Cyrus Cylinder in Iran


Iranian newspaper headline: "Cyrus Human Rights Proclamation will remain in Iran for four months."

Cyrus Cylinder: "Great! Only 3 months and 29 days left!"

By Mana Neyestani,

09/13/2010 - 06:21



by Milan on

Legend has it that once the Manshoor reaches its true resting place, Imam Zaman will bust out of the well and force all the fat akhoonds and their cronies into weight loss.


Very Creative ... :)

by R2-D2 on

I sincerely hope that these Mullahs have sense enough not to damage it in any way ..

Let's Hope :) - !




اخر کدام را باور کرد


اخر کدام را باور کرد .زمانی که این اشغالگران به فرهنگ ایرانی و جشن ایران توهین میکنند و ارمگاه کوروش زیر اب میرود و زمانی که این عرب پرستها ایران و ایرانی را قبل از اسلام ملتش را وحشی میخوانند. پس چرا به این اشغالها باور کرد.انگلیسها مثلهمیشه برای پول و نفت مادرشان را هدیه میدند. ایا انگلستان نشانگر این هیولاها نیست پس کیست؟ برای من شرم اور است که دشمنان ایران ادعای ایرانی میکنند و برای من درد اور است پوسیدن و فراموشی ملت از ملیت خود و پوشاندن سرباز کوروش با پرچم تروریست عرب.


False Pride of "Abars"

by Demo on

"or thinkest thou that most of them listen or understand? they are only like cattle;- nay, they are worse astray in path (Quran, Verse 44 of Section 25)."



by Simorgh5555 on

The IRI (terrorist occupiers) are just bad, bad bad bad and bad. It has no redeeming features so therefore there is nothing 'right' to stand up for.

The only 'right' thing to do is to condemn it, fight it and destroy it. Simple black and white situation. 


Too bad Hamsadeh

by Abarmard on

Kam ovordi. However read all those who are your buddies on this site and see where they come from, besides hating IRI what do they truly offer and who do they unite with? 

I know many in the US have become accustomed to choosing between bad and worse and voting for bad. However one should rely on his/her intelligence, stand for right when it is on ANY SIDE, and consider realities that are.

It's more important for you to find yourself than judge others. 

hamsade ghadimi

areh joone amat :)

by hamsade ghadimi on

you got that right abarmard, most iranians should worry about me and my "like-minded friends," as we're worried about them.  worried from the injustice doled out by your friends.  tof be rooye kasi ke as in regime defa mikoneh.



by Abarmard on

Hopefully so, not only IRI but all the hardliners and traitors with them. Most of your friends need to only worry about IRI, most Iranians worry about IRI and your friends!

hamsade ghadimi

hear hear abarmard. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

hear hear abarmard.  hopefully, the iri and all its stooges that support them end up where they belong: jail.


The Cylinder is where it belong

by Abarmard on

At home, our Iran.


The cylinder should only be returned to Iran when the IR is dead

by Simorgh5555 on

Please protest the loan of the Cyrus cylinder to the Islamic Republic. This is an affront to the people of Iran and a political gain for the terorist occupiers: 

Neil McGregor  


British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B

No deals with terrorists, Mr McGregor! 

Sargord Pirouz

Sour grapes!

by Sargord Pirouz on

Sour grapes from the self-hating, anti-Iran crowd.

They really are a pitiful bunch- aren't they? 


Sad but true.

by پیام on

What a pity.