by Touka Neyestani08/01/2011 - 09:01


No Regime Change can occur, with out unity behind a leader.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Anywhere, Period.

Not Egypt (reform led by military), Not Libya, Not Syria, Not Yemen, Not Bahrain, Not Tunisia (reform with replacement by old regime people).

Iran's in a catch 22.

No one, who has the possibility, really truly wants to leader, after the way Iranians and the free world treated the late shah.  Its all let the people decide in a free and fair election, the system they want first.



Compare "leaderless" uprisings in Syria, etc with GM

by AMIR1973 on

Compare the strength of the "leaderless" uprisings (of course, I know that there are leaders of the uprisings, both in Syria and abroad, but not like the GM "Leaders" such as Mousavi, etc) in Syria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt with the Green Movement, ostensibly led by Mousavi (IRI prime minister 1981-1989), Khatami (IRI president 1997-2005), Rafsanjani (IRI president 1989-1997) and Karroubi (two-term Majiles speaker) -- and you can begin to see where the problem lies (or at least part of it). Furthermore, in those countries the opposition has called for the overthrow of the regime, and it is the regimes themselves who have called for "reform"!!! In the IRI, the "reformists" are considered the opposition and say they want to implement the IRI's constitution and return to Emam Khomeini's "doraan-e talaee", etc. Of course, the IRI is more brutal than those other regimes and has tens of billions of dollars of oil money coming in every year and came to power through a revolution, so it knows what to do to prevent another revolution (i.e. preventing a strike of the oil workers, etc). But, let's be honest and admit that the Syrians are also facing a lot of brutality and killings (allegedly with the help of the filthy IRI). But it is a virtual guarantee that trying the same techniques against the IRI as were used in 2009-2011 (or even 1978-1979, for that matter) will NOT work this time around. Anyway, that's my two cents worth.


Fact always trumps propaganda

by Fred on

Fact always trumps propaganda, more so when the propaganda from the Islamist faction of the “Green Movement” is trying to rewrite history about the background of those Islamist Rapist leaders who were in power when thousands were murdered.

The same leaders who kept silent for over two decades and then when people rose up, stole their movement and asked for “returning to the golden era of the Eamam.”

Fact always trumps propaganda.

Shifteh Ansari

Bashing the Greens

by Shifteh Ansari on

Maybe it started off with the Basijis, the Police, the IRGC, the Intelligence Ministry, the Iranian Judiciary, and the entire clerical/administrative thuggery of the Islamic Republic of Iran, beating, imprisoning, torturing, maiming, and prosecuting supporters of Iran's Green Movement, banning them from education, banning them from travel, banning them from professional activities, and banning them from life, from the simple pleasure of holding their children and loved ones.

But bashing the Greens is no longer limited to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowadays, there is a larger group of people who bash the Greens, calling their movement dead, their leaders vile murderers, their reformist supporters useless and corrupt, and referring to their movement as "what movement?!"

The Iranian men and women who took to the streets in 2009, 2010, and 2011, are heroes. Their movement is not dead, but changing all the time and adjusting itself, all the time thinking, all the time reflecting, waiting for a chance to show itself again, and it will.

The Green Movement shook the very foundation of the Islamic Republic's existence. Who would have thought that in just two years this regime would end up where it is today, isolated, frightened for its very existence, imploding with internal rows, and forever remembered for its brutality against its own vibrant nation?

In time, and when the Iranian nation finds its own way to freedom, it will not forget those who belittled and trampled its valiant, peaceful, and significant efforts to find its own way to freedom, without foreign support, without guns, and with a lot of courage, class, and hope.