Women with no Breasts


This is an actual photo of a women's clothing store in Tehran. The manikin breasts have been removed on orders of the vice police during the current crackdown on "un-Islamic" bad hejab practices. Isn't this a shocking image? I believe volumes could be written about this. The photo was first posted here.

06/19/2010 - 01:34

mola in boshkeh

This is a concerted effort by the IRR to transform Iran into a

by mola in boshkeh on

unisex (male) society. Remember that the mullahs have their boshkeh eshgh that they enjoy a lot. One wonders, what have the manikins been augmented with below the belt!?



by Alam on


I think it was a direct response to

by Rosie. on


don't you?


IRI "Women of the Future" Pageant, 1431 AH

by gunjeshk on

IRI "Women of the Future" Pageant, 1431 AH

Pageant winner gets access to kitchen in luxe condo, located in north Tehran.

Contestant Rules:

No breasts

No smiles

No brains

Must be able to stand like a dummy for long periods of time.

Verisimilitude to plastic considered desirable.


More "independence" from head from Islamic Republic!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred



by humanbeing on

not just insane. really, evolutionary biologists should analyse the mutated primal impulses behind all the obsessive dewomanization going on there. the pic above is just one reflection of it.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Not your average maximum security insane, I mean Hannibal Lecter insane.


get real

by pars35 on

stuipd , sounds like the Mullahs are obsessed with Sex- even more  than Porn workers


Not shocking! Look at the expresions, as they R concentration

by obama on

camp prisoners! So it makes sense their breasts being removed, since their spirits have already being removed! 

Now this is a real story - I had an egyptian co-worker who had gotten married for only a week. When we were walking, he stopped and started staring at the manikens in front of a store with tight jeans and their butts facing the street.

I had never seen him like that before (may be he didn't get the wedding prize!)  I teased him saying he should have had a lot by then, and made fun of his behavior! he got mad at me and stopped talking to me for many months! (he is a wonderful man) Now this is in America! Think of all those daahaatis coming to tehran.....   So be real here!



by Majid on


See how happy their faces look after their breast reduction surgery "IRI version"...........LOL

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Reality wants

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


to escape the IRI. In fact sanity wants to escape IRI. Now to think that the 60's and 70's generation wanted this over the Shah. True morons from Jebhe melli to MKO to Islamists. If Savak had just done its job right this would not be.

Plus special dishonorable mention to Jimmy "dihimi" Carter as village idiot.


They're on their way to get you

by Rea on

Hide your watermelons my sisters from religionists of all kind.




by yolanda on

I fear that they may next ban lemons. 



What's next?

by divaneh on

I fear that they may next ban lemons. 


Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir!

by Quebeqi on

It seems that Molière's Tartuffe is alive and well in Tehran...



that's the weirdest bit of

by Marjaneh on

plastic surgery I've ever seen!


And quite funny to see it under JJ's "Hot Today " section.

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin

David ET

another scene from a SCARY reality called

by David ET on


and in the words of Mir Hossein, not a word more and ano no word less


I have to be careful !

by bahram9821 on

I have to be careful on my trip to Iran this year so my Man Boobs would not cause me any trouble.I am heading to Wal-Mart for XXX shirts lol.


"OMG! Are you serious?"

by comrade on

Are you really, genuinely, no kiddingly without a clue, about our Mullahs discretionary sense of touch? Uh, yolanda, my kind of Mullah has no time for plastic. He wants to hear her when he squeezes the real...Oops, I think JJ is coming...

Yes Madam, I totally agree with your assertion, that IRI has a problem with realities. It's funny that my uncle Joseph had a problem of the same nature too. The building of the church was there, yet he refused to locate it on the map!



Now we know Mullahs like flat chested grils!!!!

by pedramx on

ma ta hala fekr mikardim Sineh ro khoda afarideh vali intor ke maloomeh Sineh ham kareh Israeli ha fa Americaee hast ke mikhan javoon hayeh mardoom ro be fesad bekeshan!!!!!! khoda lannat  koneh in gharbi ha ro yk dafeh ba  tahajomeh farhangi javoon hamoon ro hadaf migiran  yk dafeh tahajomeh pestooni!! khoda rahbareh azizemoon ro baramoon negah dareh ke arreh bedast az jahan Islam mohafezat mikoneh!!!!!



by yolanda on

"Mullahs love to touch."

OMG! Are you serious?

I guess after morality police removed the body parts from the mannequins, they gave them to mullahs to keep!


Shocking and un-Islamic

by IranFirst on

These are very shocking and un-Islamic. All manikins should be replaced with these:


No arms, No legs, No head, No necks, No breasts, then it may come close
to be Islamic. Care must be taken to make it as ugly as possible
otherwise men will be aroused and their prayers are null and have to be


"IRI wants to escape reality!"

by comrade on

But these realities... I can assure you the Mullahs love to touch. Actually keeping four pairs permanently, and forty pairs on the temporary basis at home, is their ideal "reality checking"!



by yolanda on

IRI wants to escape reality!