugal said the Baha’i International Community has been aware of scattered reports of abuse directed at schoolchildren but has only recently learned that young Baha’is are now widely being forced to identify their religion — and are also being insulted, degraded, threatened with expulsion, and, in some cases, summarily dismissed from school.

“They are also being pressured to convert to Islam, required to endure slander of their faith by religious instructors, and being taught and tested on ‘Iranian history’ in authorized texts that denigrate, distort, and brazenly falsify their religious heritage,” said Ms. Dugal. “They are also being repeatedly told that they are not to attempt to teach their religion.”

According to Ms. Dugal, one Baha’i has reported that the school-age children of a relative in Kermanshah were called to the front of the classroom, where they were required to listen to insults against the Faith.

“Another student, accepted at an art institute, has been followed by the authorities and on three occasions seized, blindfolded, and beaten,” said Ms. Dugal.

“While a few of these may be isolated attacks, the extent and nature of this reprehensible activity has led the Baha’is in Iran to conclude that this is an organized effort,” said Ms. Dugal.

Of special concern, she added, was the fact that a high proportion of the attacks against high school students have been against girls.

“While the attacks reported to have taken place in elementary and middle schools were leveled evenly against boys and girls, those at the high school level targeted girls to a far greater degree: of 76 incidents, 68 were against Baha’i girls,” said Ms. Dugal.

Ms. Dugal added that the ages of the children and junior youth affected are as follows: at the elementary school level, grades 1-5, students 6 to 11 years old; at the middle school level, grades 6-8, students 11 to 13 years old; and at the high school level, grades 9-12, students 14 to 17 years old.

The reports of attacks on innocent Baha’i schoolchildren come at a time when a growing number of older Baha’i students seeking to enter Iranian universities have been expelled after being identified as Baha’is.

تو معلمی یا صیاد؟ تو نوازشی یا فریاد ؟، Persecution and Harassment of Bahai School Children in I from Ensan Doost on Vimeo.


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Hoshang Targol

Solidarity or lack there of!!

by Hoshang Targol on

It's amazing but true. If you dear Bahai friends would spend half the time you spend disagreeing amongst yourselves, on other more substantial points: such as paying more attention to Bahai  AND ALL OTHER POLITICAL PRISONERS IN IRAN (this aspect: paying attention to non-Bahai political prisoners seems to be another missing-in-action element in you discourse) such a sentiment could indeed make a big difference in Iranian political culture.

Just to make sure you don't misunderstand my complaints ( and don't think I'm just picking on you), below is a short reply I wrote to one of the bloggers on this site: He was complaining of splits amongst us Iranians. As I indicated, it's a lot more than just splits, we're talking about a social-national pathology!, and it infects all political communities in Iran, from those in power to those fighting them! cheers


تفرقه که چه عرض

تفرقه که چه عرض کنم 

تجزیه  شاید توصیف  نزدیک تر و صحیحتری  باشد. شما ملاحظه کنید  که فقط در
این صفحهات کامپیوتری مجازی اینجا (آی.سی)، چقدر و چه گونه  بین تمامی ما
تفرقه و دعواست ( مابین بهاییان ، ما بین سلطنت طلبان ، ما بین ملیون ، ما
بین چپیان، ما بین مذهبی ها..،) لب کلام ،   تجزیه ،جانبه قالب جامعه و
فرهنگ سیاسی  معاصر ماست و   در حد و سطح کنونی اش, نوعی   آسیب شناسی 
اجتماعی  (Social pathology)   میتواند تلقی شود.

nadeem khan

Faryar ! Why don't you come here

by nadeem khan on


Lets see which UHJ is right. The UHJ of Haifa or UHJ of America.

nadeem khan

multi million dollar anti Bahai campaign????

by nadeem khan on

Even this from United States.


And this guy is also a part of Multi Million Dollar Campaign

You have been brainwashed dear faryar, watch this.







Exactly who has the most to lose if Bahai are given freedom ?

by faryarm on

It is a question of motive and agenda not just opposition.

People are free to believe what ever they wish. Afterall religion in the Bahai sense has to be a force for unity and the common good; not just lip service.

These days, it seems the main source of the multi million dollar anti Bahai campaign is from Iran, by those who have everything to lose, if Bahai ideology takes root in Iranian society, because they see no room for themselves in a world where people think and act independently , free from the paralyzing dogma , the corruption and selfserving backward influence of the Mullah, or even those who under the current regime are using  Islam as a tool to grasp to power.

"RUHI BOOKS" are nothing but a tool for each individual bettrment and growth, to gain knowledge through independent knowledge about basics and importance of spiritual education and ultimately the choice of a righteous path in life's spiritual journey.

What accelerated the IRI regime's systematic persecution of the Bahai community in Iran was not just the Bahai community's interest in the RUHI Institutes, but the independent interest shown by friends of Bahais , ordinary Iranians who perhaps witnessed first hand the positive transforming power on the individual. 

This grass roots movement of small groups of people, Bahai as well as non, and their passion for learning has obviously become the cause of great alarm.

Even to the secular and disinterested in religion in general, who see all this as a blurr of mumbo jumbo, the dangerous motives behind the campaign to vilify Bahais and the Bahai Faith is blatantly obvious; especially to those who know Bahais and consider them and their influence as nothing but positive.

It is precisely this , that the regime and its ruthless efforts are trying to destroy. 

No, not every person who does not like the Bahai Faith is not an IR agent, but it begs the question as exactly who has the most to lose if Bahais are free to practice their faith and freely defend themselves against the slander and injustice .

nadeem khan

Are these agents of IRI? Tell me?

by nadeem khan on

Why do you want to call every anti-baha'i an agent of IRI? Why?

Is this want is being taught to you in RUHI BOOKS?


Nadeem, you leave the Covenant-Breakers alone!

by muscle-defender on

Nadeem, you leave the Covenant-Breakers alone!

 "Leave them unto themselves, saying: Unto you be that which ye desire and unto us that which we desire." - Baha'u'llah, Tablet to Vafá


"The children of men are all brothers, and the prerequisites of brotherhood are manifold. Among them is that one should wish for one’s brother that which one wisheth for oneself. Therefore, it behoveth him who is the recipient of an inward or outward gift or who partaketh of the bread of heaven to inform and invite his friends with the utmost love and kindness. If they respond favourably, his object is attained; otherwise HE SHOULD LEAVE THEM TO THEMSELVES without contending with them or uttering a word that would cause the least sadness. This is the undoubted truth, and aught else is unworthy and unbecoming." - Baha'u'llah, Responses to questions of Mánikchí Ṣáḥib from a Tablet to Mírzá Abu’l-Faḍl


"...there is absolutely no remedy except to leave them until they find the truth for themselves..." - Shoghi Effendi, 1926


"Bahá’u’lláh is now summoning humanity to enter on its inheritance: “That which the Lord hath ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument for the healing of all the world is the union of all its peoples in one universal Cause, one common Faith.” " - The Universal House of Justice

nadeem khan

The campaign of IRI??????

by nadeem khan on


The shameless campaign of IR backed Anti Bahai Campaign

by faryarm on

This blog, about persecution of Bahai Children, and many others are frequently and shamelessly hijacked ( by the likes of Nadeem Khan) by what seems to be a new approach and campaign of anti Bahai rhetoric which has it design and roots in the Islamic Republic back in Iran.

These misguided efforts seem to ignore the lessons of history and the futlity of frustated efforts of so many before them who went to their graves , while  The the progress and acceptance of The Bahai Faith went well beyond the borders of its beloved land of birth, to over 250 countries and territories.

Iran Press Watch has published the following in relation to Islamic Republic's new anti Bahai campaign

Persecuting Baha’is on the basis of the “Cult Scenario”



"The likes of Mr Larijani and Mr. Moosavi, faced with world opinion, are attempting to justify and operationalize the eradication and gradual repression of Iranian Baha’is with the same trickery that the tribe of Qoraish utilized with the king of Ethiopia against Ja’far and the Muslim refugees (18) [editor's note: this is a reference to opponents of Islam in its early days]. In front of the United Nations and world human rights tribunals, they refer to anti-cult laws in the West, in India and Pakistan, yet they deliberately ignore the views, acknowledgements, praise and official recognition [of the Baha'i religion] of these same sources and governments, that see Baha’is as members of a “religion” and not a “cult”.

For instance, the Supreme Court of Germany has decreed: “The nature of the Baha’i cause as a religion, and the Baha’i community as a religious community, is evident and without a doubt — whether in its daily life or in its cultural tradition, in the public perception or in the science of comparative religions.” (19)  With respect to India, it is enough to know that Mahatma Ghandi, in contrast to the political and religious leaders of the Islamic Republic, stated that “Belief in Baha’ism is soothing to the world of humanity” (20); that a group of thinkers in India has recently issued a statement opposing the 20 year sentence of the seven Baha’i leaders who are incarcerated in Raja’i prison (21). For years the government of India has officially recognized the Baha’i religion; Baha’is have innumerable socio-economic projects aimed at the betterment of the material and spiritual conditions of the nation, and that the government of India has praised and thanked them, instead of throwing them in jail for three years, as Iran did to three youth in Shiraz who had undertaken similar projects (22). As for Pakistan, it is enough to know that Professor Mohammad Lahouri, a Muslim, says “All the lines and evolution of diverse thought in Iran is once again seen as a complete compilation in a great religious movement of the new Iran, i.e. the Babi and Baha’i religion.” (23)   It is not necessary to remind the likes of Larijani and Moosavi, who are anti-Baha’i “experts”, of the Baha’i faith’s official recognition by the United Nations as a religious and non-political body since 1949, and of the many declarations of that agency in defense of Baha’is in Iran. (24)

Having said the above, no doubt Mr Larijani and Mr Moosavi and their like — who have seen the uselessness of the results of their plans, scenarios, projects and anti-Baha’i activities of the past during both the Qajar and Pahlavi periods — must know that the “Cult scenario” will also have no lasting effects in eradicating and repressing the Baha’is, and that the Baha’i community of Iran will remain steadfast and erect as it has for the past 167 years (25); that it will serve both beloved Iran and noble lranians who have often been the supporters of their Baha’i fellow citizens, for:

“They have no aim save their Beloved, they seek no perfection save attaining His presence. They soar on the wings of reliance [on God] and fly, remaining confident on Him. The bloodstained sword to them is preferable to heavenly silk, and the piercing dart more pleasant than mother’s milk… Adversity doth not overtake them, and this voyage is not traversed by feet, nor is this Face to be covered as by a veil.” (26) [from the Writings of Baha'u'llah] "


Elders of Karbalaa

by Waters on

Nadim how many videos and links you think are out there on your beloved sect??



Thanks for continuing discussion Aqa Nadeem Khan

by muscle-defender on


Dear Jinab-i-Nadeem Khan-i-Aziz,  

 Thank you dearly for continuing our discussion of the Faith and Order of Bahá'u'lláh, and the nature of the power invested by His Self (Nafs) into the Universal House of Justice.   Bahá'u'lláh makes obedience to the Universal House of Justice equivalent to obedience to His Own Self.  

 "The sacred and youthful branch, the Guardian of the Cause of God, as well as the Universal House of Justice to be universally elected and established, are both under the care and protection of the Abhá Beauty, under the shelter and unerring guidance of the Exalted One (may my life be offered up for them both). Whatsoever they decide is of God. Whoso obeyeth him not, neither obeyeth them, hath not obeyed God; whoso rebelleth against him and against them hath rebelled against God; whoso opposeth him hath opposed God; whoso contendeth with them hath contended with God; whoso disputeth with him hath disputed with God; whoso denieth him hath denied God; whoso disbelieveth in him hath disbelieved in God; whoso deviateth, separateth himself and turneth aside from him hath in truth deviated, separated himself and turned aside from God. May the wrath, the fierce indignation, the vengeance of God rest upon him!"




nadeem khan

One more good Video

by nadeem khan on

nadeem khan

The religion of Baha is rotting because of you H. Baha'is

by nadeem khan on

I don't have the problems with the teachings of Mr. Baha'u'llah.

But you stalinist Haifan Baha'is have turned it into a very dangerous Administrative System. That is dreaming to establish a new world order which will be ruled by those 9 infallible persons sitting in Haifa.



Muscle, blind and deaf people like you are responsible for 'EXIT BY TROOPS' from the Baha'i faith.



by muscle-defender on

Kingreza, Yes all religions are dumb, now leave the children alone, you are a bully.

Baha'u'llah has appeared to revolutionize the whole earth.


Stupid Religions

by KingReza on

Bahai and Islam are both dumb religions. Blame the parents.


Living Martyr of Baha'u'llah

by muscle-defender on

Dearest dearest Nadeem Jan -


I am the  Living Martyr of Baha


Living Martyr of Baha'u'llah

by muscle-defender on

Dearest dearest Nadeem Jan -


I am the  Living Martyr of Baha

nadeem khan

Muscle Do you Know? FATWA has been issued against you.

by nadeem khan on

By WATERS and ADIB. Read it on MONA'S Blog.

According to them, You are not a TRUE Baha'i but a '72 Virgin Seeking' xxxxx



My love for thee grows with each of our exchanges, Nadeem Khan

by muscle-defender on

Nadeem Khan -- My love for thee grows with each one of our exchanges.  May our loving bond never be broken.


Nadeem Khan, Aziz

by muscle-defender on

Dear Nadeem Khan,

The answer to your question is that God is not required for Creation.  The most we know of God is that He does not exist.  "God" is a word used to describe anything that we do not currently understand. 


Science has also discovered that there is no time before the big bang in the same way there is nowhere
south of the South Pole.


Visit this site:   //



nadeem khan

May Allah protect these children.

by nadeem khan on

Even if they are Baha'is. The chidren are delicate flowers be they Baha'i, Moslem, Hindu, Christian, Azali or any other....

Those persecuting these children are weak people and they cannot do this for a long time.

As far as baha'ism is concerned it is more than a religion but before its rise it is looking its downfall.

I am copying a comment of mine here also, this was my response to Muscle Joon :

You did not get my question Joon. This is the effect of Ruhi Books that your mind is thinking in a Ruhi-ized Baha'i Way.


So I asked you some questions, What I understood from your point was
that he created universe so he is God or something like that :)

Although you are not a right person whom questions should be asked.
Because Ayat'u'lBaha Mr. Adib Masumian failed you. According to him
your Ideas are not proper and you are misinterpreting the religion of
Baha. Do you know Adib? He is considered a Scholar by the people of
your (united?) community?

My Questions were :


If he created the universe, then he also created everything in it,
that means he created Subh-i-Azal also, who later poisoned him?

It means Baha'u'llah is himself the cause of his poisoning?

I am not talking about the love that Baha'u'llah had for Subh-i-Azal, right! Do you get me?

Secondly : About Malik-i-yawm-id-deen

You wanted to say that he is Lord Krishna whom the Hindus are
awaiting, Imam Mahdi whom the moslems are awaiting and so on and so
forth... I know all that, right!

He was supposed to bring the peace to this world.

On 12 Nov Baha'i International Community Inc. with registered
trademarks will celebrate the 193rd birthday of their God

In a span of 193 or whatever years where is peace? in Los Angeles?

When is the peace going to come ? after 1000 years?

In this short / long period Baha'i Community is struggling to keep /
retain its followers who are "exiting by troops" in every country.
There is corruption among baha'is everywhere. In the name of religion
there are election frauds in every community. Groupism and jelousy is
everywhere. Nowadays many Baha'is are against the Stalinist
Administrative system.

The division among the Baha'is is a known fact. The court fight for
the use (misuse) of Registered Religious Symbols is known to everybody.
Is this what Lord Krishna or Buddha or Imam Mahdi or Jesus or any other
true saviour was awaited? Was he awaited to register the Religious

Today after 193 years after the birth of Mr. Baha'u'llah, majority
of the world does not even know his name, keep aside his dreams of
Universal Government.

90% of the Israelis do not know Mr. Baha'u'llah and  Mr. Bob who are
buried there. Even many Haifans do not know them. Do you know this?

I will advice you to return to your home in Iran and take some rest
there. If you want - tell me I will ask some of my friends (Mullas) to
admit you in any good Hawza in Qom where you will have no work and the
people of WF will give you money to spend your life in peace (?) ;-)
(Just Joking)

Take Care


(God is the all glorious)



Thank you for reminding us...

by alborz on

...of the plight of children in this wronged community.



Besyaar Gooya...

by Khar on

and heart breaking, thanks Faryarm jaan for sharing.


Great voices

by Anita on

Do you know who sing it?

I think I know one of them. 


The Flag of Love of Justice

by faryarm on

Dear friendWhat is important  to know for some readers who may be unfamiliar or misunderstand the language and intent of your comment is the message and principles of LOVE and JUSTICE that are instilled in these childrens hearts at home which enables them to face and endure the kind of inhumane treatment by some so called teachers in Iranian classrooms today, with admirable knowledge. Faith, and reasoning.

Hoshang Targol

همبستگی-اسماعیل خوئی

Hoshang Targol

یک- من هم بهایی ام

اگر بهایی بودن
       چیزهایی را باور داشتن است،      
من هم بهایی ام:
من نیز چیزهایی را باور می دارم؛

و گر بهایی بودن
                ماندن است بر سرِ پیمانِ خویش
و باز نامدن از ایمانِ خویش،
وَر این دو بایا کند،
گذشتن از همه دار وندارِ خویش،
                               که هیچ،
                                       از خان ومان
وز جانِ خویش،
خیلی بهایی ام؛

و نه تنها همین،
که سنّی ام نیز؛
و، همچنین ، درویش؛
و، همچنین ، یهودی؛
و عیسوی نیز:
هم ارمنی،
    هم آسوری،
             هم نوکیش.

و ، همچنین،
جانبازِ دلسپرده ی هر دین و
                            ملّت و
آیینِ دیگری؛

و، همچنین،
چالشگرِ نهایی ی همه این ها:
سرمستِ جامِ انکار،
من باده نوشِ میکده ی بی خدایی ام؛

در پیشبردِ آزادی
در چارچوبِ هر یک از همه دین ها،
من یک مجاهدم؛
و در رهِ رهایی از همه این ها،
من یک فدایی ام.

و درسپاهِ حزب الله
سرباز ساده ای می بودم؛
و جان فشاندن
در راهِ آرمان هاشان را
آماده ای می بودم:         
آن روزها که " حزب الله"
بود و نمودی دل سوزی آور می داشت:
همرنگِ " کودکانگی ی بی گناه"
و"آرمان- فریفتگی"
و" مرگ- شیفتگی" :
درراهِ شادکامی ی همکیشان،
نه تیره روزی ی دگر اندیشان.
(و تشنگی برای کشته شدن
از خود نزاده بود
این تشنه کامی ی سیرابی ناپذیر
برای کشتن را.)


بیست و نهم شهریور ماه ٨۹

بیدرکجای لندن



We are Stronger than they are

by muscle-defender on

Hi Faryar,

 These children are stronger than their biggest, heaviest, and toughest thugs, fighters, and wrestlers.  God has invested them with such power that if they merely so desire, the children are able to conquer the whole world and raise the Impenetrable and Invinsible, Most Great and Most Glorious Flag of Baha'u'llah over ALL other flags.

  The mere glance of these children is more penetrating than the bomb and guns of these terrorists.


Sahameddin Ghiassi

معلم و پسر بچه خون آلوده

Sahameddin Ghiassi

معلم و پسر بچه خون آلوده   مدتها پيیش در نزدیک یک دبستان چند بچه سریک پسربچه دیګر ریخته بودند و با الفاظ بسیار رکیکی با او کتک کاری میکردند سګ بابی  رید.....   به تابوت بلور   عباس افندی  تو کو.....   ګوجه فرنګی  پسر بچه بینوا که ګیر یک مشت بچه تحریک شده افتاده بود نمیدانست با کدامیک بجنګد. او پشت به دیوار مدرسه داده بود تا از عقب مورد حمله قرار نګیرد و تا آنجا که میتوانست از خودش با کیف و ضربه های پاهایش دفاع میکرد. سروضع پسر بچه خونین مالین شده بود و کم کم داشت قدرت ایستادن را از دست میداد.  خوشبختانه در این هنګام معلم کلاس رسید و بسرعت خودش را به بچه ها رسانید با زدن چند سیلی آبدار و تشر بچه ها را از دور پسر بچه که میبایست بهایی باشد دور کرد و اورا کمک کرده به دفتر مدرسه برد.  در آنجا اورا تمیزکرد سرصورتش را شست و خاکهای لباسش را ياک کرد. یک لیوان بزرګ شربت به لیمو درست کرد و به پسر بچه تعارف کرد. ولی پسربچه ګفت آقا ماه مبارک رمضان است و من روزه هستم. ولی بچه ها بعنوان اینکه تو بهایی هستی با تو کتک کاری میکردند.  آقا مادر ما بهایی است و پدرمان مسلمان و پدرم به من ګفت که بایست روزه بګیرم تا به بهشت بروم و خدا از من راضی باشد و او ګفت که با بچه ها هم دعوا نکنم وحرف بدی هم نزنم.  معلم در حالیکه چشمانش پراز اشګ شده بود لیوان را روی میز ګذاشت و ګفت عجب بچه های نادان و بی شعوری  تورا با زبان روزه آزار میدادند.  معلم دست پسر بچه را ګرفت و به کلاس برد و ګفت هرکس اورا اذیت کند با من طرف خواهد بود.  پسربچه از اینکه یک حامی پیدا کرده بود به طرف نیمکت خود رفت و نشست ...