Shah Naraft!


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07/27/2010 - 02:37


pastor Bill redneck:

by Bavafa on

They did say and made a note of it how you took it with ease.  no surprise there!!!


P.S. you are getting a taste of your rude manner towards countless others. Be careful what you wish for with your rudeness.

pastor bill rennick

Bavaf, why don't ask you mother! or your abji!?

by pastor bill rennick on

They would tell you!


pastor Bill redneck:

by Bavafa on

Now that explains why you are such upstanding individual, we owe it to that long and massive chomagh that keep you so upright ha :)

VPK: very true, Shah was never as viscous as this monster and at least the country was forward looking not like this bastard that is taking the country back to 14 century.



I see this cartoon not an attack on the Shah

by fooladi on

Rather an attack on a regime claiming to be revolutionary, Iranian, Democratic, yet anti all above.

So let's not play into Islamist Khalifa's hands and fight between each other. Iran's biggest enemy today is no other entity than the Islamist regime. No other entity external or Internal , since Arab  invasion of our country 1400 years ago, has caused as much damage to Iran and Iranians as these traitors

But that's only my humble opinion,

pastor bill rennick

That's right brother, Shah never left (i.e., Na'Raft) and will

by pastor bill rennick on

never leave from our hearths and minds!

But the only thing that indeed can be said "Raft" was the long and massive chomagh in those peoples' (conjure up) who thought mullahs would deliver them free petrol!?



God bless the Shah!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Just One

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


difference. Shah was as modernizing force. He knew how to deal with other nations. Khomeini was a regressive force. Itching to pick fights. Just exactly what the Marxist and Islamist morons wanted. As the Marxist; Islamist morons still want.


Shah naraft

by benross on

If this was posted the first day Khomeini came to Iran, with his picture and the crown, it could be genuine.

Now it's just another manifest of guilt ridden bunch trying to justify somehow, some parts of their beloved IRI.

Khar khodeti. 


to U this is unfair

by rtayebi1 on

to the rest of us this is soo true. A few degree up or a few degree down


Same or not?

by bachenavvab on

Just for the sake of argument, let’s make a list of commonalities between the two regimes:

A disarmed people, prisons, torture, oppression and absence of same freedoms - although with varying degrees as determined by the social conditions, same armed forces with the deletion of some generals and officers and addition of some coup control branches, foreign and domestic investment in bed with a  corrupt government, and most importantly uninterrupted flow of oil to and through Persian Gulf.

  Now let’s consider the ease of transition in 1979, followed by pardoning of the armed forces, followed by disarming people.  If we can get beyond emotions and dig deep, there is a pattern here.  What we can take away from and knowing this pattern is the key to not being fooled again and achieving all the ideals that we want for Iran.


Nikahang got it right

by ghalam-doon on


It all started with the latest fatwa by Khamenei in which he declared everyone must obey him, the same way that everyone should obey an absolute ruler:



couldnt have been put any better

by spatima on

though i must say, no matter how autocratic the shah

atleast he was:

1) an iranian

2) cared for the country



In hope of a Free, Independent, Democratic and Secular Iran


get the right crown

by afshinazad on

God Bless his sole who modernized the country.he will never be forgotten for what he is done and his achivements and still every day in every household in iran people talk about him and their life at his time and they show their photos to their kids and compare their life with now. 



Shah is not even comparable to this Mordeshoreh

by statira on

Why we even compare Shah with this rozekhoneh. Shah at least gave the socity their social and personal freedom+ Iran had a good image throughout the world.

By judging on our leaders, everybody in the world thinks Iran belongs to stone age era.

Darius Kadivar

At Least Get The Crown Right ...

by Darius Kadivar on



by seannewyork on

this is stupid, not even something to compare.  the propoganda machine still at work against the shah.

history will judge him when iran is free, but not when it is a brainwashed nation.

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

There is no similarity between the two regims?

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

Who sees any similarity between these two regimes? I do not see any.



by Ferfereh on

OK, Shah was a dictator, thief, .... and you and your kind of people didn't want him and you backed the Khomeini up to bring the heaven to earth, didn't you ?. We have idiots  who think they know everything but to know something they don't think. They call those who were patriots, the traitors, and those who felt "Nothing" about Iran, heroes and saviors. Sheep will always be sheep because they don't think, they just follow.


Retarded me!

by comrade on

I had no idea of the site: unity4iran, which appears to be a good one.

Thanks, GS.