Khamenei: Complete Picture

Response to a mural in Qom
By Mana Neyestani: قاب بزرگ‌تر

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10/15/2011 - 06:58


My suggestion to improve our imagination.

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(a) Let's close our eyes (b) replace Khamenei with differenet religious books in the frame, and (c) make the frame smaller and larger.  Actually, this can be a technique to open public eyes.



Only for the Love of Jesus!

by Tavana on

Only & only a 'Holy' heart could bring its love to the hearts of about 3.1 billions 'deceived???' Christians & to the hearts of about 1.3 billions 'tricked???' Muslims who believe he was one of GOD's many prophets!

P.S. And thanks so much for the 'Hindi' response!


My response to Tavana in Hindi.

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As your suggested the link says Jesus has a sacred heart.




Soosan Khanoom


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Thanks a buch , That's exactly the case in Iran. I especially love  what that character is saying concerning the frame size..  lol

Great Job !! 

Soosan Khanoom

For God's sake Tavana

by Soosan Khanoom on

Did you have to bring Jesus into this ?  





Great Job and good observation!

by shahabshahab on

The drawing is nicely done. To comment on "Holey v. Holy": they are not that different. We just were not there during te time of Jesus. If you only read the books and articles written by pro-Khamenei people, you would think he is holier than holier, the biggest saint ever, with his miracles never ending...

Give me a break with your Jesus too.


Holey vs Holy!!

by Tavana on

Compare the Unholy Leader's original image drawn by 'A Mural in Qom' with the one drawn below of a real Holy man & figure out how deep penetrating the 'ignorance' is among our people:


Any similarities between the drawn hands of the two men?




Great imagination!

by Arj on

No matter how big a frame Khamenei tries to make, there are still scores of artists, writers and journalists who do not fit into it, and the world will be able to see the real picture through the smoke screen!


I bet this pic will be used in Iran

by choghok on

I bet the picture in the frame will be used a lot by IRI for their propaganda. Mullahs and IRI do not have no shame.

Anonymous Observer


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Thank you.


You know what?...

by پندارنیک on

...I say two thumbs up...........I hope we'll see our homeland "reformed".


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