Iranian Cheetah (yooz) Society

Iranian Cheetah (yooz) Society
by Ari Siletz


Seven years ago a mother yooz (Iranian cheetah) and her three cubs sought shelter in the gardens on the edge of Bafgh in Yazd Province. Some residents surrounded the garden and mortally injured two of the cubs after the mother fled. A third cub was rescued. The need for educating the public about wildlife was not lost on the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) which put even stronger focus on reaching the areas where the human population was more likely to come into conflict with the Cheetah over domestic animal predation. The cheetah's natural pery, the gazelle, is in decline mostly due to poaching, so the mother Cheetah had likely approached the human habitat in desperation.

The ICS was started by three young Iranian wildlife enthusiasts and now has a staff of about 30 and a membership of about 300. It has won numerous awards including National Environment Award (Iran)and Future Conservationist Award (UK). Extending beyond Cheetah protection to other Iranain wildlife, ICS member Fatollah Amiri produced a 51 minute TV documentary on bats in southwest Iran. The film continues to receive accolades worldwide for its innovative use of advanced imaging techniques to document wildlife.


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Esfand Aashena

Small lion (probably poached stolen) in Tehran

by Esfand Aashena on

These are interesting and sad pictures.  Remember a while ago an Iranian was arrested in Thailand for trying to smuggle a lion cub or tiger cub or something?  I think this poor animal probably had the same faith except it ended up in Tehran. 

Note Tehran and not some remote area.  You can read a little more about it in the link at the end of photo report.


Everything is sacred


It is very sad and heart

by koorosh10 on

It is very sad and heart breaking. Why our culture is so inhumane toward animals? In the last few months we learn about those bear cubs that were burutaly killed. We had the city of Tabriz killing street dogs by hanging them and beating them in head. And now this. Do not any body beleave in Carma? I do. 


Animals Liberation.

by comments on

In countries that animal rights are more respected, humans are more valuable citizens. 

One person from another country told me that he ate human meat once.  I immediately stopped seeing him.  Hamatoon tarsooin. :)

"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments


Many thanks for their effort....

by Bavafa on

It is sickening to see how the young pop have been killed, for no reason at all.  

It is not just the people in Iran that need rescuing, many animals are in dire need for rescue.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory