Ezzatollah & Haleh Sahabi

Radio Zamaneh: Haleh Sahabi, the daughter of Iranian dissident Ezzatollah Sahabi died from a heart attack after security forces descended upon her father’s funeral. Mizan website, the news outlet associated with the Nationalist-religious Coalition wrote: “A security official tried to grab a photo of Mr. Sahabi that Haleh Sahabi was pressing against her chest. The force of his action and her resistance caused her to fall, and then she did not rise.” Haleh Sahabi’s son, Yahya Shamekhi said: “When they brought the body of my grandfather, the officials refused to let the ceremony go on, and arguments ensued. They finally seized his corpse and took it away by force.” An unidentified journalist told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran: “Haleh Sahabi suffered a heart attack after the plainclothes forces swarmed the scene and took the body of her father. She died on her way to Lavasan hospital.” >>>
06/01/2011 - 13:19

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This is Islam

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Do you need more proof that Islam means death? The horror of Islamists does not even let a woman go to her fathers burial. Nice Muslims; good Muslims; Allah be praised and give you 70 virgins.


زنده باد یزید


زنده باد یزید! که حداقل بعد از کشتن حسین، به زینب مشت و لگد نزدند. زنده باد یزید! که حداقل در روز عاشورا به امام سجاد در بستر بیماری کاری نداشتند. زنده باد یزید! که حداقل اجازهٔ تشییع جنازهٔ کشته شدگان عاشورا را دادند. زنده باد یزید! که در عصر جاهلیت اینها را رعایت کرد ولی‌ حاکمان ما در قرن ۲۱ رعایت نمیکنند. خداوندگارا!‌ای کاش بجای نمایندگان امام زمان، از نمایندگان یزید بر ما حاکمی قرار میدادی که وضعمان به از این بود. خدوندگارا! اگر اینان نوادگان حسین اند، پس همان حق با یزید بود!

برگرفته از کامنتی در سایت


Irani is

by hazratee on

creative and also a good coach.


Tragedy upon Tragedy upon Tragedy,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

No one is safe anymore in Iran, this was dirty by any peoples standards and the islamo fascist dictator just won't take a hint.  I cant see how the people will ever be able to reconcile with the regimes supporters... (as for khatami asking for the dictator to forgive the people, thats just grotesque, he's too overshadowed by the regimes viciousness and desperation to make any sense).

hajj khnom


by hajj khnom on

She died of trauma to her abdominal and chest area. That knife reached into my heart too. I am outraged! This brutal regime does not give up power easily and I am afraid they take down the country with them.



by pas-e-pardeh on

This is what art can do. 



by Shepesh on

Ari Siletz

Neyestani never fails

by Ari Siletz on

Always the truest image of how we feel.


I wish

by rtayebi1 on

this evil was just a caricature, not real. It is real isn't? shame on us. I lost my dad 2 years ago, my sisters R still in a still depressed time.  I just can't imagine to have lost another member of my family on that day. How can they go on?  

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

This captures my outrage and sadness. 



by Faramarz on

There was a time that women, children and the old people were safe from the Regime's atrocities, but now everything is on the table. IR Regime is determined to survive at any cost.

At some point, the Iranian people, like the Syrians and Libyans will ask for help and the international community better be ready.


خوب که چی‌؟


اینهم تازه‌ترین قربانی جمهوری اسلامی.  خوب که چی‌؟  ملت "غیور" ایران چه کار خواهند کرد؟  پاسخ: همون کاری رو که پس از قتل ندا آقا سلطان کردند: تو خونه‌ها شون قایم میشند و میرند دنبال چلو کبابشون و دنبال "اصلاحات" میگردند که خدای نکرده یکوقت این رژیم مقدّس و "مستقل" سرنگون نشه. چون بقای این رژیم مشت محکمی است به دهان صهیونیست و امپریالیسم جهانخوار.  

مگر مردم ما مثل مردم سوریه و لیبی‌ غیرت دارند که جونشون رو فدای میهنشون بکنند؟  تازه تابستان هم هست و دارند برنامه مسافرتشون به دوبی‌ و مالزی و غیره آماده میکنند.  

شماها هم حال دارید بابا...


Well done G.S.

by RostamZ on

This cartoon really depict the barabric act that has been committed against Sahabi family. It is a heart breaking story.


Word are no longer enough

by ramintork on

There comes a time when words are simply not enough and the barbarity of these people go beyond any vocabulary that one could use.


This is just marvelously done

by Bavafa on

Nang bar regime Jomhoori Eslami va mozdoraneshan