The Iranian Tragedy


After 33 years of living under an oppressive military-theocracy, Iranians have not been able to form a united secular-democratic opposition, either inside the country or in Diaspora. No matter what the socio-political and mass psychological reasons for this failure, this constitutes the most tragic historical fact in the contemporary Iranian politics.

12/10/2011 - 08:22


پاسخ من به هیلری کلینتون در ارتباط با ایجاد سفارتخانه مجازی


ما خواستار مناسبات پایاپای با ایالت متحده امریکا, اروپا, روسیه, چین و دیگر کشورهای جهان هستیم.

اوباما و کلینتون میبایست همچون مدلین اوبرایت شکایت و گله مردم را بپذیرند

احزاب و سازمان های مستقل بر خواسته از دل جنبش مردمی را به رسمیت بشناسد.

احزابی را که از طریق وال استریت کشورهای مرتحع عرب,اروپا, اسرائیل, روسیه, چین و ... حمایت مالی میشوند و تحت فرمان آن ها عمل میکنند به مردم ایران تحمیل نکنند.

هموطنان عزیز, ما در این شرایط حساس میبایست هوشیاری خود را حفظ کنیم و تنها به نیروها و شخصیت هایی اعتماد کنیم که پیوسته نظرات و آرای مردم را در هر شرایطی به رسمیت می شناسند.

ما نباید تحت هیچ عنوان فریب کلمات زیبا و دهان پر کن آزادی, دموکراسی,حقوق بشر, ... را بخوریم.

در گذشته فدائیان و مجاهدین به ما وعده جامعه کموتیستی و بی طبقه توحیدی میدادند و خمینی جامعه الاهی منطبق بر صدر اسلام و تقسیم در آمد نفت را وعده میداد.

همه مزدوران شکست خورده و بقایای جریانات انحرافی گذشته وعده آزادی و دموکراسی میدهند.

به سازمان ها,وگروه ها, تلویزیونها, سایت هایی که  توان مالی تبلیغاتی وسیع دارند و به نظرات مردم ارزشی قائل نمیشوند به دیده شک بنگریم.

به احزاب, سازمان ها, انجمن ها, تشکلاتی اعتماد کنیم که به نظرات یک یک اعضای آن انجمن ها ارزش قائلند.

همه احزاب وانجمن هایی که مدعی دموکراسی وآزاذی هستند در هر کجای دنیا که باشند میتوانند با استفاده از تکنولژی جدید از نظرات و ارای شما عزیزان برخوردارشوند.

همه احزاب مدعی دموکراسی و آزادی میتواند با استفاده از امکاناتی همچون اتاق های مجازی. اسکایپ, اوو, و وبسایتهایی همچون ایرانین دات کام نظرات شما را جویا شوند.


Really? I know EXACTLY what

by JustAnIranian on

Really? I know EXACTLY what is happening in Iran. I left Iran only a while ago. I don't know what is happening HERE! 

If you are a member of our wonderful opposition who DOES have a CLUE about what is happening in Iran, get a hang of yourself and TRY to be CONSTRUCTIVE. Maybe talk?

Load of nonsense, WHAT? I don't know what CIA and SAVAMA are up to, but at this point when women and MEN are being openly tortured, raped and killed in Iran, I am on their side. 


and the reason is ......

by onlyinamrica on

that we don't count on each other and everyone thinks he/she is better than everyone else and that is beside being self centered and selfish.


Load of nonsense

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Just because you dont have a clue about and not able to understand  what is happening in Iran, the rising and militant workers strikes/unrest fueled by hyper inflation, with socio political forces behind them, and how the islamist regime and oil cartels are responding to them, just because you are confusing a bunch of berkley/imperial college elderly peace-niks  with one foot in CIA and the other in SAVAMA doorsteps with opposition, does not mean that there is "no united secular opposition......".


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


مایه خجالته


واقعاً مایه خجالته. این همه ایرانی‌ در خارج از کشور... ولی‌ یک اپوزیسیونِ حسابی نداریم.


Secular Democratic Opposition

by religionoutofgovernment on

The opposition groups have not united behind a "secular democratic agenda, partly because they have not put the first emphasis on the future secular democratic system rather than their political parties and ideas.

I see no reason why the republicans, the "nonruling" monarchists, the Greens who want religion out of politics and the socialists who want to pursue their ideas within a democratic system, not to unite behind a secular democratic system. 

However, within each of these groups there are people whose agenda and ideas are not compatible with a social democratic system. These are the royalist who seek a ruling monarch, the Greens who want religion within the government, the communists who want a "big brother" government with centrally planned economy, and those who believe Masoud Rajavi should be next leader. These people of course are not secular or democratic! 


Obama's Trunk

by Tavana on



The aimed bomb to his own 'Private Balls' depicts of 'The US Tragedy' instead and of 'Obama's pants on fire' if he ever decides to drop bombs on our country!



Great point

by JustAnIranian on

Even Googoosh has been able to bring Iranians from different countries and create a Googoosh Academy. Our politicians are not even able to do that. It's disgusting.

If we create a united opposition, this regime WILL go. 


Good one

by پندارنیک on

Your reference to oil and the bomb on the front of Obama's trunks is most appropriate........I would've added a computer monitor to the  comfy chair of the opposition from abroad and changed the other one to an electric chair.


How true...

by Bavafa on

and a great job in depicting it.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory