Norooz at European Parliament

Brussels, March 20, 2012


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Why are you all complaining?

by Sassan1 on

This was GREAT that the European Parliament held a little of their time in celebrating the Nowruz in support of the Iranian people. In fact, the European Parliament cares more about Iranian/Persian culture than the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic itself. There is nothing wrong with this and we should embrace it. It is the REGIME that has held back our society from modernity, prosperity, and advancement - not the celebration of Nowruz.


شرم بر هر چه وطن فروش دون مایه


خاک تو سرتون کنند که واسه چند دلار دست به چه کار شرم آوری زدید. مریم شلیته بهتون دستور داد؟


لوس و بی محتوا و نا هماهنگ


اقلاً یک رقص و شعر و موزیک و هماهنگی میداشتید و تمرینی میکردید که درست اجرا بشه. آخه این مسخره بازی چی بود؟!آخه چرا باید ما ایرانیها همبشه برینیم به قمه؟


موجب شرمندگی بسیار



 هرکی این شو مسخره را اجرا کرده با  ایران و ایرانی دشمنی داشته  یعنی به فکرشون نرسیده که یک هفت سین زیبا بچینن و یک رقص زیبای یا موزیک ایرانی اجرا کنن؟ واقعن که


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

do not know the real motive for this dalghak bazi

But europans remember the Iranian national anthem played in Berlin olympics during WWII




Black-faced Persian clown's annual appearance in NYC

by maghshoosh on

Darieh-playing Haji Firooz appears in the streets of Manhattan every year at the NY Persian Parade, billed as the largest Norooz celebration in the US.  E.g., go to 8:14 min mark of this video of the 2009 parade (the video only shows him for a few seconds).


khoda margam bedeh in che maskareh bazey bood!

by Yana on

shad zee


Oon Yaroo

Pushing the envelope of stupidity, primitiveness, and embarrassm

by Oon Yaroo on

All this event needed was Maryam Namzi doing a nude belly dance circled around by a bunch of Basiji doing the ritual of sineh zani, zanjeer zani, and ghameh zani....!

Pushing the envelope of stupidity, primitiveness, and embarrassment 1 notch lower!

There are about 100 million people in the West who wake up every morning and go to sleep every night doing nothing but thinking about and working towards pushing the envelope on a whole host of areas including, science, technology, medicine, space exploration, art, literature, law, and what have you ... all to help them to move forward.

What do we do instead? We continue shooting ourselves not in one foot but in both feet just for one purpose only move backward or stay stagnant!

I mean, who arranged for and coordinated this event? NIAC, CASMII, IRR, MEK, or who?

For what purpose and to achieve what?

What possible information can this act including the black faces, the red lahaff doshak they are wearing, and the nonsense they are uttering ...beshkan beshkan ...convey or communicate...?

Tabrik & congratulations! 



Doctor of Mixology.........

by پندارنیک on


ILoveIran has a valid point about the Rajavi affair..........but we have to remember that our opposition to what we see here is not solely based on the audience, but it's on the other words, we ourselves, should've known better.......either from the Cyrus the Great point of view, or from (certain readings of) the Islamic perspective this showcase is inhumane and has to's that simple............

Back to the Rajavi subject; the European Union can keep Maryam and her self-igniting supporters for many Chahaarshanbe Sooris to come......

Anonymous Observer

Dear ILoveIran, our doctor of mixology

by Anonymous Observer on

I'm sure there's a Jew angle to all this.  Can you check into it and post a blog ASAP?


H a j i F i r u z

by ILoveIran on

Content of the video on first viewing is upsetting for obvious reasons, but it's also not the whole story.  The tradition deserves a serious article to discuss the pros and cons, its history, etc.  That won't be attempted here.  Bottom line: I would say remove the paint, and keep the tradition.  

On the second viewing, I was not upset by it at all in this particular context because the EU hosts Maryam Rajavi ... that's the real clown act.  


Racial approaches

by Arj on

Racism in Europe and European societies still exists in its traditional sense which is rooted in the remnants of the white supramicist view that sees other races and especially blacks as inferior. Thus, eventhough minorities exist in such societies, they are not an integral part of them and are predominantly seen as foreign beings. Hence, such a view allows for tolerance of such racist displays in social venues.

Whereas, racism in America has evolved into a more sophisticated form which is in the service of the ruling political and economic elite and can be utilized in more strategic terms! This is manifested in macro politics of American political system both with regards to foreign nations and domestic minorities. For instance, race or nationality are not an issue when they are at the service of the system, e.g. Hispanic immigrants who are taken on military missions on the promise of citizenship or clemency for those with pending criminal cases, or even tolerance of tens of millions of illegal immigrants providing cheap, unskilled labour for both agriculture and industrial sectors.

However, when political or strategic interests of the system require so (e.g. in case of an economic downturn or when the "illegal" labour demands legal rights and better conditions of living), it unleashes the repressed racial tentions in order to defuse the situation -- e.g. vilification and disenfranchisement of Hispanics in states such as Arizona or the indiscriminate mass incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII! Similar racial approaches are taken when America's strategic interests abroad (including foreign energy sources) are involved and/or when foreign nations are to be invaded and should hence be dehumanized -- e.g. portrayal of  Middle Easterners as villains in various American media outlets! 

P.S. Indeed, not just in the U.S., but anywhere outside the boundaries of Europe (i.e. Africa, South America...), such racist acts would have been stopped or at least condemned!


"Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation

by Mehrban on

payam s

This is a shame!

by payam s on

I agree with pendar-e nik and Jahanshah. With the rise of neo fascism all across Europe, these ignorant iranians, desparate for attention and recognition of what they understand as their culture by their white mentors, are willing to humiliate people from african origin, especially afro-iranians. Siah bazi was performed by african slaves in Iran whose one of many tasks was to entertain the elite class and the slave masters. There is nothing in this cruel past worthy of celebration, instead it's a cause of shame. And Red Wine, the point is not whether there are black representatives in the parliament, but rather no-one objected to such a shameful performance. Many people don't object to their conditions due to marginalization. And no, you don't have the right to celebrate the racist, sexist, and hurtful aspects of your culture at the expense of others. If it's part of your culture to celebrate slavery and humiliation of others, then fuck your culture. And as far as your idolization of Europeans is concerned; Europeans are the most racist assholes on earth. They led the slave trade and single handedly colonized and enslaved the entire globe. Unlike you, I don't see them as pioneers of civil rights, equality, or civilization, but of plunder, theft, and systematic murder on a global scale.


"اگر آبرویی بود، اون هم همش رفت"


حالا کجاش رو دیدی، سال دیگه، بعد از غلط کردن و حلوا خردن رهبر جون و دکتر جون از حق مسلم تخمیشون (به بخشید، هسته‌ای شون) ، در مقابل بر اتمام تحریمات اقتصادی و بانکی، و شروع دوباره صادرات بنز‌های آخرین مدل از آلمان برای استفاده مردم محروم  ایران، قراره در روز عاشورا، دسته سینه زنی‌ و سگ (یزید..) سوزی درست وست همین پارلیمان اروپا راه بندازن.. 

Do Not Shoot Me

اگر آبرویی باقی بود،آنهم رفت۰

Do Not Shoot Me

Yes, you are right. 


Nowruz at the European Parliament

by alidowlatdad on

Shameful, nauseating and racist. اگر آبرویی باقی بود،آنهم رفت۰



by پندارنیک on

.......From this very moment on, our traditionalist friends should consider the case of the "cardboard Imam" closed..............



by onlyinamrica on

This is SICK.



by bambi on

Too clownish, and  not authentic, as haji firouz  performs outside in koocheh bazaar. This diminishes Norouz.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

 جهانشاه خانِ عزیز،پارلمان اروپا از ۲۷ کشورِ اروپایی نماینده دارد،همه نوع احزاب و همه نوع افکار،در کنارِ این مساله نیز فرقه‌های مختلف،تشکیلاتِ مذهبی‌ و غیر مذهبی‌،سبز و قرمز و آبی‌،کولی‌ها و دیگر انجمن‌های نژادی دیگر در این نهاد نماینده و سخنگو دارند،همینطور گروهای کوچکتر که جمعیتِ آنها به حدِ حساب رسیده نیز تشکیلاتی در جمعِ رای گیری در امورِ اجتماعی،تربیتی و هنری نیز شرکت دارند،مثلِ مهاجرانِ آفریقائی (عرب زبانان، سواحیلی زبانان و ...) و در جلساتِ مختلف شرکت میکنند.بنابرین اگر کسی‌ اعتراض نمیکند بر این خاطر است که کسی‌ نمیتواند فرهنگِ یک کشور را زیرِ سوال ببرد،لااقل فرنگیان عقلشان از ما بیشتر به اموراتمان می‌‌رسد.

آمریکا بحثِ دیگری دارد،اینها هیچ کارشان شبیهِ دیگران نیست. :)



خیلی لوس بود



و مایه شرمندگی.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

It seemed as if came out of a circus or movie.

The audience was surprised and delighted for the first minute or so but slowly lost interest. The fat lady sitting on the right side stopped looking and started reading her notes.

Entertaining, thanks for posting it.

Jahanshah Javid

سیاه بازی

Jahanshah Javid

تعجب کردم که چطور این سیاه بازی نوروزی در پارلمان اروپا با اعتراض نمایندگان سیاهپوست مواجه نشد. رفتم نگاه کردم دیدم اصلا نماینده سیاهپوست ندارد! اگر همین مراسم در کنگره امریکا اجرا میشد همون دقیقه اول با تیپ پا بیرونتان میکردند. جهت اطلاع :)



by پندارنیک on

If this doesn't steal the heart of the "far right" racist movements in Europe, then I don't know what will.