I wish we had an Independence Day


I wish we had an Independence Day
by bahmani

Watching the annual American traditional celebration and festivity of Independence Day is always a bittersweet time for me.

It brings home, and reminds everyone of the tremendous success America has accomplished, and the immense potential it has realized in such a relatively short time. I must admit, I am jealous of America. Iran, I feel has 10 times the potential and it is at this time, I also feel a rightful sense that America has cheated me and us out of our own Independence Day.

But being an adult and somewhat subtly civilized, each year I manage to put a public lid on my emotions and smile through the tears, wishing no man, not even American men, ill will. The infamous fore-fathers of this nation, did what had to be done against odds you and I and never mind, a gambling addict would never take in Vegas.

Various analysis of the selfish intentions of rich slave-owning landowners to merely avoid paying taxes to King George aside, the American revolution against the British, was an undoubtedly manly act of courage and self sacrifice. The proof being a Constitution and Declaration of Independence that is to this day, well thought out, amazingly relevant, and both complex and simple.

Thinking about it, it is a phenomenal example of how a group of people who can collect themselves enough, agree on and then focus on a task and don't let overwhelming odds, brutality, or outnumbered oppression get in the way of a simple desire to be free.

Whether you like the US today, or like many of us left on the outside of the party going on at Lady Liberty's house, feel more compelled to criticize US foreign policy and the bad decisions that have kept most of the 3rd world tight, the inescapable fact still remains that America is still a beacon of hope to those who are today oppressed.

By hope I do not mean that America can save the world. This mistaken element in the modern American psyche is of course incorrectly applied by the State Department, US military and US Intelligence to very disastrous effect, as we have seen, and yes here it comes, the required Mossadegh reference.

However as a living example of what a free people can accomplish, the US is still the most compelling example, living and breathing right before everyone's eyes, of how mere people can determine their fate in spite of Evil Inc. doing it's utmost to prevent it.

Precisely because Americans are, Iranians too can be free. It takes work. Hard work.

The Green movement, was either a faint flicker of the rising Iranian desire to be free from the quaint pagan ritualistically oppressive and controlling governance by a few fanatics who mistake Religion for Rule, or the Green movement was just an accidental series of disgruntled gatherings that through lack of organization, or the arrogant piracy by jealous parties outside the main power loop in Tehran, never really panned out.

I like to think that the Green Movement was a probing step that exposed the real challenges of gaining Independence and Freedom. The Green Movement taught us a lot.

It taught us, they are willing to import thugs to kill demonstrators without emotion. This is of course very bad, but this is also good. To know.

It taught us that fleeing or running is a mistake. By being dispersed, demonstrators become weak. If they can divide the crowd they can conquer it. As evidenced. Sit down on the ground next time.

It taught us that most of the Basijis, like most of Iran are too, made up of young people. Young people have hope, and are therefore naturally resistant to taking orders from absent older commanders.

It taught us NOT to meet on open ground where demonstrators can be herded and more easily detained and if necessary, shot. A reminder that the former Shahyad monument was built as a dedication to monarchy, or absolute rule. Even though it has been renamed Azadi, does not take away it's original purpose and function, or a monument to absolute rule. As it did then when it was called Shahyad, and as it is today as Azadi, this plot of land has not the slightest connection to Freedom.

It taught us that there is a moment of disarray and indecision within the seemingly stout ruling elite of Iran. This division is corruptly self-preservationist and therefore exploitable.

It taught us that karmically, the world is behind Iran and wants Iran to be free from tyranny.

It taught us that there is no way out of Iran's current bridled tyrannical ruling system. No referendum can ever fix this mess. There are NO holes in the Iranian constitution that can reform it. There are no amendment procedures that can change it. Neither the President, nor the senate, nor public opinion, have any power to change the personal opinion and will of a Supreme Leader appointed by his best friends. There is no legal way out. Suggestion of any action otherwise, being illegal and treason.

As an Iranian citizen, everything I have just said or suggested is a dangerous proposition. Illegal and treasonous to be sure. However as an American citizen, everything I just said is merely my right as a human being.

According to this country's founders, I and everyone in the world (including Iran), or all men, have been declared to have Natural Rights. We are firstly created equal, and endowed by whichever Creator we choose to believe in (So Allah if you choose), certain inalienable Rights, among those being Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is the government's job to protect those rights. And when the government ceases to do that or violates those rights, it is the right of all people to abolish that government.

This is not specific to the US government. This is the right of all Natural Man. All men. And Women.

The government of Iran, has trampled on the Life of Iranians by ruthless Basiji-enforced fear and intimidation (that is no Life), has taken Liberty hostage with oppressive clothing, and dietary rules that have absolutely no bearing or validity in the real 21st century, and very few Iranians can honestly call themselves Happy, never mind free to pursue that most Holiest of pursuits.

The Grand 30 year "Experiment", along with it's deity have failed, and more importantly failed to bring about the peace, joy, love and unity as advertised. The architects of this condemnable building, have zealously corrupted themselves, and instead polarized an increasingly xenophobic world dangerously close to self-destruction, and according to simple human Natural Rights, it is time to abolish the government.

Of course as an Iranian citizen, I would never suggest this.


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One of the best blogs I have read on IC

by Bavafa on

Lets hope we can celebrate our [true] independence one day [soon]


Farah Rusta

Interdependece not independence,

by Farah Rusta on

How can we free ourselves from ourselves? Until the day that we recognize that the present situation is of our own making, the present situation shall prevail.

The American independence was achieved because they were up against an outsider. We are not dealing with outsiders in Iran. Our foe is an insider. We have to seek interdependence as independence from ourselves is meaningless.

"Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial "outside agitator" idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds. "

 Martin Luther King Jr. (Letter from Birmingham Jail - 16 April 1963)



Around the world, freedom is in peril

by vildemose on

Three assertive powers — China, Russia and Iran — not only resist democratization but actively seek to disseminate their model of authoritarian rule in their spheres of influence.



like your picture - one day, people willing, we shall see d day

by MM on

Iranians have been dabbling in establishing a free society with human rights as its basis for 2500 years.  One day, we shall see the day when Iranians can celebrate chaharshanbeh souri along with independence day.