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In response to Iraj's "Let's Talk".

05/23/2010 - 10:03


Azadeh, except one problem

by Q on

if Russia and China are simply rivals of the US and want to outmaneuver it, they would not be voting to sanction Iran along with US and EU. This has been done 3 times, how do you explain this? This is not how imperialist treat "client" states.

We don't have to fatasize, we know from history. During the cold war, the USSR had real client states that it exploited economically. Did you ever see them go along with American plans to put economic sanctions on these states? Right now, the Arab world is US client state, why would US hurt it's own clients. Doesn't make sense.

We can arguably say China has benefited by taking over western market share in Iran. But what about Russia and EU? Why not increase trade with Iran at the expense of the US, instead of pulling out of contracts which Russia/EU have done?

You seem to be repeating some conspiracy theories about China and Russia "exploiting" Iran through increased trade at the expense of US. Trade of course does not equal exploitation since China trades more with Europe and US. But even so, Russia and EU have decreased trade with Iran. That's a fact.

So... that would mean the exploitation has decreased thanks to American sanctions that the exploiters support!??!

Second, in this latest round, China and Russia have the exact same position as the US, as evidenced by the draft resolution they all agreed on.

Third, how does whatever "imperialist" things China and Russia are doing, prevent Ahmadinejad from talking to Obama? Obama is saying "let's talk" (that's false in itself but let's overlook that right now).

These are points that make your cartoon not very effective in trasmitting your message.

Lastly, for something so easy to understand, there sure seems to be a lot of differnet theories (not even by me) in this thread.


Sargord Pirouz

Thanks for the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Thanks for the explanation. 

But the Russians and Chinese are certainly not political puppet masters, as the US was before 1979. And China's involvement in US economic policy is far more interconnected with that of the US than with Iran. 

And you're missing Obama's puppet master, the Israel lobby.

Following last weeks high drama regarding the swap deal, it would seem the Islamic Republic of Iran has a far freer hand than Obama, tied down as he is by the Israel lobby. In the cartoon, Obama's hands should be the ones in cuffs marked Israel, and below him the scores of civilian dead from drone attacks.


How funny that Sargord seems to be the only one who

by پیام on

"missed" the point of your cartoon. Well, his lack of intelligence is what is so typical for the i.r. supporters.


SARGORD: the slain man is a victim of A.N. and Kh.R. killings in Iran, those who were hanged recently or those shot during Ashoora or..... pick your choice. I guess you get it by now.

Azadeh Azad

To the very intelligent reader, Ghormeh Chick :-)

by Azadeh Azad on

I purposely imitated Iraj's cartoon to respond to him in kind. If this very difficult concept is still unclear to you, let me know; I'll find a way to make you understand it :-).



Azadeh Azad

The cartoon is so easy to understand

by Azadeh Azad on

In the global competition for the control of natural resources, especially oil and gas, we have Russia-China axis on the one hand, and USA-Israel-sometimes EU on the other hand. EU remains politically opportunistic and ambivalent, although European companies have high stake in Iranian oil and gas industries. These companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell/ The Netherlands and Total/France, exploit Iran’s resources and are in competition with the USA.

Iran has decided to be dominated by the Russian Mafia and the Chinese dictators instead of the old British-American warmongers. In this cartoon, the Islamist dictators of Iran (represented by Ahmadi) have their hands tied for negotiation with the USA because their chosen masters - the rising imperialist countries of China and Russia - do not want to see Iran in the arms of their rival. While the Iranian ruling thugs are repressing the whole Iranian nation, they are being used by China and Russia who are in competition with the USA for hegemony over Iran, the Middle-East and the rest of the world. In this process, the rapist Islamists sell Iran’s natural resources cheaply to the rising new imperialists in exchange for their political support – which is, of course, subject to apparent or real oscillations. So, it would be naive to believe the Chinese and the Russians at face value in their international manoeuvres against Iran at the UN. It is not what they say about Iran that counts, but what they actually do to Iran in the economic realm.

My cartoon is a reply to Iraj’s unilateral condemnation of Israel for the USA’s failure to negotiate with Iran. I believe that *Iran and Israel as well as all the major countries above* have a role in this failure. Singling out Israel is silly and purely ideological. (Israel's motivation being different from that of the Russians and the Chinese, of course!)

The following are very good articles about Russia-China-Iran axis and the geo-politics of Oil.





This is an old article, but relevant:




Right On!

by Monda on

Thanks Azadeh jan!  delam khonak shod.



double post. deleted.

by vildemose on

double post. deleted.


yes, we all know it's about energy resources

by Q on

Vildemose, but when you say:

Russia and China have zero incentives in encouraging Iran to stop its enrichment program for the sake of US or Israel.

How do you explain their multiple vote in the UN if there was zero incentive?

Actually, what you are missing in your reading list, is the analysis of how Russia, China and France are trying to corner the market on nuclear power production and do not like any competition in the process. Keeping Iran's oil off the market is also beneficial for Russia and the West-owned Middle East who will make more money. This happened in Iraq's oil for food program. Billions were made by Saudis and US investors over that.

All of this, while interesting, does not explain why "Russia, China and EU" are handcuffing Ahmadinejad and how they are doing it, when they all claim publically, that Irans should be talking to Obama.

As I referenced before. Juan Cole has a perfect affirmation of Iraj's cartoon (Israel is handcuffing Obama). I see no similar set of facts for this cartoon.

This is what he says:

Obama mysteriously has ceased leading on the Iran issue and is instead showing himself willing to be led. Thus have the pragmatic hawks (with the war hawks waiting in the wings) defeated the Realists and the liberal internationalists. Obama stabbed Turkey and Brazil in the back after asking them to risk their face for him. Obama is giving Iran the impression that he is indecisive. All of this backtracking for the sake of a sanctions regime that is highly unlikely actually to change Iran’s behavior, contrary to the express hopes of Secretary Gates. Obama’s current Iran policy cannot be explained in the terms of US-Iranian relations. It must be driven by something else. The Israel lobbies and dealings with the Netanyahu government are the likeliest candidates in explaining the abandonment of a Realist approach.

Again, the explanation is probably just frustration.


Anyway, perhaps if the artist could englighten us with the explanation, there would be less confusion.



by Majid on



اگه شما گذاشتین یه جرعه ساندیس از گلوی بچه مردم بره پا ئین! حتماً باید زهر مارش میکردین؟


Obama is playing both sides

by vildemose on

Obama is playing both sides of the isle.  He is a very shrewd politician and he will not do anything without benefitting himself first.The Obama formula is (Left on health care + Hawkish on wars and wall street+ left of center on civil liberties) = “Centrist” sweet spot for victory in 2012.

from juan cole:

Adopting the position of the pragmatic hawks and seeking tighter sanctions has the advantage that it blunts the arguments of the War Hawks. It is a better platform for Democrats to run on in the November midterms than open, direct negotiations with Iran.


bit of history - Russia &

by vildemose on

bit of history - Russia & Central Asia Geopolitics

Petropolitics in Cetral Asia

US - Russian Geopolitics in Central Asia - Missles, Oil, Pipelines, etc

While the above articles outline some of the assests and conflicts involved, more recently China has backed away from further intanglements in the area and has focused more on developing Russian sources.


 Russia and China nurture

by vildemose on

 Russia and China nurture anti-American hatred of IRI to use IRI as leverage in geopolitical dealing with the US and the West.

  As with Afghnistan before, Iran serves as a quasi-proxy war zone between the US ad China and Russia.  It is about the oil - as is the nuclear program - invested in by China in particular in hopes that Iran can supply them as their cosumption grows and the IRI reliance grows further both on China and Russia. Russia and China have zero incentives in encouraging Iran to stop its enrichment program for the sake of US or Israel.


Ghormeh Chick

beh een migan honar

by Ghormeh Chick on

ebtekaar yeki digaro dozdidan. 


Vildemose, the Russians and the Chinese handcuffing AN?

by Q on

Obama and them are on the same side in the UN. All 5 were united just last week for sanctions and AGAINST Turkish/Brazil "talks". The flag also includes EU, by the way, which I guess according to you is also trying to backstab Obama?

Even if they want to undermine US (seems perfectly plausible), what are they doing to tie Ahmadinejad's hands so he presumably can't talk to Obama?


The Cartoon is

by vildemose on

The Cartoon is self-explanatory. IRI for all intent and purposes is a client state of Russia and China doing their proxy wars against the US.


Mir-Hosein "Q" as President??????????

by Demo on

The wearing of “Poo-Teens” (boots) & standing on a killed opposition protester body explains everything. The copycatting of “Poo-Teen” of Russia as a leader & killing the opponents while committing yourself to the treacherous contracts with that country & with the Europe to give away vast Caspian Sea Oil & other country treasures is like handcuffing/chaining yourself until you are going to be dealt with the “Khaur”, “Khaushuk” & “Goo-Saleh-ha” of Iran in the future.    


I see Oktaby, very mature.

by Q on

you "care" to make childish accusations and adhominem attacks instead?

See what I mean by frustration! ?

Something is definitly "affirmed" alright. As you were!


Your blinders or paycheck block your already limited

by oktaby on

comprehension. Otherwise, it is pretty straight forward. But I don't care to explain it to you. Carry on.



So you can't explain it either?

by Q on

Why am I not surprised.

I think "frustration" is the best explanation so far.


Need I say more?

by oktaby on

I nominate Azadeh for Iranian of the week. 




by Q on

'It is not what I think, say or think can be said, therefore, it is nonsense.'

this is pretty incoherent too, speaking of "nonsense". But perhaps you can explain what She means by the cartoon, since you are apparently englightened enough to understand it.


Cyclic, truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction

by oktaby on

And dear Azadeh, notice further reaffirmation of your work per my earlier comment. 'lol, giddy, yawn....It is not what I think, say or think can or should be said. Therefore, it is makes no sense.' 



I get the sense the frustration and juvenile "oneup manship"

by Q on

but this does not make any sense.

His hands are tied with what? Who is tying his hands? And if so, why is he the one who is actually at the table negotiatiing instead of Obama?

If this is just to blow off steam, that makes sense. However, the message is just not coherent.

This cartoon, on the other hand makes perfect sense.
Israel is keeping Obama from negotiations. More than one respected commentator has said so: //

PS. Iraj is a hezbollahi? That was a good laugh!


Nicely done

by Onlyiran on

Thank you.


A telling cartoon

by cyclicforward on

It is simple and yet sophisticated drawing. One look and you understand everything that is going on. Great job.


Oktaby, loved your comment by the way. Very funny.


Thanks Azadeh

by comrade on

The diseased beneath his bloody boots, is the real portrayal of a fellow citizen who lost his life during the uprising.

He rightfully deserves our respect.

Real McCoy

You are living up to your name

by Real McCoy on

You have undone that of Iraj so masterfully.


excellent response

by divaneh on

To the few who did not understand the caricature, AN hands are tied to show that he has no authority. Controlled by foreign interest he has no mandate from a nation that he has forced to submission.

Sargord Pirouz

I don't get it. Is the slain

by Sargord Pirouz on

I don't get it. Is the slain man under Ahmadinejad a drone warfare victim of Obama? If not, this is a critical part of the picture that is missing.

Why do the flags seem to be upside down? And why is Mahmud handcuffed? Are you saying he's not in power or something?

Or is this just another muddled attempt at anti-Iran cheerleading? 


you couldnt have done a better job!!!:)

by spatima on

you have nailed it

the best response to hizbollahi Iraj



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