Alice Atakhanian: Beyond Beauty Parlor

In Southern California

Beyond Beauty Parlor is the number one Top rated Hair salon in Glendale, California. If you are looking to get a basic cut or are looking for a dramatic change we have qualified stylists at the salon who will fulfill your expectations >>>


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I hope you are getting paid

by masoud5 on

I hope you are getting paid well!!!

No, I don't mean that, I mean by IC!!!

Hey, that isn't my fault. You give that impression. You are always chasing ladies here. If you are not a Gigolo, you must be a Casanova.

You want to play the victim card here, fine. But you must know that I am not representing anyone here, but you.

By the way, if you want a better title, you must earn it. Maybe some day I call you may hero. who knows, people change. So can you.



Masoud 5

by Faramarz on



Thank god for Southern Cal!

Talk about an Iranian-American community that's well represented!



by masoud5 on

I knew I can find you here. You Gigolo.


سرم را سرسری متراش ای استاد سلمانی!




سرم را سرسری متراش ای استاد سلمانی        

که این سر در سرای خود سری دارد و سامانی

سلمونی یعنی این!

دیشلمه و چای دارچین هم میدن!