Swim With Chador

"Make the pool aromatic when you are swimming
with your chador, my sister."
08/08/2011 - 19:06


What about others?

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I hope we don't think that the state TV programs, which are available on the internet, have not been manipulated by Photoshop.  What about Gharaati's popular shows?  Oh, yes.  Perhaps the show was modified to entertain us Iranians abroad. 

Jahanshah Javid


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to be fair, some people have commented that this banner is not real, but made with photoshop. that maybe so. but it's in the spirit of this regime and still very funny :)


State TV and advertisements persuade Iranians.

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An average person in any country does what he was told.  State TV and advertisements are made to persuade Iranians to take action with respect with what they are told.

If we aim to change Iran, we should accept the presence of average Iranians in Iran with such a mentality or belief.  I remember many photos of Iranians wearing chador in water only at IC.  Are we going to ignore and narrow our observation?



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If you have a piece of fabric (e.g. chador) against the face (by mistake) while you are swimming, you will get the same effect as a form of "water torture" if your head also goes under the water level...


I Was Wondering ...!

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Do they have wet chador contest like wet t-shirt contest here for akhoonds and baradaran -e- baseegee?



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So according to IRI's logic, swimming without chador will stick up the whole pool ?!

What about guys? how can they aromatize the pool?

I was wondering if mullahs can aromatize the pool with their turbans or it will make them sink like anchors?


I bet she cant do it in a chador.....

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"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Multiple Personality Disorder

The translation is off a little

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The sign says, “My sister, while swimming, aromatize the pool with your chador.”

"Chador" has entered into English language now.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Jahanshah Javid

No limit...

by Jahanshah Javid on

... to how ridiculous they can get. but people are not stupid. many think the islamic republic has the country under a spell. but the reality is that the average person in iran is like the average person anywhere else. they understand that they are being used and abused and taken for fools.

non-sense like this in the name of religion only makes the regime look more like a circus of clowns -- clowns with guns and knives.



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Swimming with chador on is a safety hazard! It decreases buoyancy!   These 2 girls drowned with their chador on:


They should put people's safety 1st, and Islamic stuff secondary!

Be flexible!